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How to Apply and Get Hired at a Strip Club

According to reports, one of the greatest benefits of working in a strip club is the enticing earning potentials that come with it. Yet another thing going for the strip club is that the work environment offers something new and different every day, which is the total opposite of typical 9-to-5 jobs.

In addition, there is a vast range of jobs to choose from, so you don’t necessarily need to be a stripper to work in a strip club. Since you will be serving alcoholic beverages, you have to meet your state’s age requirements, and this tends to vary between 18 and 21 years.

A good number of clubs tend to offer training for new employees that alternates with periods of on-the-job work experience. In the United States, some states, counties, and cities mandate the training, which tend to last a few hours and can be taken online or in-house.

Also note that the tips you make will depend on how much business the club attracts, and how many regulars you have. In addition, what you wear will depend on the club you’re working with. Whatever you do, avoid cussing or talking about your personal business before the interview or audition. Once you get hired, there will be plenty of time for gossip and drama.

Types of Jobs at Strip Clubs

There are numerous strip club jobs out there aside from being an exotic dancer. Here are the most common jobs at a strip club;

  1. Exotic dancer: Also known as strippers, these workers are tasked with performing for guests, including on-stage acts, lap dances, and private sessions.
  2. Door hostesses: Their job is to welcome guests in, collect any cover charges, and serve as the first point of contact for club customers.
  3. Bouncers and club security staff: These workers strive to ensure that both guests and employees are in a safe, comfortable environment. They resolve problematic behavior and throw out guests who are acting up.
  4. Waitresses and bartenders: These are the employees that provide guests with food and drinks.
  5. The kitchen staff: They are tasked with preparing meals for guests, with many modern strip clubs serving buffet-style lunch or dinner.
  6. Management staff: These workers are tasked with maintaining the club’s daily operations, including supervising, scheduling, training, and other tasks.

Steps to Apply and Get Hired at a Strip Club

Instead of heading into a dull, boring office, you could be working in a party-ready atmosphere that’s always prepared for a good time. To apply and get hired at a strip club, here are steps to consider.

1. Evaluate your appearance

It is very important to note that most strip club employees are physically attractive people. Just have a look around your neighborhood strip clubs; from the bouncers to bartenders; all club staff seems to be very good-looking, fit, and tanned.

Therefore, to apply and get hired to work at a strip club, consider if your physical appearance would fit in with the culture of a strip club. In addition, when applying for a job at a strip club in person, do not forget to dress well, be clean and presentable.

  1. Use a contact inside

Having a contact inside the club you intend to work with is the easiest way to apply and get hired. Note that this contact does not have to be an exotic dancer; the contact can be a friend or an agent in management, security, or a member of the kitchen staff. Always remember that it is better to have contact inside than to appear as a total stranger.

  1. Know what the job you entails

The success of strip clubs doesn’t just depend on its dancers – there is a vast range of other employees that play important roles as well.

Just like it was noted above, jobs in a strip club include; exotic dancers, waitresses, bottle service waitresses & bartenders, managers & assistant managers, floor hosts, security, VIP hosts, cashier, hostess, and even cooks. Each one of these jobs comes with a different set of requirements and duties.

To apply and successfully get hired to work at a strip club, you have to understand what the job you are seeking entails. Endeavor to research and also ask questions where need be. Do not forget to be realistic about your available work hours; you might be expected to stay behind after closing to help clean up.

  1. Talk with a manager and bring a copy of your resume

To apply and get hired to work at a strip club, you should consider walking into the club before its opening to speak with the manager directly. You need to find out if they are hiring or just need an extra hand. On request, state explicitly your previous experiences and also be ready to demonstrate certain skills, such as bartending and making meals. If they suggest you follow up in a day or a week, ensure to agree with their request.

  1. Make use of job boards, Craigslist, and classifieds

Although the easiest and most effective way to apply is through a contact, however, that doesn’t discount more traditional application processes.

Have it in mind that Craigslist and job boards like Simply and also make available strip club job positions from across the nation. You should also consider your local classified advertisements because they are a good and reliable source of finding strip club employment openings in your area.


If you’re looking for high-paying jobs, but don’t intend to sacrifice a fun work environment, then you should consider working at a strip club.

From door hostesses and kitchen staff to entertainers and servers, there are various job opportunities to pick from. However, ensure that the culture and concept of the club you choose to apply and work for suits your vision of a workplace.