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How to Audition at a Strip Club Successfully

Indeed stripping can be a very lucrative career choice and as long as you possess the right qualities, attitude and mindset, you can earn a substantial amount of money from it. But you  must note that this isn’t an easy job and will definitely not suit everyone.

There are numerous ways to apply for strip club jobs. Going into a club and speaking to a manager face to face is without doubts one of the best ways to apply for a strip club job. But if you can’t, you can call, send an email or social media message ahead of time to check if there are certain times for open auditions.

A good number of clubs will audition their dancers during the day when customers aren’t around. It is always necessary to ask before you attend and also call ahead on the day to make sure they are still aware you are coming. You should also prepare a routine that will last at least two songs.

Also, consider asking in advance what their dress code looks like because a good number of clubs expect strippers to go fully nude during their routines whilst others may be topless or with pasties only.

However, regardless of how you end up auditioning, don’t forget that it is your chance to see if the company is a perfect fit for you, the same way they are analyzing to see what you can offer. Find out the sort of music the club likes to play before you attend an audition.

Choreographing and practicing to the right kind of track will definitely boost your confidence and in most situations make all the difference.

Whether you get the job or not, try not to be discouraged and just move on to the next audition. Don’t forget to bring along everything you need to work, and also be very prepared to work since some clubs will not only hire you on the spot, but may also request that you start immediately.

Things to Bring When Auditioning at a Strip Club

When auditioning at a strip club for the first time, you are not expected to have a full wardrobe of outfits. However, to avoid making silly mistakes on your first outing, here are few supplies to consider;

  1. Get a matching set underwear. It should also be clean, free of loose threads, rips, and with no discoloration. Remember to finish the outfit with proper jewelry. Stockings, either with or without a suspender belt make a lingerie set look classic. Never put on panties and bra that aren’t matching no matter the circumstance.
  2. If a club requests that you put on a dress, choose a dress that is easy to remove. You don’t have to wear your most beautiful and showy outfit if you have to struggle to take if off. To avoid wasting time before and in between dances, pick a dress that is reasonably easy to remove and also put back on.
  3. If you can, consider buying and using stripper shoes. Have it in mind that shoes used by strippers can be very expensive. However, you can always find cheaper ones on sites like eBay. Take your time to practice walking in them.

Note that learning to dance and walk in strippers shoes at the same time can be daunting. Remember to take it slow and steady. If you already own or can assess comfortable high heels that are neat, you can still wear and use them. Kitten heels are genuinely unwise since they can be a very unflattering heel height.

Tips and Tricks You Must Know to Audition at a Strip Club

Just like it was noted above, stripping is a lucrative business where you can make a lot of money in a single night. However, to get hired at a club, you’ll most often be required to go through an audition. For someone who has never auditioned at a strip club before, it can seem very challenging to walk into one and jump up on stage. Nonetheless, here are simple tips and tricks to see you through.

1. Visit The Club As A Customer

Have it in mind that a good number of strip clubs let women in for free or offer a discount, therefore consider scoping them before making a decision. Consider visiting during the hours you expect to work to give yourself a better view of what it’s like to work there.

Also check the parking lot to see if it’s full or empty. Remember to note the day of the week because the parking lot on a weekend will definitely be more occupied than a Tuesday afternoon. Also check the club’s safety; do you see bouncers outside, or walking the floor?

Note that local neighborhood clubs tend to have fewer bouncers than a larger tourist club, but always remember to consider safety regardless.

Having a bouncer walk you to your car is a must, especially in this line of business. When you visit the club, also remember to speak with the strippers and ask them what it feels like to work there. Get as much info as you can about the club’s management, splits, and how long they’ve been working there.

  1. Speak With The Hiring Manager

After you must have found a club you feel you can work in, you need to speak with the hiring manager about getting hired. Just like it was noted above, a good number of clubs will make you audition, and some won’t. Howbeit, it all depends on the club but talking to the manager is the first step.

Note that they might ask to know about your experience, places you’ve worked in the past, and why you’re interested in working at their club.

Remember to come along with your ID and social security card in case they request you start filling out paperwork. If they require auditions, then you should be ready to mount the stage. Here are a few things you need to come with to the club:

  • ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Stripper Shoes
  • Lingerie set
  1. Practice

For someone who has not danced before, practicing makes it easier. Or at least practice builds confidence. Owing to the internet, you can easily search and find videos that can help. Note that you don’t necessarily need a pole to practice, you only have to nail a few moves where you writhe and dance on stage. If you plan on dancing, ensure to pack your stripper shoes!

Note that the club will have a few dancing situations: stage, pole, chairs, and couches. Ensure you build up a comfort level with each to avoid any awkward situations with customers.

Also practice your routine to different kinds of music. When you audition, you probably won’t be able to choose your own music. Consider doing your routine to a few different songs with different tempos so you’re ready to adjust your moves when you get there.

  1. Do Your Hair And Makeup To Look The Part

This is one necessary trick to always remember. Although you really don’t need to go all out, however, it is necessary to put some effort into your appearance. Consider putting on a full face of makeup, beautifully style your hair, and ensure that you look confident before your audition.

Also note that you can bring makeup with you to touch up your look, but you should have on a good base layer already. Just like it was stated above, remember to bring a thong and pack a few extra.

During your audition, you may not be requested to strip all the way down, however, it is still very necessary to ensure you’re wearing a thong that covers your genitalia in the front, and carry a few extra pairs in various colors or styles just in case. If you get hired at the club, then you can ask the owner or the house mom about the ideal club attire.

  1. Apply For A Business License

In the United States, a good number of places mandate exotic dancers to get business licenses before they can start working.

If your area requires it, then even before you appear for audition, it is vital to visit your local business licensing center and submit your ID and fingerprints to pass a background check. Once you scale through, you can fill out the necessary paperwork to get your business license. To know if you need a business license, search “exotic dancer license + your county.”

  1. Audition Early

It is very necessary that you audition early so you can work the same night, if need be. Have it in mind that one of the best things about strip clubs is that if you get hired, you can probably start working the same night.

Owing to that, it is recommended to go to your audition at the soonest available time so that you can do your audition, paperwork, and club tour before the club closes. Note that if you go in too late, you might miss out on making some cool money that night.

  1. Dance Sensually And With Confidence

When you are doing your audition with the routine you must have practiced at home, remember to make eye contact with the club manager and anyone watching. If you feel confident enough, you can try using the pole. But if you don’t, simply focus on rolling your body, grinding on the floor, and twerking to show off the things you have.

For someone who has never danced before, have it in mind that the most vital thing is confidence. In this industry, you can show up with zero dance moves and not know what to do on stage and get hired just because you exhibit confidence and act comfortable in your own skin.

During your audition, you may not really need to interact with customers, but you can make eye contact and flirt with them if you can.


To be a stripper, you just need to know how to move in a seductive way. Agreeably, it helps if you have some dance training but a good number of professional dancers are useless at stripping. Another quality more important than your dance moves is your charisma. A strip club owner or manager wants to know that you can approach customers and make them feel special.