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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work in a Strip Club?

To work in a strip club in the US, you will need to be a US citizen who is over the age of 18 (over 21 at some clubs).

You will need to provide proof that you are a citizen and you have to have some forms of identification. In some cities, you even have to get a license and/or be fingerprinted to be allowed to work. Most clubs are open all day and most of the night but some are just open at night. Make sure that you can work the hours.

Strip club jobs might have more perks than you’d expect, especially if the adult entertainment industry is new to you. One of the biggest benefits of working in a strip club is the excellent earning potential, giving you the opportunity to make serious cash, especially in the form of tips.

Note that the work environment offers something new and different every day, which is a definite contrast from typical 9-to-5 jobs. In addition, there are a wide variety of jobs to choose from, so you don’t necessarily need to be an exotic dancer to join the industry.

There are many strip clubs and even more workers. However, there are a number of ways to get yourself ahead of the competition.

Knowing someone in management, security or a member of the service staff is better than being a total stranger. This is why it is important to remain courteous and professional at all times, no matter where you are working. You never know when the bar tender in your first ever club could be the manager of an exclusive and in demand venue a few years later.

Remember never to burn bridges and try to leave anywhere on a positive note, even if you really don’t like the club. Always be kind to everyone on your way up because you never know who you may meet on your way down. Networking, speaking to other workers, and being a great example can take you far if you want to get a strip club job.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to remember that people talk. The industry is quite closed and many staff move from club to club. Getting a reputation for being a troublemaker, a heavy drinker, being aggressive or acting disrespectfully can very quickly lose you opportunities so be mindful of your behavior and you won’t go wrong.

Types of Jobs at Strip Clubs

The success of a top-rated strip club doesn’t just rely on its dancers – there are plenty of other employees that play important roles as well:

  1. Entertainers are responsible for performing for guests, including on-stage acts, lap dances, and private sessions.
  2. Door hostesses typically welcome guests in, collect any cover charges, and serve as the first point of contact for club customers.
  3. Bouncers and Gentlemen’s club security staff make sure that both guests and employees are in a safe, comfortable environment, resolving problematic behavior and removing guests who are acting up.
  4. Waitresses and bartenders provide guests with food and drinks, whether they’re bringing out delicious meals or mixing up a few adult beverages.
  5. The kitchen staff prepare meals for club guests, with many gentlemen’s clubs serving buffet-style lunch or dinner.
  6. Management staff maintains the club’s daily operations, including supervising scheduling, training, and other tasks.

How to Get Work at a Strip Club

Note that employment in a strip club has the potential to be an exciting job opportunity. The prospect of meeting new people and working in a party atmosphere is intriguing to those who are outgoing and love the night scene. Unless you have previously worked in a strip club, the process of applying for a position may seem challenging, as clubs keep unusual business hours.

  1. Assess Your Appearance

Superficial or not, a good number of strip club employees are physically attractive people. From bouncers to bartenders, club staff are generally good-looking, fit, and tanned.

You have to consider whether your physical appearance would fit in with the culture of a strip club staff. When applying for a job in person, dress professionally yet reveal enough of your best assets so that a potential employer can gauge your personal appearance.

  1. Know The Job You Want

Whether you can mix a signature martini or carry a tray of glasses in a miniskirt, it is ideal to know in advance what job you hope to apply for. If you have minimal experience, consider applying for a position as a bareback, waiter or waitress, hostess, or bouncer.

Remember to be realistic about your available work hours; you will most likely be required to stay after closing to help clean up.

  1. Speak With A Manager And Bring A Copy Of Your Resume

If you intend to apply for a strip club job in person, head to the club prior to its opening to talk to a manager directly. Be confident and ask if they are hiring for the position you have in mind. If asked, discuss any experience you may have.

Also be eager to demonstrate certain skills, such as bartending or DJ. If they suggest you follow up in a day or a week, be certain that you oblige their request.

  1. Use Job Boards, Craigslist And Classifieds

Craigslist and job boards such as Simply and tend to list available strip club job positions from across the country. Local classified advertisements are another possible source for locating club employment openings in your area.


Indeed we live in a very connected world and therefore, it is smart to utilize Google, Facebook, and Instagram when looking to find a job in a strip club. Most businesses nowadays have an online presence. Websites will normally provide email addresses or have contact forms specifically related to recruitment.

If you are within reasonable distance to the club you have in mind, it can be a smart idea to go visit the venue directly. It shows that you are taking things seriously.