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How to Get a Waitress Job at a Strip Club

Waitress Job at a Strip club

A waitress in a strip club provides food and beverage service to club guests. Their responsibilities include taking orders and bringing glasses or bottles to tables for club guests.

A good number of these jobs are entry-level, and workers are expected to go through short-term on-the-job training. No formal education or previous work experience is required to enter the occupation.

Note that the qualifications you require to get a waitress job at a strip club will most often depend on the club. All club waitresses are expected to have strong customer service skills.

Since you will be serving alcoholic beverages, you are expected to meet your state’s age requirements, which vary between 18 and 21 years. Some clubs offer training for new waitresses, which more or less involves “shadowing” an experienced waitress.

Other clubs hire entry-level positions, such as busser, food runner, hostess, or barback. You can then earn a promotion to be a waitress after you gain some experience. Some clubs also provide new employees with some form of classroom training that alternates with periods of on-the-job training.

The training will also involve learning about state and local laws relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages. A good number of states, counties, and cities mandate the training, which will ideally last a few hours and can be taken online or in-house.

Even though the job can be fun, you should be ready to put your foot down when someone makes you feel uncomfortable.

Note that some of the men who come to strip clubs are well cultured and know how to behave themselves, but a good number of your customers may try to take advantage of you. As long as you have tough, thick skin, you won’t have to bother about guys like this.

Also, note that making arrangements to meet up or giving out your personal information is risky. Most of these guys are genuinely insane, while some others have serious substance abuse issues. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a very bad situation just because you gave out your Instagram handle.

Simple Steps to Get a Waitress Job at a Strip Club

Working as a waitress in a strip club is a nice job opportunity. The possibility of meeting new people and operating in a party environment can be enticing to outgoing individuals, but unless you have experience working in a strip club, the process of getting a waitress job there can be daunting as clubs are known to keep unusual business hours. Below are simple steps to help you out.

  1. Assess Your Appearance

Whether you believe it or not, most strip club employees are physically attractive. Take a look from the bouncers to bartenders; these club employees are very good-looking, fit, and tanned. Owing to that, you should consider whether your physical appearance would fit in with the culture of a strip club.

However, when applying for a waitress job in person, remember to dress well yet reveal enough of your best assets to enable employers to analyze your appearance.

  1. Have a Contact Inside

Truth be told, life is most times about who you know and not what you know and strip clubs are no different. Note that having a contact already associated with the club you intend to work with is the easiest way to land the job. This contact can be a friend or an agent in management, security, or a member of service staff.

It is better to know someone inside than being a total stranger and that is why it is necessary to remain respectful and professional at all times, regardless of where you find yourself. You never can tell when the bartender in your first ever club would be the manager of a top-notch Strip Club.

  1. Understand The Job You Want

You must be sure that you can mix a signature martini or carry a tray of glasses in a miniskirt because these skills will be needed to flourish on the job. Do not forget to be realistic about your available work hours; you might be expected to stay behind after closing to help clean up.

  1. Talk With A Manager And Bring A Copy Of Your Resume

To land a waitress job at a strip club in person, simply walk up to the club before its opening to talk to a manager directly. You must stay confident and ask if they are hiring or need an extra waitress. If asked, describe in clear terms your previous experiences.

Also be eager to demonstrate certain skills, such as bartending and mixing drinks. If they suggest you follow up in a day or week, be sure that you concur with their request.

  1. Leverage Job Boards, Craigslist And Classifieds

Note that Craigslist and job boards like Simply and also make available strip club job positions from almost everywhere in the country. Also, note that local classified advertisements are a good and reliable source for finding club employment openings in your area.


Most successful waitresses and waiters aren’t just in it for the tips. These professionals truly enjoy interacting with patrons and take pride in providing top-notch service. To succeed in this profession, you have to be outgoing and enthusiastic when greeting customers, explaining daily specials and taking orders. You will also need to be attentive, have good listening skills, and can memorize details.