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10 Best Business Investment Opportunities in Atlanta in 2023

Do you live in Atlanta and you are interested in starting a business there? Do you lack business ideas? Then below are the top ten small business “investment opportunities in Atlanta Georgia, USA. With a population of around 460,000+ people, Atlanta is a good launch pad for startups.

The city boasts a gross domestic product of $270 million, and its economy currently ranks 15th among the world cities and sixth in the United States. Atlanta’s economy is diverse, and the business climate is very friendly. If you are looking to start a small business in Atlanta Georgia, USA, then below are 10 lucrative options to consider.

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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Atlanta GA

1. Fitness center

Like people in other parts of the United States, Atlantans are very health-conscious. They understand the dangerous health effects of being overweight, so they try to avoid this risk factor. This has created huge opportunities for individual business experts and businesses that help people keep fit. If you have a solid background in physical education or fitness training, this might be the right option for you.

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2. Senior care

With a significant fraction of Atlanta’s population crossing the 60-year line, there is an increased demand for services that cater to senior citizens, such as senior healthcare services and many others. If you have a passion for taking care of the elderly, you can add that to whatever skills and experience you have to set up a business that will fetch you lots of profits in the long term.

3. Sports bar

Many Atlantans are sports-crazy. From the NFL to the MLS and to others, sporting leagues and events enjoy huge followership in the Atlanta. This explains why sports bars are always filled to the brim whenever significant matches are televised.

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These bars don’t just fill up during these matches, they make money. If this is your kind of business, then you should consider taking a plunge.

4. Mobile restaurant/food truck

This business thrives everywhere, and Atlanta is no exception, since the residents are also humans who need to eat every day to survive.

Atlanta is home to a good number of brick-and-mortar restaurants, but food trucks or mobile restaurants are becoming more popular due to their mobility (which enhances patronage) and cost. If you have great culinary skills coupled with good business sense, then starting a restaurant or mobile restaurant might be the best option for you.

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5. Pet grooming and accessories

Pet grooming refers to hygienic care and cleaning of pets, such as dogs and cats. It entails bathing, hair removal, nail trimming, and so on.

The demand for pet grooming services is high in Atlanta because many Atlantans keep pets. But because they usually have little or no time to take care of their pets, they hire the services of pet grooming experts. In addition, since many of Atlanta’s residents keep pets, businesses that sell pet accessories thrive in the city.

So, if you love pets and have some experience in pet care, then you should consider starting a pet grooming service. Better yet, you can open a pet accessories business.

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6. Car care

A huge percentage of the American population have one or two cars, which means the demand for car care services in the United States is high.

This trend applies in Atlanta, too. So, if you have a solid background in auto repair and car maintenance, then you should consider starting a car care business. With high quality service delivery and the right marketing strategy, the business is bound to thrive because there is a huge market to cater to.

7. Tea cafe

With the increasing awareness of the health benefits of the various blends and flavors of tea comes a proportionate increase in the demand for this drink. If you pride yourself on having the skills and experience required to produce fascinating tea blends and flavors, then you should consider starting this business in Atlanta.

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8. Smartphone and tablet repair

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular, and they will continue to be in vogue for years to come. Most individuals in Atlanta have a smartphone or tablet (some even have both), which means there is a huge demand for smartphone or tablet repair services.

If you have a knack for fixing broken or damaged mobile devices, you can make a living off of Atlantans by helping them repair their faulty devices.

9. Web content creation

The widespread adoption of internet marketing by individuals and businesses has increased the demand for web content, such as blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts, press releases, and so on. As it obtains in other parts of the United States, starting a copywriting business in Atlanta will most likely turn out profitable, since there is a good market to target. However, you need to be a wordsmith to start this business.

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10. Internet security services

As businesses seek to strengthen their online presence and use the internet to attract leads and keep vital information, they face the threat of hackers and other security threats. If you have a certificate in internet security solutions, businesses in Atlanta will be happy to hire you to help them protect their information.