Yes, some beauty supply stores in the United States carry mannequin heads, lace frontals, and other wig materials. The fact remains that not all beauty supply stores are the same. There are some beauty supply stores that offer items for pretty much anybody of any sexual orientation and age, while there are beauty stores that prefer to focus on a particular market.

Also note that what you see in a particular store can differ from what you see in another store. Location, store size and the needs of customers in a particular area tend to dictate the inventory list of any given beauty store, and a handful tend to carry and sell hair extensions, and every other related materials like lace frontals, lace closures, and even mannequin heads.

Mannequin heads can be described as a figure shaped like the top of the human body. These figures can be used for numerous reasons, including making displaying for wigs and hats. Then, lace frontal hairpieces come in sew-in or bonded installations, and help to achieve a more natural look for wigs and hair extensions.

Anyone looking to buy professional hair related products without visiting a professional hair salon or ordering the products online, can always visit a beauty supply store. Whether it is for a new hair straightener or simply to colour your hair, a supply store can a varying list of items.

Depending on the area you live, there may be many different supply stores available, so it can be useful to know how to scope out the best one and know the items each one offer.

Some of the most popular items you can usually find at a beauty supply store are hair related products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair colours, blow dryers, hair extensions, and hair straighteners. Irrespective of the brand you prefer, you local supply store is likely to have a wide variety.

Some stores sometimes have professionals that can help you select the best products for your specific needs, which can be very useful if you are not so sure of which products yield the best results with your hair.

Additionally, some supply stores even have hair salons located inside them, which allows prospective clients to obtain professional haircut and style.

Coupled with carrying different types of hair related products, some beauty supply stores also offer professional makeup and perfume services, so a client can handle all their beauty shopping at one location.

Experienced professionals can also offer makeovers, makeup advice regarding which makeup best complements appearance, and which perfumes may fit customer preferences.

Generally, when it comes to shopping for hair colour, brushes, makeup, lace frontals, mannequin heads, or other hair and beauty products, a beauty supply store is always an excellent choice.

Aside the fact that such a store offer clients many products to enhance appearance and self-confidence, it can also provide customers with professionals that can recommend the best items for each specific need.

Important Tips for Every Beauty Supply Store Owner

Over the years, the beauty industry has grown very competitive. As a small business owner, competing with the prices that the bigger stores offer can be a challenge, but you can attract customers in other ways than prices alone.

First it is always advisable you pick and focus on a particular niche. This may include all organic and vegan products, hair extensions and hair related products, face and body care products; the important thing is to be known in the industry as being a specialist in a certain area, and this can drive a particular crowd away from the larger, more generalized stores and straight into yours. Nonetheless, here are a few tips for beauty supply store owners that are either opening their first store or looking to expand offerings.

  1. Choose a suitable location

Note that you may have big dreams for a spacious floor plan, but you need to select an affordable space in a convenient location. Do not forget to pick a store that is close to your target audience. If you choose to target college students, then staying close to a campus is a good strategic move. If you are looking to focus on stay-at-home moms, choosing a store location in a heavily trafficked suburban shopping centre would be ideal.

  1. Make shopping easy in your store

Ensure that your store is always clean and attractive at all times. Stock your beauty supply displays with the latest products to show your customers that you are relevant and current with the newest trends. Note that the beauty industry needs the old standbys, but it is pertinent to also keep up with next trend.

  1. Acquire products wholesale

Always take your time to meet with representatives from large beauty product companies and the smaller ones to see if they will offer samples and products at wholesale price. In addition, discuss an ordering schedule to ensure they will be able to meet demands.

  1. Market and promote your business

You should consider sending out local mailers to introduce your store to the neighbourhood. Note that so many people shop locally for their beauty products, so being aware that your store is in the area would indeed bring in some local business. Also consider advertising with other local businesses and build relationships with shop owners nearby. Also offer discounts to other beauty professionals in return for customer referrals. Sponsor local events such as fashion show and contribute free beauty products.

  1. Brand awareness

Also consider attending trade shows and other relevant events to learn more about trends. These industry events also offer a great opportunity to network and see what other professionals in the industry are doing. You should also try out the products that vendors are offering to see what you might want to add to your shop. You and the staff should also try out as many of the products that you are selling as possible so that you can offer a genuine review of it when asked.

  1. Grow your customer database

Always send out regular emails or flyers with promotions, discounts and new product offerings. Note that this will keep your shop relevant and give them a reason to choose your store over other ones.


In this day when people are more vain and beauty-conscious than ever, starting a beauty supply store business is a lucrative venture. There are a lot of products to choose from that you can sell. Products you sell can range from make ups, facial creams, anti aging products, hair extension materials, lotions, even perfumes and cologne. Actually you can sell any product relating to beauty and women.