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10 Benefits of Using Twitter for Business

What are the benefits of using twitter for business? How can twitter help my small business? What is the impact of Twitter on small businesses? Well, you are going to find out in this article.

With over 500 million accounts and 200 million tweets every single day, Twitter is the new media kid on the block. No wonder Twitter plays a vital role in the hundreds of social media marketing tactics run by different companies worldwide. Now why do many businesses prefer to use Twitter in boosting their marketing strategy? In the first place, what’s so special about the micro-blogging site in running a business? The answers are explained through these 10 Benefits of Using Twitter for Business listed below.

How Can Twitter Help my Business – 10 Benefits of Using Twitter for Business?

  • To Maintain a Personal Touch

Twitter’s posting and personal messaging features are very direct. Hence, the site focuses on connecting with other people in a direct manner. Most twitter marketing campaigns are not one-sided, but they focus a lot on prioritizing “give and take” relationship with their followers. That’s why Twitter can help you keep a personal touch with your customers. You send an instant message and your customers reply almost immediately. You can also keep in touch with your business associates, partners, suppliers, investors, employees and team mates.

  • Management of Online Reputation

Another benefit of using Twitter for business is that you can manage your reputation easily and faster. Any business information on Twitter breaks every minute. An example is the death of Michael Jackson in 2009. Several businesses are using Twitter to monitor their sales in real-time. If someone, most probably your follower, had a positive or negative experience in your business, chances are that he will tweet about it. Tweets or re-tweets coming from your followers means that your online reputation is either increasing or in jeopardy. Also, whenever there’s a mention of you or your business, you can see it in real time and respond immediately if need be.

  • Competitive Intelligence

Having competitors signals a particular business to consider monitoring their sales from time to time. In Twitter, this strategy is very effective. You can use Twitter to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing or tweeting to their customers. If it is something that calls for concern, you can respond rapidly.

  • To Boost your Brand Awareness

This is also another benefit of using Twitter for business. You can boost your brand awareness online by constantly tweeting about developments within your business.

  • To Promote your Blog Content

If you are a blogger or you maintain a blog, you can post blogs about the latest in your business via Twitter. All you have to do is tweet your blog URLs and you will see an instant increase in traffic.

  • To Boost SEO

This is another unique 10 benefit of using Twitter for business. Social signals have been incorporated in latest search algorithm updates, so search engines like Google and Bing are beginning to take social media serious. Search engine optimization or SEO allows businesses to drive additional traffic by tweeting URLs containing their services and aside this, you can boost your PageRank.

How Can Twitter Help my Business – 10 Benefits of Using Twitter for Business?

  • Promotion

Listing the 10 benefits of using Twitter for business wouldn’t be complete without including PROMOTION. Some of the world’s biggest companies are using Twitter as promotional tool to do launches and announce events as well as online/offline endeavors.

  • Press Releases

Getting used to posting announcements regarding your business? Press releases are one of the best ways you can use twitter to promote your small business. Use Twitter in keeping your customers updated with the latest in your business activities – especially if it’s happening everyday.

  • Human Resource Tool

Businesses are free to tweet about their HR concerns as well as links of their job hiring details.

  • Exposure

While Facebook may be the most widely-used social media platform, its growth in the business side gradually decreases. Twitter has currently 2 million business accounts – half of which are active. If you have thousands of followers and keeps on tweeting about what you are selling, then your business exposure has a long way to go.

As a final note, the above highlighted points are the ten benefits of using Twitter for business as recommended by the pros. So why not get a Twitter account today, so you can enjoy these benefits while it last.