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17 Best Slogan and Tagline for Food Truck Business

Are you wondering what slogan and tagline is best for food truck? If YES, here are 17 best slogans and taglines for food truck.

Every entrepreneur eager to be successful will have to understand the undeniable importance of slogans for brand Image. Slogans are a very crucial part of marketing because they are perceptions about the business you want eternally inked into the minds of consumers, such as trust, innovation, and quality.

Note that when you develop a unique advertising slogan, it more or less offers an accurate description of what your business is all about and the slogan becomes a very vital part of your brand. The best slogans always point out the most critical advantage of a product or respond to audience’s needs.

Food trucks are gradually becoming more and more popular every day. Owing to the intense competition in the industry, using a creative slogan or tagline is becoming very necessary, especially if you want to make a notable entry into the fast-paced foodie world.

Currently estimated to be a $2 billion industry, running a food truck can be very profitable especially for talented chefs eager to showcase their talents.

With a low start-up especially when compared to traditional food services, and with 85% of food truck owners raking in a gross yearly income of about $100,000 or more, now is still a wonderful time to follow your dream and venture into this business.

Slogans are a major part of the branding of a food truck, and a quick analysis of the local trucks in your area will buttress this point and also point out the kind of marketing slogans you are up against. Food trucks are not always able to depend on the returning customer, maybe owing to their mobile nature, therefore you need to build well-designed strategies for your brand marketing ideas.

Have it in mind that your marketing ideas need to be able to attract new customers while also retaining those customers you already have.

Branding is paramount especially in terms of food truck marketing, and it is pertinent that you properly brand your business so that you can extensively understand your customer base, so they also understand what you can provide for them.

Best Food Truck Slogan and Tagline

  1. Yours, Simple and Amazing
  2. Bringing quality and satisfaction to you.
  3. Your choice and passion.
  4. Fun and enjoyment
  5. Don’t Think, Just Eat
  6. The melody to your stomach
  7. All the best
  8. Classic recipes with a twist
  9. Endless Taste, Satisfaction Guaranteed
  10. Heaven, where the food truck is
  11. More than just food, more of an experience.
  12. Food and Art, Together in One
  13. Serving the best on wheels
  14. Normal is Over-rated
  15. Driving satisfaction.
  16. Good food, happy people
  17. Friendly. Quality.

How to Craft the Perfect Slogan and Tagline for Food Truck

According to reports, the food truck industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States today. Boasting of over 26,000 food trucks operating across the country at the beginning of 2022, and with that number still increasing, the need for good marketing slogans to make your brand unique cannot be overlooked. To craft the perfect slogan and tagline for your truck, here are tips and steps to consider.

  1. Leverage The Three Ws

Ideally, the secret behind an inspiring food truck slogan is how it defines your brand. To know exactly what your brand should represent, here are the 3 Ws to analyze;

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What is your unique way of doing it?
  1. Know Your Customers

After you must have answered the three Ws, you really have to research your market and also understand your target customer base.

Note that one simple way to find this out is to leverage the insights provided by Facebook, demographics from your website from Google Analytics, or the typical demographics in the cities you operate (Age groups, Locations, Languages spoken).

Have it in mind that this information is necessary if you intend to understand your food truck’s existing and prospective customers. If you are just beginning and don’t have a website or social media accounts yet, just research your competitors and take a look at their Slogans. Note that this will point you in the right direction and also help you make the right choices.

  1. Use Common Traits

Indeed, it’s not in any way easy to craft a winning food truck slogan; however, those that have been successful over the years all have the same traits.

  • Focuses on what makes you unique
  • Timeless
  • It can stand on its own
  • Must play on people’s emotions
  • Under 9 – 10 words
  • Be consistent with other brands
  1. Request for Feedback

Regardless of how good and inspiring, you think your slogan or tagline is, ensure to ask your prospective or current customers what they think. You can leverage Facebook’s polling feature to get opinions from your followers.

You can also use Twitter to host a slogan contest with a designated hashtag to track entries. Have it in mind that a great food truck slogan is no guarantee of success; however, it establishes trust in your brand mainly because people trust the things that they can relate with.

  1. Make Changes With Time

After you must have developed a food truck slogan, you will need to modify it over time. This is mainly because customers change all the time. A food truck slogan that worked five years ago, may no longer speak the language your new customers understand.

Therefore, ensure you keep an open mind to innovate and tweak your tagline and slogan accordingly as things changes. It is one great way to building trust and staying relevant in the eyes of your local market.


Just like with any successful business, food trucks also need good branding and marketing to reach their targeted audience, and it is imperative for any business that has a good marketing slogan to get it right.

Have it in mind that marketing is much more than just a slogan or tagline, but it plays a vital role in the process and can bring in new customers. Always remember that your slogan is part and parcel of your branding, and you really have to get it right.