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50 Best Golf Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to make money in the golf industry? If YES, here are 50 profitable golf related business ideas & opportunities you can start on a golf course. The Golf Academy of America estimates that the golf industry represents $76 billion each year, offering more than 2 million jobs.

However, IBIS World reports in 2010 that the golf course and country club industry is expected to lose $430 million thanks to unemployment challenges, maintenance costs and a dip in golf participating since 2008. Golf course owners can combat low sales with ideas for stimulating business.

Making money from the golf course does not necessarily mean you will have to be at the golf course all of the time. So, if you are not ready to quit your day job anytime soon, starting a side business in the golf course won’t force you to do that (unless you quit willingly and happily because you are making enough money from the golf course business).

If you want to try your hands on the golf business, then here are various business ideas that you can look outlined blow. But just before you do just that, it would be really important that you do all the needful research that would be required of you.

This is so important so that you will not have to struggle with any golf related knowledge. So, here are 50 lucrative golf related business ideas you could venture in and make few extra bucks or rather much money from.

Best Golf Business ideas

  1. Sell discounted or used golf equipment on EBay

EBay is an online marketplace where people shop for items that are hard to find. You can purchase discounted golf items from wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidation companies and sell them on EBay. Similarly, you can buy used golf equipment (from people who no longer need them and are willing to sell them for cheap) and sell at higher prices on EBay.

2. Open your own online golf gear store

While there are already many online stores that sell golf equipment, you can break into the market successfully by focusing on a specific niche—at least for a start.

For example, you can start by selling just golf gears or golf balls. This way, you will be able to attract potential customers who are looking to buy these items online. For your inventory, you may contact manufacturers, wholesalers and liquidation companies.

3. Become a golf trainer

People interested in one sporting activity or another usually approach personal trainers to learn the skills of that sport. The same runs true for golf. You can make money by teaching beginners how to play golf. Though most personal trainers work in fitness centres, there are many other locations where you can offer your services.

It all boils down to where your clients prefer. And it’s better to give them multiple options. Some clients prefer to have their training right in their own homes, while others prefer outdoors. If you have enough space in your home, that’s another option.

4. Install backyard putting green

More and more golf enthusiasts are installing putting greens and practice areas in their backyards. Aside that these provide cheap entertainment, they also create a visually alluring landscape.

Since many golfers spend money to landscape their yards and often pay huge transport costs to visit the golf course, they always tend to jump at the idea of investing the same money on a backyard putting green. In addition to installation, you can also offer maintenance services.

5. Become a golf instructor

No knowledge is lost and that is why people will be glad to take heed to the instruction of experts. Therefore, if you prefer a home-based business, then you can become a golf instructor rather than a trainer. As an instructor, you can teach private lessons at home.

You may also decide to meet clients at a different location. This is all in a bid to add to the knowledge and experience of golf lovers, while you make money and smile to the bank.

6. Start a mini golf business

Mini golf is for kids who love to play golf. It provides a great opportunity for them to master the game before starting the real version. If you enjoy working with kids or want to provide entertainment for families, you can start a mini golf course.

7. Write a golf tips eBook

Many beginner golfers want to learn how to improve their skills and play the game better, but they don’t want to pay for an expensive class. They will rather settle for a book or something similar. You can make huge profits by writing and selling an eBook that teaches golf skills.

Writing and producing an eBook is much cheaper for the author, and publishing an eBook is much faster than publishing a physical book.

8. Teach video golf lessons online

Many beginner golfers want to learn more about the techniques of the game. But taking golf classes might be too expensive for them or might not fit well into their schedule. And eBooks, too many of them, are not “practical” enough.

Online video courses will help such beginners learn the game in the comfort of their homes, at their own convenience, and for low cost. So, you can package and sell video clips of different golf swings, common mistakes, golf game strategies, etc.

9. Open a golf store franchise

You can open a brick-and-mortar retail store that sells golf equipment. To make huge profits, get your inventory cheap from wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidation companies. A location close to a golf course is ideal. For you to know about the gold store franchise, you will need to do your own research or ask those already in the field about available franchises.

  1. Open a golf school

If you have great teaching procedures and can implement effective marketing strategies, you can make huge profits by starting a golf training school where beginners can learn and master the game within a specific period.

  1. Purchasing a golf resort

Starting your own private golf resort is not an easy task to accomplish. It requires a complete project team and a solid capital base to be able to achieve your dream of opening your own private golf resort.

As a matter of fact, it requires long term planning to successfully build a golf resort from the scratch to finish. But if you don’t have enough time to spend, you can as well source for golf resorts that are put – up for sale. One of the drawbacks of buying over a golf resort is that you can’t change the location.

Opening a golf resort is not an easy task, but nevertheless, you still need to be creative if you intend making money from your golf resort.

One of the ways you can make money from your golf resort is to organize standard golf tournaments in your golf resort. The truth is that if you have big corporations to sponsor your golf tourney, you will sure attract some of the finest golfers within your country and even outside your country.

  1. Starting a golf club manufacturing company

Golf players both professionals and amateur players make use of golf clubs. Golf clubs are used to hit the ball and channel it to the direction of the hole. You can start a golf club manufacturing company and grow it into a big business. This is one industry that isn’t already saturated and is sure to guarantee profit.

  1. Discount Golf Equipment Business Idea

If you love golf and would like to start your own business, you may want to open your own discount golf equipment business. Your store might sell equipment such as clubs, bags, balls, shoes, clothing, and other golf accessories.

You may also offer club repair and custom fitting services, and if you have enough retail space might have driving nets so your customers can try new clubs before they buy.

If you want to be successful in a discount golf equipment small business, you should buy in large quantities to be able to sell at lower prices, hire only experienced golfers as your employees, allow customers to try clubs before they buy, and carry a wider selection than your competitors.

If you separate yourself from competitors, golf lovers will remember you. You can also offer golf lessons onsite or use students to provide lessons at local ranges. You might even want to franchise your business to nearby areas.

  1. Start a personality management service

Just as musical stars and movie stars have personal managers, you can also establish yourself as a sports personality manager for golfers. Your task will be to manage your clients’ reputation, negotiate deals on their behalf and pursue advertising deals. All professional golfers have managers that conduct and take care of their affairs both on and out of the golf course.

  1. Open a sports academy

You can set up a golf academy to train and develop young talents, something just like the Pepsi Football Academy. You can choose to replicate the idea in your own niche and create something like a golfing academy, Athletes academy, Lawn tennis academy, etc.

  1. Publish your own sports magazine

There are a lot of magazines on the news that stand focused on every sport you can think of. Yet, some niches are still untapped. You can decide to become a sports magazine publisher and keep enthusiasts abreast of the happenings in the golf world.

For instance, Complete Sports and Complete Football are some of the most popular sports magazine in Nigeria. You can do the same with golf.

  1. Start a sports recruitment agency

You can also set up a golfer’s recruitment agency. Your primary task in this case is to scout for young talents that can be shaped into professional golfers. For instance, you can become a head hunter for golf clubs and other golf related agencies. This is a very good business that you can venture into and be sure to make good money from.

  1. Start a golf advertising agency

The success of every business, whether small or big, depends on the effectiveness of its marketing strategies. This explains why marketing is regarded as the backbone of any business and why marketers are always in huge demand. Advertisers will remain relevant for as long as advertising itself remains important to business owners.

So, business advertising is one of the most lucrative, recession proof businesses you can venture into. Making money from the advertising business is quite easy, provided you have the requirements. You can start your own advertising agency with modest start-up capital, and you can operate it from the comfort of your home.

  1. Start a Golf Television Station

If you are a big time investor and you know your way around the government bureaucracy in your country, you can successfully secure a TV license and start your own sports television. It requires huge start – up capital and good business strategy to run this type of business but the fact remains that it is a profitable venture.

  1. Start a Sports Radio Station

Another broadcasting related business that you consider starting is a sport radio station; a station that is dedicated to everything about sports on a 24 / 7 bases. Although it is capital intensive to run a 24 hours a week sports radio station, but you are sure going to reap huge benefits from the business.

  1. Sports Betting Company

People all over the world are into sports betting and the industry of course is growing in leaps and bounds. Sports betting business is one sports related business that can thrive in any part of the world especially if you not just operating a sports betting business where people can only be allowed to place bet by visiting your outlets but via your website.

With that you will be able to attract customs from all over the world irrespective of where your sports betting company is located. One key factor that will help you to succeed in this business is to pay winners as at when due.

  1. Golf Promotions Business

If you are a boxing fan, you most likely would have heard about Don King the famous boxing promoter; he is a successful boxing promoter that is known all over the world.

You can strive to be the Don King of golf and you don’t need to start this type of business by competing with world class sports promoter; all you need to do is to start from your local community. You can choose to promote sports events in your community that can attract some of the finest skills in your community.

You might not start making money immediately, as a matter of fact you will be parting away money from your pocket, but the truth remains that if you are consistent and willing to grow with time it won’t be too long before you start making money as a sports promoter.

  1. Golf course Construction and Maintenance Business

Football clubs and other related sports spend huge some of monies maintaining their pitches; little wonder the pitches are always in top shape during football matches. If you have skills in that area, you can consider starting your own golf course construction and maintenance business.

Aside from golf courses, you can also list rugby fields, cricket fields, American football pitch, football pitches, and any sports that is played on the field as part of your service offerings.

  1. Production of Sports Video or Computer Games

If you are a programmer and you are a sports lover, one of the sports related business ideas that you can successfully start is to go into the production of sports video or computer games. It is a cool way of making cash if you know how to push your product in the marketplace. It will be easier to push your product into the market.

  1. Balls Manufacturing

You don’t have to be a major player before you make money from manufacturing balls for different games that require balls. You can start by manufacturing golf balls, footballs, tennis balls, basketballs, hockey balls, volley balls, rugby balls et al for children.

It is a way to encourage children to start playing their favourite sports. If you are consistent and have a big mentality, some day in the future you can win the contract to produce balls for major golf events or a big rich golf course.

  1. Production of golf Cartoons

Production of golf cartoons is yet another sports related business ideas that a graphic artist / animation expert can successfully start. The truth is that, if you produce a cartoon movie that has top golfers, football, rugby, wrestling, boxing or basketball players as characters then you are likely not going to struggle to get people to accept and purchase it.

Children love cartoons and producing sports cartoon will get kids to fall in love with the sport that is played in their favourite sports cartoon. For example if you produce a cartoon that is built around golf legends, kids that watch and love such cartoons would naturally want to become golfers.

  1. Golf Reality Show

If you are an event organizer and also a golf enthusiast, then you can consider starting your own golf reality show. If the program is well organized and you are able to secure good sponsorship, then the reality show will likely become an annual show if you want it to be so. You are sure going to make good money from this business venture if the reality show is well packaged.

  1. Production and Sale of Sports Toys

Another profitable sports related business idea that an entrepreneur can successfully start is the production and sale of sports toys.

Just ensure that you produce toys that represent favourite sports star; sports celebrities such as Tiger Wood, David Beckham, Pele, Diego Maradona, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neil, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Andrea Agassi, et al and you wouldn’t struggle to get people to purchase them. Besides selling the toys for children’s use, you can also produce key holders and adults will sure buy and make use of it.

  1. Start golf Kids Club

Golf is a very interesting sport and kids are in love with it too. You can start a program / club with the aim of catching future golf players from an early age. Starting a golf kids club is yet another profitable business idea that an entrepreneur can start.

Just ensure that you create golf events with the aim of teaching kids the rudiments of golf. You can target schools and parents to enrol their wards in your golf kids club. You will be required to register the business and obtain a license before you can be permitted to operate this type of business.

  1. Training School and Empowerment Centre for golf trainers

One of the advanced sports related business ideas that an entrepreneur can start is to open a training school and empowerment centre for golf trainers and other sports officials. A place where the officials can attend refresher course and special skill trainings, amongst others.

You would need robust experience and advance certifications before you can open and operate this type of school. You would also need accreditations from relevant authorities before you can be allowed to run this type of business. It is capital intensive, but you can be rest assured that you will make good returns on your investment.

  1. Open a Gym

people register in gyms to keep fit and it is common to see people who are into active sports registering in a gym close to them especially if they gym is well equipped with state of the art gym equipment. The start – up capital required to set up a standard gym might be on the high side, but the truth remains that you are sure of making your money if the gym is well located.

More than ever in the history of man, people are beginning to take their fitness status really seriously. So, in starting a gym, you have to have it well equipped with the necessary machines.

  1. Golf Research, Documentary and Biography Writing Company

If you are a researcher or someone in the academia you can make good money from the sports industry by specializing in researching and writing biographies for eminent golf personality.

The truth is that if you are good at what you do and are able to successfully write and publish the biography of one or two well – known golf celebrities, it won’t be too long before you become a star as well. Please note that this type of business is pretty much green and it is open for professional researchers and biographers.

  1. Start a Sports Apps Building Company

We are in a dispensation where smartphones are becoming the closet companion to loads of people out there. Apps are some of the stuffs that keep people busy with their smartphones and computer devices et al. If you are a software developer you can consider specializing in sports related apps. There is a very large market for sports related apps.

  1. Start a Laundry Business Targeted at golf clubs

We are all aware that big time golfers just like footballers, basketball players, rugby players and those who play for various organized sports clubs do not wash their clothing or sportswear themselves. It is the practice amongst sports clubs to contract all their laundry jobs to Laundromats.

Of course if you start a Laundromat that is specialized in washing sports clothes, you will sure secure business deals from sports companies in and around the city where you operate.

  1. Sale of Tickets for golf Events

People usually purchase tickets in order to watch live golf events. You can start a business that is involved in selling tickets for different golf events.

You can engage in the sale of tickets for golf tournament and also supplementing ticket sales for football matches, boxing matches, athletics events, rugby events or any event as longs as people are ready to pay to watch the sports event.

This type of business is based on commission; the amount you are expected to make is dependent on the numbers of tickets you sell.

  1. Provide Catering Services golf clubs and golf events

When sports men and women are camped, you don’t expect them to cook their foods themselves. If you are already into catering services, one area that you can expand your business is to partner with golf resorts so as to help them handle all their catering needs.

One thing is certain, if you are consistent with what you do, before too long you will become the number one choice in your country when it comes to hiring caterers for sports and camping events.

  1. Start golf Souvenir Business

People who travel from far and wide to watch their favourite sport usually love going home with the sports branded souvenirs.

For example, if you are a fan of Tiger Woods and you travel all the way from Los Angeles, U.S to England to watch him play at a golf tournament, you would not want to leave without buying a souvenir for yourself and also for your family members and friends.

It could be jerseys, it could be tee – shirts, it could bags, it could mufflers, it could be wall clocks, it could be mugs, it could pens and it could be anything as long as it carries the logo of the sports club. If you intend starting this type of business, ensure that your store is positioned close to the stadium or inside the stadium facility. All over the world, people cherish sports souvenirs.

  1. Sports Consulting Business

Another interesting sports related business that you can start is to become a sports consultant; offering consulting services for sports men and women, sports clubs and even the government. Although this business is still pretty much green, but it is not open for all and sundry.

You should be able to prove your worth as a consultant before you can make headway in the industry. It is one thing to register a business as a sports consultant, it is entirely another kettle of fish for you to attract clients’- especially big time customers that can pay you huge fees et al.

  1. Open a Pay per View Website

No doubt people are always on the go especially people that lives in busy cities of the world and usually that should not stop them from watching live sports events. One sports related business that you can start is to open a pay per view website where sports lovers can view their favourite sports events.

If you are able to secure permits to stream live matches, you will sure attract loads of clients from all over the world. Just ensure that you have a secure payment platform. Yet another step that you must take in bringing this business to fore is making sure that you employ the services of an expert website builder that will help your build a very attractive and interactive website.

  1. Start a Sports Photography Business

There are people making huge money from just covering sports events; you can become a sports photographer. It can be exciting at the same time financially rewarding. No doubt if you are a good photographer, you will make good money from selling quality pictures from the sports events you covered.

Just ensure that you are well registered and licensed if not you will struggle to secure accreditations for major sports events. One of the things that would make you stand out in this niche is for you to procure the best cameras that would help bring the best out of what you do.

  1. Become a Professional Sports Blogger

Another of the sports related businesses that you can comfortably start with little or no start – up capital is to start blogging on sports related topics. You could choose to specialize in just one sport i.e. golf et al, or you could settle for all sports.

The bottom line is that if you have useful contents on your blog you will attract readers / viewers and the higher the numbers of visitors that visits your blog regularly, the easier it is for you to make money as a blogger. You will be able to get corporate organizations to place adverts on your blog. The sports industry all over the world has more followers more than how it was in the past.

  1. Start a sports bar

A sports bar is a place where sport fans gather to watch televised sporting events such as golf events, soccer matches, tennis tournaments, basketball games, and so on. Many people prefer watching sporting events in sports bars due to the comfortable and lively environment they provide; as they can argue and feel the tense moments together.

If you would like to tap from the opportunities provided by the increasing craze for sports, then starting a sports bar might be the best option for you.

  1. Health/nutrition coach

Both professional golfers, major and minor league athletes need to stay in peak condition all year round, and part of that is making sure they consume a healthy, nutritious diet. Players need nutrition coaches to design healthful menus and keep their food intake on track.

Online courses for nutrition certification are relatively inexpensive and usually take less than a year, so you could be making big bucks in no time.

  1. Start your own Massage business

Starting any type of business like Massage is always associated with challenges and complexities. If you are a newbie, you will somehow face with fear and doubts especially if you got no idea on how to start based on guidelines. But, these guidelines should not serve as pressure but rather a guide for starting your own sports massage business.

A comprehensive business guideline is composed of many aspects that you need to learn and deal with if you want a successful start up and smooth business operation. You can channel or locate your massage parlour in golf club where golfers can ease out after their games.

  1. Golf Club cleaning business

Similar to the other kinds of cleaning business, golf club cleaning business will require you with careful understanding with some business matters.

This is basically part of your preparation to entering this business. Once you are thinking of entering in this venture, you have to make a plan of work and work for your plan. This means that you determine the things you need to do and the ways on how you will do it.

When making business plan, this does not necessarily mean that it is very much formal. As long as it will help your business, it is acceptable already. Along with making business plan is the determination of the customers you have. Make a list of the golf clubs present in your locality and take time to analyze your target clients.

  1. Start a golf handicapping business

A golf handicapping just like any sports handicapping is the ability to choose the winning team by point spread system. A handicapper should choose 52.38% winners only just to break even. According to a popular website, any higher percentage that considered profit is good. The money made in a sports handicapping business is generated through subscriptions to its service.

  1. Start a putt putt business

A putt putt golf course is just designed for rich people around the globe because of the fact that it is so expensive to engage in golfing. With this, you can gain lots of money if you will plan to start up your own putt putt business. Richie rich people can be found in golf courses most of the time because golfing is their favourite pastime and sport.

Where there are green bills, you must also be there if you are planning to be the world’s next billionaire. For you to succeed in this kind of business venture, you have to make sure that you will be guided by a well-written and well-reviewed business plan. This includes a three-part plan including financial, operational and marketing plans.

  1. Start a driving range

A driving range is a place where golfers go to fine tune their golf swings. At a driving range, golfers can hit as many golf balls as they like without having to retrieve the balls. A driving range can be a compatible business venture for entrepreneurs who enjoy golf. In a driving range, golfers have no specific target because they are bent on easing their selves and catching fun.

  1. Open a golf vacation business

Golf travelling or golf vacation is an awesome trip for golfers in other to up their games, expertise and finally relax while having a good time. Business ideas in the golf industry just like this one are gold mines waiting to be tapped. It requires just a patient and zealous mind to be able to look out for opportunities and grab them tight.

  1. Write a golf course guild book

We all know how big and vast a golf course or resort can be. It would take a well detailed manual to be able to locate and manoeuvre through the trees and greens. You can earn cash and fame by writing a detailed analysis and guild book of golf courses around you. You need to practically know all these places before you can be able to write it.

In closing, Why not start a golf business so you can do something you love and make money at the same time? Not only do golf business owners get to work in the industry, but they get to spend much of their time with other golf enthusiasts.

You’ll never have to worry about finding someone to play with. You don’t have to be at the golf course everyday to make money. You don’t even have to be a good golfer. In fact, starting a golf business may even help you become a better golfer.