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How to Build a Network Marketing Team Fast

Do you want to start an MLM business, build your team and grow effortlessly? If YES, here are 11 smart tips on how to build a network marketing team fast.

Network Marketing is an easy and cheap business that you can start right from the comfort of your home. Like most businesses, network marketing involves the selling of your products or services. However, an additional perk of this line of business is that you can assist others to start their own business and earn an income off their sales volume as well.

Network marketing, also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM), pyramid Selling, or Referral Marketing, is a type of Business model where independent contractors buy into a company and earn a commission on the products they sell. If you are at a loss on how to build or improve your network marketing team, then these tips will go a long way to help you actualize your aim.

11 Smart Tips to Build a Network Marketing Team Fast

1. Never assume the people you recruit are going to take building your network marketing business as serious as you do

It is not uncommon for people to make this assumption. Before you recruit people, do well to ask them why they want to join you and what they intend to gain from doing so. You should be happy with anyone who wants to just stay on as a customer instead of trying to push them into something they don’t want to do. There will always be more people using the product and not building than those building.

2. Don’t be pushy

Instead of being pushy with your approach, try to be pull-y. This means to ask them the right question in order to pull them as opposed to cramming what you want to talk about down their throat. Why did you join? What did you hope to gain? Are those things serious to you?

Do you truly want those things? How will you attain freedom if you don’t build this? All of those questions illicit pull type responses from your people.

3. Inspire your team with action

Instead of trying to motivate your team, try to inspire them instead. Your actions and inactions will go a long way to inspire you team to take action.

4. Be a Team Builder before you have a team

Even before you have a team, you should be thinking and acting like you have one. See yourself leading calls, making shout outs to your team and start acting as if you are leading a large team. This simple trick will “trick” your mind into thinking you have a large team, and will attract new thoughts into your head that are conducive to having a team.

5. Strive to raise others up

Do not strive for constant attention, instead make sure that you raise others up. If you are the one always running all calls and webinars versus bringing people out to share their story and letting them grow, many would-be leaders will not make the journey with you.

6. Spend less than 1 hour a week on training

When you get new members in your team, try your best not to fall into the training trap. This is the trap where you get stuck on an income plateau for a long time thinking that training your team more, will increase your income and your team growth.

Spending one hour each week to train your team members via weekly call, webinar or at a live event, such as a home meeting or other live meeting is enough.

Limit this time for yourself and your team, so that you can maximize the income producing activities for yourself and your team. Income producing activities in your team are quite simply defined as activities that involve people who are not on your team yet.

That may mean you are either recruiting, presenting or following up on prospects for yourself or helping someone in your team to do that. Training will not grow a massive team, inviting more people to look at the business will.

7. Unite your leaders

If your team is growing at a slow pace, then you may want to try this. Create an environment where unity, playfulness, a culture of belong, tradition and recognition thrives among your leadership team; it will go a long way to grow your team.

Small steps like having a meeting with your leaders after the presentation, home-meeting or a large event, will make your leaders not just feel special, but it will give them more belief and strength to go further. Encouraging togetherness among your team members is one proven strategy that can improve the life-span of your team and also discourage them from giving up on their dreams too quickly.

In the end, the pace at which we can grow a massive team will always depend on the quality of the relationship that you develop with your leaders. Invest your time in true long-lasting friendships and before you know it, a massive growth will be waiting for you on the other side!

8. Don’t Coach Without Permission

It is not uncommon for people to think that they know more than others and as such, they desperately need their advice in order to achieve their goals and ambition. However, some people do not realize that it is plain rude to start giving network marketing advice to people on your team if they don’t ask. You’re not their mom or dad. If they want advice, they will ask.

9. Shower Love & Recognition

Almost everyone loves being appreciated and recognized. When you shower your team members with love and recognize their efforts, irrespective of how much, or how little they make, they will almost never leave. Recognition and feeling like they’re a part of something is so important. Don’t overlook this huge strategy in network marketing team building.

10. Engage New Team Members

You should endeavor to spend time with your team members when they start working with you. Get to know their expectations, how much money they want to make and what their other goals are. Network marketing success looks so differently to so many other people.

Make out time to listen to what they have to say, by doing this, you can be better able to gauge their expectation. People quit things like businesses, college, marriages, jobs, et al., because of false expectations. By simply engaging your new team members, you can cut it off at that point. In other words, you can let them know their expectations aren’t a reality. This will create more sticking power for your team.

11. Stop Striving For Recognition

As a team leader, you should come to realize that recognition is not for you. If you continue to strive for it, you’ll continue taking it away from your team mates. In order to ensure the success of your network marketing team efforts, you should expend your energy in lifting your team mates. Give them a chance to get the recognition that you give instead of taking it.