Are you about writing a business plan to start a B2B business? If YES, here are 100+ sample B2B service business plans & templates for FREE download.

B2B is a type of business model where exchange of goods and services take place between two or more businesses, instead of between a business and an individual. B2B companies have an entirely different target audience. They offer the raw materials, finished parts, services or consultation that other businesses need to operate, grow and profit. Some of the services they can offer include payroll, data entry, recruitment, consultancy, etc.

If you have products or specialized skills that can be beneficial to businesses at any point, then you may find it easy to set up a B2B related business. From research, it is has been discovered that B2B businesses thrive based on their level of experience, as no business would want to hire the services of an amateur.

So, if you are starting a B2B business, make it a point to increase your years of experience, even if it means you offering your services for next to nothing for the time being. If you are wondering if you skills fall with the B2b service sector, we have provided you a couple of examples for you to look through.

100+ Sample B2B Business Plans & Templates

1. Business Consulting Firm Business Plan

Consulting is the business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people. As a Business consultant, you will typically offer expert advice in various areas of business such as management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, finance, etc.

Unlike an employee, a consultant is hired as a third-party contractor, and typically works with a business or individual on a short-term or part-time basis to address specific issues. If you have been certified in any area of of business, you can go ahead and open a consulting firm.

2. Staffing Agency Business Plan

A staffing agency is also known as an employment agency, and it is saddled with the responsibility of matching employers with employees. In all developed countries, there is a publicly funded employment agency and multiple private businesses which act as employment agencies. You can enter his industry as a private firm. Just like most staffing agencies, you will make most of your income by taking a percentage out of the salary of the employees you offer employment.

3. Freelance Writing Business Plan

Freelance Writing is another business that falls under the B2B industry. A freelance writer is person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. You can offer your services to as many people as you can handle at a given time. You only need to set your schedule to suit your time. You do not need any capital to start this business, you just require the ability to market your services.

4. Virtual Call Center Business Plan 

A virtual call center is a call center in which the organization’s representatives are geographically dispersed, rather than being situated at work stations in a building operated by the organization. A virtual call center involves contracting with businesses to answer and monitor their phone calls.

Your call center would indeed become profitable if businesses see it to be reputable. If your call center is bilingual, you will definitely earn higher than others, and attract more customers.

5. Mystery Shopping Business Plan

Mystery shopping is a method used externally by market research companies or watchdog organizations, or internally by companies themselves, to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.

This is yet another easy to set up B2B business. You get to offer your services to other businesses in return for payment. To start and succeed in this business, you have to be well versed in market research, data analysis and the likes.

6. Startup Incubator Business Plan 

A business incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space. A startup incubator is basically set up to help new startups succeed. They provide startup businesses with collaborative programmes which help them solve problems associated with launching a business by providing a space to work, seed funding, mentoring, training and other benefits.

7. Intellectual Property Management Business Plan

Intellectual property are terms used to describe intangible assets or the results of human endeavour that have value and are original, such as designs, publications, inventions, computer software and music. The protection and management of these assets has become a commercial imperative, and a lot of businesses have been set up solely for this.

If you are conversant with commercial law and all that pertains to intellectual property protection, then you can start looking at setting up this business.

8. Project Management Consulting Business Plan

Consulting is the business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people. Project management consultants bring specialized skills and knowledge to assist companies in making the best possible business decisions. They typically provide oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion.

The highest paying skills associated with this job are Program Management, Business Analysis, Process Improvement, and New Business Development. One thing you have to know about this business is that experience strongly influences your earnings, so if you are starting out, you need to work hard to get some relate-able experiences first.

9. HR Recruitment Consulting Business Plan 

Recruitment consultants assist employers to identify, select and recruit staff for their vacancies, and help individuals find and gain appropriate employment. The key responsibilities of a recruitment consultant are to: Identify and develop client business relationships in a competitive environment/industry.

Know that before you can be qualified to recruit for big organizations, you need to have worked your way up the recruitment consulting business lather. But you can start this business right from where you are and consult for startups. This is where you will gain the needed business experience.

10. Corporate Image Consulting Business Plan

Corporate Image consulting is a comprehensive branding of a client’s company that caters to social and business etiquette, image, grooming and personality development training. This consulting business helps to spruce up the image of a given company so they can stand up tall against the competition.

11. Data Entry Business Plan

Data entry business is a business that helps other businesses impute their data into a computer with the use of devices that include keyboard, scanner, disk, and voice. A data entry business can be run from home with minimal startup costs. Because so many industries need data entry services, there’s a large pool of potential clients. Data entry can be an ideal business for people who want work flexibility with an opportunity to freelance.

12. Corporate Training Business Plan 

Corporate training is a means of improving the employees’ performance, morale and skills, by concentrating on their professional development. Many organizations are implementing different corporate training programs to address specific needs, to promote new working practices, and standards.

This is a great B2B business because you would typically provide your services to companies that have employees. While this is an easy enough business to start, but you do need the right training and certifications.

13. Judgement Recovery Service Business Plan

The judgment recovery service business is classified under the Debt Collection Agencies industry and this industry comprises of businesses that pursue payments on debts owed by individuals and businesses.

This business that can be started from the comfort of your home and with just a laptop and telephone as long as you have the skills for pulling credit reports, conducting investigations, bringing the debtor back into the court for extensive examination, seizing property, putting liens on homes, garnishing wages, and amongst others.

14. Business Coaching Center Business Plan

A business coaching program offers one-on-one and/or group coaching to help business leaders understand themselves as people and as leaders. It will also help them identify their personal strengths and weaknesses, gain better awareness of individual, group and organizational behavior to better respond to challenges.

Coaching is a goal-focused (or solution-focused) approach, so the ability to elicit clear, well-defined and emotionally engaging goals from a coachee is one of the most important skills you have to possess as a business coach if you want to make headway in the business.

15. Flex Printing Press Business Plan

Flex printing is basically the printing of high quality digital banners with the use of large color digital printing machines. Flex printing presses print banners, cards, posters, etc that businesses use to advertise their services, that is why it falls among B2B businesses.

You can easily start this business on a small scale if you have the finance to purchase the machines and skills to run them. Know also that you need to have some designing skills for you to make headway in the business.

16. Lead Generation Business Plan

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting prospects into prospective customers. It is all about attracting visitors to your clients’ business and converting those visitors to leads. Lead generation companies help companies become more efficient by delivering qualified leads that drive sales.

For every qualified lead you send to the business, they will give you a finder’s fee for that lead generation. This is how you get to make money off the business. There are various ways you can generate leads for companies and they are all simple to use.

17. Business Development Company Business Plan

A Business Development Company is a form of unregistered closed-end investment company in the United States that invests in small and mid-sized businesses with the intention of helping them meet their capital needs and grow. BDCs are often compared to venture capital funds, but instead of only being open to accredited investors, they are available to all investors. This is yet another profitable B2B business.

18. Market Research Company Business Plan

Market research allows a company to discover its target market and get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in the product or service of the company. This type of research can be conducted in house, by the company itself, or by a third-party company that specializes in market research.

Market research uses scientifically-led studies to collect necessary market information, enabling entrepreneurs to make the right commercial decisions. This is yet another beneficial B2B business. Your success in any given business project buoys up your reputation in the industry as a reliable market research company.

19. Business Process Outsourcing Business Plan 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of non-primary business activities and functions to a third-party provider. BPO services that are usually outsourced include payroll, human resources (HR), accounting and customer/call center relations, and lots more.

BPO is also known as an information technology enabled service (ITES). Outsourcing is popular because it allows companies to reduce short-term costs, as well as work load on their existing employees. A lot of companies are existing solely to take the weight off big time companies, and you can too. You just need to find out where your skills fit in perfectly.

20. Shared Work Space Business Plan

A shared work space business is a business that provides spaces for people to carry out their businesses at a specified rate. The shared work space business targets entrepreneurs that typically do not have any venue for their business, as well as those that are solo employers or that have very few employees.

21. General Contracting Business Plan 

A general contractor is a businessperson who is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of a building project.

The general contractor, having gotten hold of a contract, then sub contracts the job to other professionals who can handle them, while he or she supervises. General contractors get paid by taking a percentage of the overall cost of the completed project. Usually 10 or 20 percent.

22. Temp Staffing Agency Business

A temporary work agency, temp agency or temporary staffing firm finds both long term and short term temporary workers for businesses. Companies in need of short-term workers, contract with the temporary work agency to send temporary workers, or temps, on assignments to work at the companies.

Temp agencies usually deal with particular professions or businesses, such as healthcare, information technology, accounting, office administration, or industrial labor.

23. Answering Service Business

To put it simply, an answering service is a type of service that can manage both inbound and outbound business communications for various industries. Communications can include answering phone calls, responding to emails, replying to text messages, transferring calls, cold calling, etc. This is yet another communication related B2B business.

24. Business Plan Writing Service

A business plan is a written description of your business’s future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Ever business needs a business plan, but not every business person or entrepreneur knows how to put a business plan together. Herein lies a successful business.

For years, business researchers have been making fortunes by writing business plans for startups or businesses that are seeking funds that would give them a better chance of bagging loans from banks and financial institutions. Some business plan writers charge as much as $5,000 for a single business plan. That’s how profitable the business is.

25. PR Firm

Public relations is the practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.

PR firms typically analyze organizations, find positive messages in their activities or practice and translate those messages into positive media stories with the aim of uplifting the image of the organisation in the perception of the receiving public. Publicity is the center point of any businesses’ success, and this is the responsibility of a PR firm.

26. Customer Service Consulting Business 

Customer service consultants are people that spend a lot of time answering phone calls and talking to customers regarding their company’s products or services. A customer service consultant can help a company retaining most of its customers by improving their service policies and actions.

They use their customer service knowledge to handle difficult customers and make sure that each customer has a good experience each time. If you have good background in customer service, then you can turn this into a business by helping companies handle and retain most of their customers.

27. Translation Agency Business Plan – The truth is that as a translation agency, there are loads of clients you can work for. You can work for people in your country, and also foreigners who might need a translator. If you are looking to go into the translation business, the good news is that you can’t get it wrong.