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Can You Buy Lingerie from a Manufacturer and Resell It as Your Own?

Yes, you can buy lingerie from the manufacturer and resell it as your own. This behaviour is completely possible. In this age, many people buy products from manufacturers and suppliers and resale as their own products. The development of the underwear business is very promising, especially since people’s quality of life is constantly improving.

The requirements for lingerie are getting higher and higher, and lingerie is a very fast-consuming product, so it is a very correct choice to develop underwear business. Underwear and lingerie have become more of a fashion statement and a sign of female empowerment in recent years. The demand for lingerie is always very huge and stable.

It is expected that the global lingerie market will grow by 25% by the end of the year 2024. Presently, its market worth is estimated to be slightly over $100 billion U.S. dollars, while the expectation is that the global market worth of the industry will be $125 billion U.S. dollars.

That has partly been fuelled by the drastic increase in the population of financially independent women and their corresponding increase in capita incomes over the years. For the lingerie business, you can opt to acquire products from the manufacturer, but usually the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity is higher, and you are expected to order more products to enjoy the preferential price.

Howbeit, instead of buying from the manufacturer, experts suggest you try to buy from the supplier. The supplier can provide more types of underwear, there is no minimum order limit, and it can also provide free customized activities, which is more suitable for purchasing products for transfer.

Top 5 Lingerie Manufacturers in USA

The process of finding the right lingerie manufacturer can be daunting especially for those who are doing so for the first time. That is because there are millions of suppliers in the globe, with Europe alone having over 170,000 manufacturers of clothing and other apparel products. However, here are top lingerie manufacturers in the United States;

  1. Lingerose is a fast rising lingerie wholesaler and supplier platform. It boasts of so many online retail stores that sell the same. Note that their partnerships with many apparel manufacturers globally make it easier for them to have low priced items.

To view the prices of different products, one must log into their website. Meanwhile, have it in mind that most of their products are shipped using FedEx and Post within a short time frame which does not exceed 10 working days.

  1. Jerrisfashion

This company is well renowned as an online sexy fashion clothing wholesaler in the United States. Most of its supplies come from premium manufacturers located in China, and on an average year, they usually have a huge turnover, which easily surpasses 1.5 million pieces.

Note that one very crucial advantage of an online store is that there is no minimum MOQ and that deliveries can be done within a short timeframe, which does not exceed 48 hours. In addition, there are member discounts which are awarded for returning customers on an annual basis, based on volumes of orders. That is a primary advantage to the lingerie manufacturers since it encourages return customers.

  1. Lingerie-supplies

Lingerie-supplies is a top lingerie wholesaler in the U.S. with their factory located in China. The wholesaler ships their products to all countries globally.  According to reports, the minimum order quantity for this wholesaler is $100. The primary selling point is that they have a factory based supplier, which also entails that they can produce and distribute the lingerie in bulk. Additionally, they accept private labelling on request.

  1. Lingerie Mart

Established in 1997, Lingerie Mart has sold millions of different first quality lingerie. It is one of the largest global distributors of lingerie, thongs, panties, intimate apparel, sleepwear, costumes that come in all sizes. This company offers a wide selection of sexy wear at greatly discounted prices. Aside from that, they do not have a minimum order quantity, and stock to all types of business venues, be it boutiques, lingerie stores, discount and even flea market stalls.

  1. Sweet illusion Inc.

Sweet Illusions Inc. is an official online store in the United States that sells women’s clothing and accessories which includes traditional and contemporary European designs. They also boost of a huge variety of sexy wear at amazing wholesale prices. One advantage of purchasing from the lingerie wholesaler is that they have a flexible return policy, which is rare to find in online apparel stores.