Do you want to attract new customers or clients to your small business fast at a low cost? If YES, here are 20 cold calling tips & tricks to help boost sales. A lot of people believe cold calling is no longer in use but many businesses are generating huge sales from it. From the likes of Fortune 500 companies, Twitter, Uber to the likes of growing start-ups, their sales team are frequently dialing prospects’ numbers every now and then.

Lots of people struggle through cold calling and it can be worse without a working knowledge of how cold calling works. Cold calling is nothing but trespassing into someone’s time to show them how valuable what you have is. If your cold calling is based on the principles of ancient cold calling techniques, then it is better you pause for a while because a lot has changed with time.

This article therefore offers 20 cold calling tips for all businesses willing to drive in more sales, whether start-ups or grown-ups.

20 Cold Calling Tips to Boost Sales & Get New Customers

  1. Wear a Smile While You dDial

Each time you are picking a call whether at your desk or call room, please wear a smile at least for 20 seconds. Research reveals that whether it is a genuine smile or not, it helps to bring in some advantages like;

  • Lowers Stress: Smiling in a difficult or stressful situation has the capacity to lower heart rate and cut down stress response as revealed by the University of Kansas.
  • Ease of Communication: When you smile, the person on the other side of the phone can pick it from your voice and in seconds produce the same courtesy of the mirror neurons. Since they become happy with you, then communication becomes easy.

When you enable your internal emotions to show on your face, they are intensified. Cold calling with radiant smiles has the ability to make you smile throughout the entire day.

  1. Stand with Confidence

A social psychologist, Amy Cuddy did a research which reveals that body language is quite important during phone calls, although the other person can’t see you. She added that a powerful cold calling position is to stand with feet apart and hands on hips for two minutes. This is quite an effective cold calling strategy that often enhances:

  • A step up in testosterone levels (confidence heightens)
  • A reduction in cortisol levels (stress decreases)

This assertion is true on sitting posture too. Sitting up straight can make you feel in charge and ready while nervousness finds it way out.

  1. Call a Friend

Yesware CEO, Matthew Bellows gave this cold calling tip. Bring the picture of your loved one and put it right before you on your desk. The next time you are calling your prospect, pretend as if you are calling that person. And if you don’t like pictures at your desk, you might open the Facebook profile of the person to achieve the same result. This trick also helps to relieve you of stress, inspire you and make you feel comfortable.

  1. A Sentence per Time

Research has shown that the brain can only keep 20-30 seconds details per time. This means prospect can only hold 30 seconds information in a 15 minutes discussion. Just keep it simple and clear, avoid overwhelming the prospect with terminologies.

Once your prospect begins to ask questions, it is a sign that he/she is interested in knowing more. Use this opportunity to set up a meeting to answer and further discuss the services and products to achieve sales.

  1. Learn to Use Rejection

For a cold calling specialist, rejection should not demoralize you. It is important to know how to use rejection to motivate one’s self to success. Management Consultant Robert D. Smith affirms that he focuses on the rejection he gets and then tries to turn his rejections to sales achievement. As he focuses on that, he found out that he was making more sales. When you call the direct line of the prospect, it doubles your chance of making sales via the prospect.

  1. Two Processes of Cold Calling

Cold calling may be divided into two processes, getting the right person and calling to speak with the right person. It is recommended that prospecting may be done from 10 am to 11:30 am. This is the time believed to be handled by administrative assistants who can provide the details of the right persons.

You may call the appropriate persons at a time when the administrative assistants are no more at work such as before 8:30 am and after 5:30 pm. You may call on holidays when businesses are believed to be slow.

  1. Spot the Difference

Recognize the difference between annoyance and persistence. To keep your professionalism, ensure you maintain constant information flow, make use of emails and voicemail, keep each message unique and respect the uniqueness of each prospect.

  1. Take Advantage of Online Resources

Social and professional websites like LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Jigsaw as well as InsideView can be a good source of information about prospects.

ConnectAndSell is another tool where you may outsource your dialing and save one hour to talk to prospects at your desk once they get a “connect.” Tips like this facilitate the setting up of sales appointment especially with executive members of some companies. In short, cold calling helps to enhance more sales team productivity.

  1. Use Prerecorded Voice Messages

While trying to reach many executives, it is not out of place to end up with their voicemail and it may be tiring to say the same things to the machine after the beep. So why not record a voice mail message via, and simply fill in your pre-recorded optimized voicemail message.

  1. How about Webinar Recording?

Reading through articles on how to achieve sales target may not be all that is needed. A webinar recording can achieve much more with a cold call. Just try it all together.

  1. Cold Call with Cold Emails

If you send out cold emails and you track it to know who opened the email with the use of a sales software such as, then it is best to follow up with a phone call especially with the ones who opened the email.

  1. Talk About Value First

During the call, avoid telling them the price before discussing value. Take charge of the call. Make them see the value and how they need it first. Just be professional!

  1. First Word Matters

When you cold call, how do you begin your call? Your first word matters. Be careful not to go the way every other sales rep does it.

  1. Questions to Ask Yourself

There is a general mistake most sales rep make and that is the idea that a sales deal is either lost or won, but that is not true. Your mindset towards the call really matters. Here are 3 questions to ask before you cold call; Why? What? How?

15.  The bait-and-switch

This is a skill that is usually employed by scammers, but ethical companies with their customers’ best interest at heart may use it as well.

16. Response to “I don’t have time”

Once in a while you are bound to get such response such as “I don’t have time”, “I don’t need it” etc. But if they really don’t have time why would they give you time to talk?

  1. Dealing with Aggressive and Hostile Prospects

Sometimes you get prospects who will shout at you on phone, they may even call you names or insult you. Lots of people may hang up but don’t. Tell them you are sorry even if it is not your fault and when they calm down, carefully explain the issue.

  1. Make the Silent Prospect Voice Out

Some prospects will not share details with you, they prefer to keep mute. In such situation, simply explore reasons why they may keep mute to trigger their words.

19. Practice Your Tone

You want to sound like you are relaxed and comfortable while remaining professional when you carry out a cold call, but this cannot be attained without a little practice on your part. So during and before every call, ensure you monitor your tone and observe areas that you notice require improvement.

20. Record Yourself

Additionally, you might also put it into consideration to set up a recorder while you make calls so that you can listen to yourself later on and note down the parts that require enhancement on the long run.