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How Much Does It Cost to Enter a Dance Competition?

Do you want to enter a dance competition and want to know the cost breakdown? If YES, here are factors that determine the cost of entering a dance competition.

The competitive dance industry mainly comprises of competition production companies—also sometimes called dance competition companies and dance competition lines—that conduct regional competitions at stops along their annual, nationwide tours.

Dancers who compete at these regional competitions are students ranging in age from approximately four to eighteen years old. Dance schools (often referred to as dance studios) primarily arrange for their classes to compete as groups.

Note that advanced dancers may be chosen to compete solos, duets, trios, or in a small group dance in addition to or in place of large group routines. Competitions typically begin in January and end in July or August.

Costs Associated With Entering a Dance Competition

All competitions are different. They include different age groups, different styles of dance, different choreography and costume requirements, etc. Some are ballet-only competitions (like Youth America Grand Prix) some are sponsored by religious organizations, and some are only open to local participants.

However, there are costs associated with competitive dancing. First of all, students are expected take a minimum of three dance classes per week at their dance schools. Also the required costumes for dance competitions are more elaborate than recreational level costumes.

These costumes are expected to be more durable and have original designs. As a result the cost of a competitive costume is around $140 –  $225.00 per group. Finally, there are competition entry fees which range from $50.00 to $55.00 per group, per competition.

The primary thing that holds all dance competitions together is the fact that participating dancers have their performances scored, and those with high scores in a multitude of categories receive prizes. Note that these prizes tend to vary greatly; some competitions also give out titles only, some give trophies or material prize packages, some give cash prizes, and some give scholarships to dance schools or contracts for dance companies.

In addition, recruiters, talent scouts, and company artistic directors are also known to attend competitions to view up coming dancers. Sometimes the prizes or meeting opportunities offered at a competition are important motivators for contestants, and sometimes they are not.

Competitive dancers are expected to be physically fit because even short dances can be physically demanding. Dancers are also expected to continuously train to maintain and improve their technique, balance skills, strength and flexibility.

Aside holidays and short breaks during the summer, competitive dancing is normally a year – round activity: dancers attend classes during competition season, to refine their competitive routines, and during off – season to prepare for the next upcoming competition season.

10 Biggest Dance Competition in the United States

Everyone has goals and always needs passion and a suitable platform to reach those goals. If you are a dancer, then setting your goals at competing at or even winning one of the biggest dance competitions may help you stay motivated. Below are some of the biggest dance competitions in the United States

1. Starpower International Talent and Dance Competition

For over 31 years, Starpower International has maintained its stance as one of leaders in competitive dance. They offer a variety of dance competitions, including jazz, modern, tap, contemporary, lyrical, and musical theatre.

Note there are three different levels of competition making this contest a great place to get started in the world of competitive dance. Competitions leading into their Battle of the Stars event are held at various locations around the United States.

2. United States Dance/Drill Team Championship

The United States Dance/Drill Team Championship is held annually with young people competing as a team. It tends to involve students from junior high through college competing in state and regional tournaments to win the right to perform at this competition.

If this is your chosen style of dance, you may want to consider attending one of their workshops in addition to entering the competition.

3. America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a well known dance competition telecast on NBC prime created by dance and reality show expert Simon Cowell. The show has successfully completed 16 years of spontaneous entertainment via NBC network and has gained overwhelming response across the globe.

According to reports, this program attracts a wide range of participants from both USA and abroad who demonstrate their skills in different acts like singing, dancing, comedy, magic, stunts.

4. World of Dance

Currently the one and only dance competition to with rave reviews is NBC premier’s World of Dance produced by famous star performer Jennifer Lopez. The series brings eclectic dance forms featuring performers from all across the globe either in solo or group performances.

The show is represented by judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough. Note that the World of dance competition series showcases talented dancers through qualifying rounds held across the nation who enroll via online submissions.

5. American Dance Awards

Established in 1979, American Dance awards is renowned for creating a rich history of talents 40 years in the making, serving as source of inspiration for both the dancers and the teachers. American Dance Awards practices a fair and unique system of database driven scoreboard to evaluate the final results.

ADA’s highly respected panel of judges analyze the minute details of dance forms like structure, balance, grace, finesse, and rhythm before they come to the final conclusion and declare the winner. Each year dancers from all over the world come together at ADA to walk on the path of excellence and create memories of a lifetime.

6. Fusion National Dance Competition

At the Fusion National Dance Competition, you can unleash your inner dancer and grow your passion for the art. This competition offers a unique platform for dancers of all ages and skill levels to bring out the best in them.

Fusion National dance dazzles you with spectacular performances by dancers rendering different dance styles with flawless ease. What really steals the limelight in the competition is the title competition in which dancers are judged based on solo and impromptu performances.

7. Turn It Up Dance Challenge

As a dance, if you really want to turn up your passion for dance and want to make it big in the world of dance, then join the bandwagon of Turn It Up Dance Challenge. This competition is a conventional dance competition for dancers of all ages and levels which launches you into the glitz and glamour of the dancing world.

Turn It Up Dance Challenge offers its contestants a week full of live excitement through brilliant dance performances. TIU hosts events all across USA and each year new locations are added for the participants to enrol themselves easily. TIU also allows you to participate in its annual dance conventions held every year between Octobers to December.

8. The Dance Championships

This dance competition is renowned as the dance industry’s most competitive dance, gathering dance prodigies from all over USA. Established in 1989, The Dance Championships has spearheaded the competitive dance scenario in the Upstate and Western New York area.

Dance Championships provides dancers with the most affordable dance experience in a family friendly environment. It vouches for the best facility and technological backing compared to its peers, be it online registration, advertising or music uploading. Unlike its counterparts, Dance Championships has nominal entry fees.

9. Youth America Grand Prix

The Youth America Grand Prix remains the largest ballet competition and scholarship program in the world. Dancers start out competing at 25 locations spread across the world. Then, 1,200 are invited to New York City for the final competition.

In addition to being seen by people who are looking for ballet dance companies, over $500,000 in scholarships has been awarded. Many top professional ballet dancers got their start at this competition.

10. World Professional Latin Dance Competition

Dancers may perform a variety of Latin dance styles at the World Professional Latin Dance Competition. Note that over $44,000 is awarded annually during this competition along with several scholarships. The National Dance Council of America put on this event annually.


For some who are pursuing professional dance careers, competitions can provide important exposure and prizes that will help a dancer reach his or her goals. When talent scouts and company directors attend competitions or prizes include contracts and scholarships, a successful comp can result in a job offer or entrance into a prestigious school.