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10 Best Dance Competitions to Register Students

Are you wondering which dance competition to register your students? If YES, here are 10 best dance competitions to register students.

A good number of dance students, parents, instructors, and studio owners are skeptical when it comes to dance competitions. They don’t believe that both sides have advantages that outweigh the other. However, there are also those who are strong supporters of dance competitions.

Note that strong supporters of dance studio competitions understand and love the excitement it brings to their facilities and the distinctive branding and statement the trophies entails when new or exploring parents walk through their studio doors.

Those who are firmly against the idea of dance studio competition believe that these events are just distractions from learning the primary thing that truly matter to the serious dancer. A good number of them have invested heavily in times past into competitions and found the daunting schedules and somewhat non-favorable judging processes hurtful, hence their position on competitions today.

There are a group of people who don’t take one side or the other because they concur with certain points from both sides. Since a good number of dance studio owners understand the benefit of offering both to their students, they avail competition dance as well as traditional techniques-focused dance.

Life is indeed about choices and that is one of the most exciting things about it. Irrespective of the “side” you choose to perch with, as a modern dance studio owner you have to understand that each has its place because students in dance have various goals for their dance future.

Also, note that the choice you make will match up with the type of students and families that patronize your studio. Nonetheless, if you are a dance studio owner or manager who believes that dancers should stay connected to peers and network within the dance industry, here are top dance competitions to register your students.

Best Dance Studio Competition to Register your Students

  1. Breakout Dance Competition

Breakout Dance Competition is a creative arts company that is always eager to accord a memorable experience for all performers, studio owners, directors, families, and friends. The company takes delight in its distinctive vibe and enticing atmosphere which will leave dancers feeling empowered.

Note that it is part of a family owned company that is totally involved in the dance competition industry and was established on strong moral values and a love for dance.

  1. Shake The Ground

Shake the Ground, the Ultimate Dance Competition is a wonderful and unconventional dance competition. Novice, Intermediate and Competitive levels are all allowed to display their skills in all styles of dance.

Note that during the competition, every dancer gets the opportunity to leverage the free master classes, special awards and prizes and scholarships offered to dance intensive programs. They also offer cutting edge judging, video and audio critiques, web based registration, and professional photography on site.

  1. Believe National Talent Competition

This is one of the newest and fastest growing talent competitions in the world due to the company’s belief that every event should be entirely about the student, the performer & the dance teacher.

All performers still receive beautiful pins for their jackets, in addition to overall plaques, scholarships, special awards & Star Dollars. Studios qualifying for nationals at Believe will also qualify for all Star Dance Alliance national competitions.

  1. Platinum Performance Plus

According to reports, this dance competition was started by a group of professional performers turned dance educators who enjoy providing every bit of opportunity possible to children and teenagers who have a love of the arts!

Through judging, coaching, and choreographing for various studios, teams, and competitions around the Midwest, the P3 staff have garnered over 20+ years of professional experience as learning opportunities. It prides itself on providing a safe and fun learning environment while ensuring family morals and teamwork.

  1. Starpower International

This dance organization is a worldwide leader in the competition industry for the past 32 years and continues to expand and improve each year. They are known to offer professional, intuitive, energetic, and unique competitive setting for all dancers.

They also award performers with hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to Star Dance Alliance programs in America. In addition, they offer opportunities for performers around the world to compete with its diverse tour dates and locations in 12 countries across 4 continents.

  1. Camp Broadway

Have it in mind that Camp Broadway is the commercial theatre industry leader in audience engagement and a renowned source for parents and teachers eager for quality year-round enrichment programs, experiential events, and educational workshops.

Established in 1995 as Broadway’s “original” summer camp, Camp Broadway has been steadfast in ensuring that theatre remains within reach and admissible to creative children to build confidence hone presentation skills, and discover their unique talents at every stage of their lives

  1. Universal Ballet Competition

Universal Ballet Competition (UBC) is the foremost ballet competition and was established in regards to the massive requests for a ballet only competition. In this competition, dancers compete in Classical and Contemporary Divisions at the intermediate and competitive levels.

Presently, the company also offers the only online audition class for colleges, professional schools, and companies to view and award senior level participants. Generally, dancers take Master classes with global and popular guest artists and are awarded scholarships to prestigious professional schools and companies.

  1. Starbound National Talent Competition

This is one of the most exciting dance competitions to register your students. Everyone who takes part in a Starbound Competition, from the studio directors, dance instructors, and dance students, to the parents and grandparents, understands that Starbound National Talent Competition is a special competition experience.

Established in 1994, Sandra Coyte, along with her husband Wayne, toiled to build a competition with a personal touch. Their success in this journey has been indicated and supported by the ever-growing number of returning customers, who are also considered to be friends.

  1. Ticket To Broadway

Have it in mind that this company has been celebrating dance for 20 years and is renowned for holding organized, fair, fun & energetic competitions in cities up & down the east coast. TTB boasts of enabling family-friendly and performer-friendly environment for studio directors, performers, and their families.

They are well focused on providing dancers a well-rounded, genuine and lovely atmosphere while also offering encouraging, constructive criticism & building self-esteem and confidence.

  1. Inspire National Dance Competition

When you think about inspiring and exciting dance competitions in the South-eastern United States, think about Inspire National Dance Competition. They have three levels of competition, Recreational, Competition, and Competition Elite.

Note that entries get an award (trophies and buttons for all groups and medals for all solo/duo/trios). They also offer general awards in each age and division based on the number of entries. Their primary interest is to make every dancer feel proud and honored for sharing their gift of Dance.

Competing is a wonderful opportunity for your students to be and show their best self, while also learning to become even better dancers.

By registering your students for competitions, you offer them opportunities to grow not only in their passion but also as a person. There are endless opportunities for fun and growth at a dance competition, and you can leverage the above list to offer your students the best of it.