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Marketing idea 006 – Create Helpful Brochures & flyers

It is true that having a side business can be such a big relief, especially when you are looking to add other streams of income because of the unpredictable twist the economy can take at anytime. This is why experts have advised that in building any kind of business that you have first got to map out the advertising strategies that you know, and intend to adopt.

There are a myriad ways through which you can get your business known to the public. All over the world, entrepreneurs have tested these various means and have come to attest to the fact that they are methods that work, provided that one adheres religiously to them.

Some of these advertising modes include: making your business known through the brochures, flyers, word of mouth, road shows, through the internet, and just to mention a few. For the sake of this read, we would be focusing on just two methods of promoting your business. They are: promoting your business through the brochures and through the flyers.

What are brochures and flyers? You no doubt must have seen what a brochure and flyer looks like. Brochure is a more than one page pamphlet that has all the information of your business in a summarized manner. This information is also represented via pictures and also contains the contact address, and other valuable details of your brand. The flyer on the other hand does same but in mostly captured on a page. Here are tips on how you too can promote your business with these tools.

How to Promote your Business with Brochures & Flyers

1. Meet a Graphics Artist

Even though you may have background knowledge of how brochures and flyers are made, but it might still be pretty important that you engage the services of a graphic designer. Why is this so, you might ask? Well, this is simply because you would need as much professional touch, as there is available. You do not want people feeling put off by your color combo, or by the kind of fonts you have used and what have you. Hence, employing the service of a graphic designer becomes important. This expert is able to help you come up with something that would be the cynosure of all eyes, as well as attract patronage.

2. Get All Your Business Details Ready

Just before you get your graphics designer to hit the boards with designing your brand, it becomes very important that you have collated all the necessary information needed to be fixed in the fliers and brochure design. You would be required in a concise manner to tell what your business is about, what you are offering to your customers, how affordable your products might be where your business is located, the phone number, the email address, as well as other information. It is important for you to note that all these information must not come as a long epistle. This is because there are creative ways which you could pass this information across in a brochure or flyer in an apt manner.

3. Get Samples from the Internet

If on the other hand you might be confused about how to go about things, then you may want to consider getting templates from the internet. With these templates, you are able to show your graphics designer just what you have in mind. This doesn’t mean that you have got to copy the same design as what you have found from the internet. It only means that the type of designs you have seen are able to give you a cue on what exactly you may eventually go for.

4. Vet Brochure and flyer Design

After the graphics designer might have played his own part by coming out with your exact order, you may consider vetting what he has on ground, so that you can make the adequate corrections and amendments that might be needed. Why is this so important?

This is so important because you do not want your design to go to the press twice, as this might be tantamount to a waste of resources, money and time. For that reason, avail yourself time to proof read all that have been cooked up. After you might have certified the designs fit to be printed, then the final printing process may begin.

5. Get a Team Together

Now that you have your brochures and flyers ready, your next port of call would be to get the flyers and brochures out to the public so that your business can get some attention. Depending on the type of business you run; you might be required to get a team together. The responsibility of this team would be to hand the flyers out to people. This might be done at strategic locations. It could be in public places, in business meetings, religious gatherings and what have you. For the Brochures you might need to place them in your office reception, or better still have people place them in strategic locations just like the flyers

6. Be Sure To Follow Up

Some folks whine a lot about not getting a single call when they are sure they have handed out a good number of flyers and brochures. This may be true, as experts have advised that it isn’t just enough that you get these tools out to the public. It is important that you get the contact details- especially the phone numbers of the people whom you have handed some of your instruments to. This is solely because you must not sit and wait to be called; you have got to make a move yourself. After all you are the one who wants a growth in customer base and business, aren’t you?

Lastly, you must note that these steps are really important especially if converting potential clients who come in contact with your advertising tools in paramount to you. Therefore, make these tips yours and in no time you would have success stories to tell.