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Marketing idea 005 – Create an Exclusive Membership Club

Experts have said that one of the ways to keep being assured of new customers is by increasing brand loyalty, so that your clients are assured of a brand that has their interest at heart. This is why in recent times, loyalty programs that are aimed at rewarding clients for their patronage have continued to be on the increase.

Take for instance one of the research reports that was released between 2008 and 2012, it says that loyalty memberships in the united states of America increased by over ten percent, causing an increase of over 20 memberships per home. This is also true of other countries where brands are in abundance.

If you have had some customers who have been there with your business through thick and thin and are looking for a good way to reward them, then you may begin to consider some of the following factors in this article.

How to Increase Brand Loyalty by Creating a Membership Club

1. Determine this is what you want to do

First off, you can’t just wake up and decide to reward all the clients you have- whether they have fared well or not. You have got to consider some factors first. Whilst, it is very important that your clients have got to be rewarded in the best of ways as a result of your brand loyalty, but it is also important that you consider clients based on the level at which they have been valuable to your business. This isn’t about your one off clients; it about those repeat customers you have.

2. Meet with Your team To Draw up the Yardsticks

Just like the previous point said, you have got to consider some basic things and one of the basic things you must look out for is creating a benchmark via which the customers who might be eligible to be in your membership club will follow. You can consider gathering your team together, so as to arrive at an exact term. Why is this important? This is so important, so that you do not make a haphazard decision alone.

For that reason, you would definitely need the input of other members of your team. You may come up with having only customers who have patronized your brand from inception, or you may consider having clients who have purchased your brand on a continuous basis of about 2-3 years. There are other factors that you may also consider; however in all be sure that whatever you arrive at benefits you.

3. Create the Membership Club

Now that plans are looking up, then the next thing you want to do is to formerly set up the membership club. This means that you have got to tinker with making it known to all your customers, or just restricting it to those who fall within this category. One of the reasons why you may consider making it known to all your clients might be because this information may serve as a catalyst that can spur those who are not able to meet the requirement on so that they work at increasing their level of patronage of your brand.

4. Attach Rewards to Being a Member

This means that you have got to attach some level reward to being a member. There are several ways that you may be willing to pull this off, however you may consider any of the following tips. If for instance you are saying that only clients who have purchased up to 2,000 dollars worth of goods are eligible to be members; you can put a reward tag of getting free vouchers at the end of a quarter to shop for whatever they would like. On the other hand, you can look at rewarding some of the customers with some of your products, or have an ultimate reward of a vacation trip to somewhere really breathtaking.

5. Send Mails Formally To Inform Clients

Next on the agenda would be the stage at which you inform the clients who are eligible to be members of this club about what you have decided to do. Since, you already have the email addresses of your clients, it only becomes necessary that you send them a mail firstly thanking them for their continued support, as well as telling them on the new ways that your brand has come up with to promote brand loyalty. So, send them this detailed mail, and then wait to see how things unfold.

6. Let Your Members Choose Club Days

If after you have sent out these mails to all and there is a positive response, thereafter you may want to arrange a meeting for all the members to meet. At the first meeting you may consider giving them the freedom of choosing a day of the month or a day bi monthly to meet themselves. This however depends on how you want things to be worked out.

7. Keep Working at Making Things Better

Now that you might have got the membership club up and running, then you must not relent at looking at ways to make the membership scheme an attractive one. Be sure that your brand loyalty plans, is such that would want to lure all and sundry. You may also consider staying abreast with other brand loyalty schemes, so as to know where to amend things and where not to.

So, you can look through these steps and be sure to follow them keenly, so as to come up with a very good plan that would cause your customers to lure potential customers to you.