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How to Fire Someone You Like and Not Feel Guilty

Are you finding it difficult letting a hard working employee go? If YES, here are 3 tips on how to fire someone you like and not feel guilty. When people get employed they are usually happy. They get equally overjoyed when the job in question comes with a good pay.

However, there are times when things might not go the way the employer may want and the only option they are left with is to fire the person.

This might not come easy when the employee is one whom you like. You may hire someone who knows the things you want done or who you have a preexisting relationship with before employment. Now, imagine that you are not satisfied with the inputs of the employee and you are mandated to fire the person.

When firing someone you like, you have to do it by observing laid down rules so that you would not have to lose sleep over anything. Here are some of the ways you can effectively do this so that you can part ways in peace without either of you feeling bad, but hopeful about what would come next.

3 Steps to Fire Someone You Like and Not Feel Guilty

1. Have a Genuine Reason

One of the easiest ways to feel guilty and uneasy when you fire someone is when you do not have a good reason for laying off the person. So, if you must fire an employee you like, you have to ensure that the reasons you have are genuine enough.

2. Have a heart to heart talk with The Person

There is no reason to beat about the bush with the truth. One of the reasons why people fire their employees is when they have to do some restructuring in the company and business. This is why you need to talk to the employee you want to fire, and make him or her see where the company is heading to in the nearest future and how they might not just fit into the big picture if they remained.

3. Wish Them Well

After you have been able to let them into the new development and how you would not need their services anymore, it becomes really vital that you wish the person well. Be sure that you both part in peace and not in a bitter manner.