Do you get to deal pissed off customers daily? If YES, here are 7 smart tips that will help you handle angry or difficult customers better. One of the skills you need as a business owner is customer management skills. The saying that customer is king remains true, because the success of your business depends on your customers.

Thus, how you deal with your customers matter a lot. There may be occasions where a customer is not satisfied with the services you offer or have an issue to be sorted out, this can lead to anger which is channeled at you. The question now is, how do you deal with angry clients? Do you call their bluff or do you help them find a solution?

Let’s face it, word of mouth by customers can make or break your business. An angry customer can spread words that will hurt your client base and business. Thus, how you deal with your angry customers matter a lot. This post will provide you with several tips on how to deal with angry customers and still retain them as customers. These tips can be applied when dealing with angry customers both online and offline.

7 Smart Tips on How to Handle Angry and Difficult Customers

1. Stay Calm

It matters how you react when a customer comes blowing steam and yelling. Reacting in similar angry tones will only escalate the matter. You won’t solve the problem by yelling back at the customer or raising your voice too. The best way to react is to remain calm. Even if you have the urge to yell back, remain calm and take deep breathes.

You will notice that the customer will calm down after a while when he or she sees that you are not responding in like manner. One good way to disarm an angry customer is to wear a smiling face. It always has a positive effect on an angry customer. So the first step is to stay calm, say no rude words and wear a smile.

2. Don’t Take It Personal

The client may likely throw some angry words at you in the course of his throwing a tantrum. You should learn to detach yourself emotionally from the angry words coming from clients. Make it a rule not to take words from angry customers personally. Remember, the customer is not angry at you, but at the products or services that is not up to his expectations.

3. Hear Them Out

After the customer calms down a bit, the next step is to hear them out. The truth is that you may not even hear what the client’s issue is when he or she is throwing tantrums. Ask the customer in a calm voice ‘what is the problem?’ Listen attentively when the customer is explaining the issue.

This will help you figure out the best way to help the customer sort out the issue. If the client is making a long list of complaints, then you may be required to jot down the issues on a paper. After the client is done with his complaint, you should rephrase the points with him to ensure that you got his complaints right.

For instance, a customer comes to complain about a bad product shipped to him. After he explains the situation to you, you should say ‘Please let me get this straight, you are laying a complaint that a red product was shipped to you instead of the pink color you ordered?

4. Apologize First

After you have gotten all details of your client’s complaint, you should apologize to the client even before you start working on a solution. It is most likely that the mistake or error is from your side (or that of the company), thus, it is imperative that you apologize earnestly to your client. Apologizing will let the client know that you are truly remorseful.

5. Find A Solution

This is the main point here. At this stage, you should help your client find the best solution to the issue he complained of. If the solution is not obtainable at the moment, it is best to out rightly tell the customer the situation of things.

For an online customer support, you may need to send the client an article or video that will assist him in solving the issue. You can go a step further by asking the client to suggest a possible solution. If there is more than one solution available, you can lay the options open for the customer to make a choice. Ensure that you work with the customer to find a solution to the issue.

6. Go Beyond The Solution

After you solved the main issues complained of by the client, you need to take it a step further by asking the customer if there is any other thing he wants. Most times, the client will reply in the negative. You will keep your customers happy and retain them by taking this further step. When you have ensured that the client is satisfied with the solution offered and has no further issue, you finally thank the customer for choosing your product or services.

7. Take Some Time Of Your Own

The stress of dealing with an angry customer will most likely get to you. Thus, you need to figure out a way to let out the steam of dealing with these types of customers. It is better to let off the stress than allow it pile up on the inside. How you let out steam and job stress depends on you.

But some common ways to deal with stress include; taking a walk away from your workplace, talking with a colleague or loved one, engaging in self-talk or affirmations, and meditations. Always work on letting out the steam before you deal with the next customer.

Finally, it takes patience and a calm attitude to deal with an angry customer. The good news is that you cannot only calm an angry customer, but with the tips outlined above, you can help him get solution to his needs and still retain him as a happy customer.