It is a well known fact that a happy customer is a loyal and long term customer. But how do you make such customers loyal? How do you keep your customers happy? This is what i will be explaining in this article.

The use of gifts as an incentive to attract and maintain customers’ patronage is probably the most popular but under utilized marketing strategy. Although it is being used by most businesses today, it can still do a lot of magic when applied with new creative ideas.

How to Keep your Customers Happy and Loyal Using Creative Gifts

Gifts are appreciated by all. Sending gifts to someone is a way of expressing gratitude, and marketing gifts are given to customer to thank them. All customers are always happy when they receive gifts from companies they patronize. Thank you gifts are not only given to existing customers but also to potential customers when they give your company’s product a trial. This would further persuade them to try other products you have on sale. The aftermath of this is an increase in the company sales. This technique can be made more effective by applying it as branding and marketing strategy. It will help in expanding your business while gaining your customer’s goodwill.

As an entrepreneur, you must learn to keep your customers happy and loyal. Sending gifts and incentives is really a cheap way of rewarding customers for their patronage. It also shows that you appreciate their kind cooperation; and this will make your customers feel valued. For instance, promotional flyers are most times discarded by customers the moment they are received. But when you give your customer a gift that he/she can use, there is probability that they will end up being life customers. And as long as the gift remains with them, they will remember your company.

A smart approach to this tactic is to print the name of your company on the gift. Your Business Name and brand recognition can be established by having the logo or information of your company printed on the gift. This also helps develop brand recognition among potential customers.

How to Keep your Customers Happy and Loyal Using Creative Gifts

Another smart strategy is to give your customers gifts that last long. As long as the gift lasts, the customer will remember your company. Gifts such as pen, kitchen utensils, key holders, coffee mugs, calendars, refrigerator magnets and so on. Don’t just give a gift that lasts forever but give something that is used on daily basis.

Calendars are the most preferred gift item by small companies due to its cheapness, durability and value. They are not expensive and are used all year round. Also, things like Stationary tubs, embedded pens, sticky pads and diaries bearing the logo of your company are good gift ideas.

For home gifts, things such as coffee mugs, fridge magnets and thermo flask are ideal gifts. They get noticed many times a day. The good thing about them is they can be modeled in different colors, shapes and styles and they are unique when compared to other gift items. The more the creativity you apply on gift items, the higher the perceived value.

Key holders or chains are also things that are carried everywhere and they don’t cost too much. T-shirts and caps are quite expensive but they are worth the investment. They are usually worn outside and they turn your customers to a walking billboard.

Creativity and capital are the basic challenges you will face when trying to selecting a gift to give to your customers. The more money you invest, the better the gift. Add some tweak to this techniques, keep your customers happy and i will see you at the top.