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Getting Commercial Cleaning Contracts With Apartments and Offices

Do you want to run a lucrative commercial cleaning service? If YES, here is a complete guide on how to get cleaning contracts with apartments and offices. One of the many challenges entrepreneurs and every start-up business face is the challenge of securing enough clients that will patronize their products or services for them to be able to meet their overhead costs and still make profits.

The truth is that, more often, entrepreneurs may have done a thorough market survey, and done their profit projections so that they are certain people who will come rushing their products and services, only for them to realize that after the launch of the product, people aren’t patronizing as they should.

If you own a commercial cleaning company and are struggling to secure contracts for your business, then you will find this article very useful. No doubt, every business owner faces various degrees of competition in their line of business, and as a business owner, your ability to be creative with your services and how you handle your existing customers will go a long way to determining the number of cleaning contracts you will secure going forward.

The top cleaning companies in your area that keep sealing multiple business deals from time to time are certainly doing things right. The more commercial cleaning contracts you seal for your business, the easier it is for you to expand your business and also increase your income.

You will be amazed to note that the higher the number of cleaning contracts you sign with reputable companies, the easier it is for you to seal more deals, but you just have to pay the price. Now let us quickly go through 7 tips that will help you get commercial cleaning contracts for your cleaning company;

How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts With Apartments and Offices

  • Perfect Your Cleaning Services

There are several commercial cleaning services out there, the only thing that will make yours stand out is the uniqueness of your services. So, the first thing that is expected of you to do if you want to continue to secure cleaning contracts is to sit back and work on your products.

The rule of thumb is to study what your competitors are doing right and then try and outdo them. People will only pay you for your services if they know that they will get value for their money and it is your responsibility to prove it to them.

  1. Build a compelling company profile

The first step you have to typically take when scouting for cleaning contracts from homes and apartments is to get your company profiles up to par. I mean, you cannot claim to be the best in the industry when you have nothing to back up the claim.

For you to offer to clean apartments and offices, you would have been expected to have some cleaning hours behind you. You should have it in mind that when potential clients consider various bids sent in for their businesses, one of the first steps they take is to screen the companies looking to secure a contract by the experience they present.

So, if you do not have any yet, you may need to hire an expert to create a strong profile for your cleaning company to showcase what makes you unique. Note that a compelling profile should highlight all of the following:

  • Your qualifications and your employees’ qualifications
  • Your current customers
  • Past satisfied customers
  • Any awards and commendations your company has received

You must be deliberate when doing this and you must be willing to spend some money on the process because the success of your business depends on this.

  1. Up you networking game

Networking is another very viable tactic you can use to get apartments and office cleaning contracts for your cleaning business. This is because apartment and office cleaning contracts are not just run-off the mill. Networking is all about making the right relationships, and it takes time to build them. So you have to keep in mind that though networking is an awesome way to build relationships that can earn you cleaning contracts, this medium may not yield fruits right away.

Networking works by exposing you to many other business people in your region. You get to spread the word that you are in the cleaning business and are actively looking for customers. How it works is that the people you are talking to may not need your services, but may know people who do, and can help to recommend you.

This is the true power of networking, once you know a lot of people, they look out for your interests by referring people to you. All you need to do is think of them and refer whoever you can to others in the group. The secret to having successful networking is simple, be consistent and show up regularly to as many meetings as possible. Failure to do so sabotages your hard work.

Joining several different networking groups is highly recommended. Look into as many groups as possible, then do your best to determine which ones will give you the biggest bang for the buck. Ideally, you want to join groups that have at least 15 to 20 participants at each meeting, preferably much more than that.

  1. Be the best you can be

Of what use is it if you get everyone to know about your cleaning business, but you still struggle with some aspects of the business or you do not have the required certifications? This would just be akin to wasted effort on your part.

This is why before you start anything with regards to publicity; it is advised that you get the aspect of professionalism sorted out. If you need to take some training to get the necessary knowledge, by all means, get that done.

If you are still lacking in the necessary cleaning equipment that are needed in apartments and offices, then find a way to acquire them. If your licenses are still hanging, get them sorted out. It is in your best interest to get these things done before opening your doors to your first customers so you do not miss valuable chances.

  1. Write business proposals

One method that has proved successful when fighting to land apartment and office cleaning contracts is to write eye-catching business proposals. Of course, no company would look at you if you do not have a proposal. You can send out these proposals through email marketing, or you can seek out the particular people responsible for handing out the cleaning contracts you are going after and hand it to them.

If your proposal catches their eye, it’s likely they will call you to come in and do a presentation. With a solid presentation, you increase your chances of securing a contract. Remember: you’re actively looking for a business. This isn’t the time to sit back and wait for apartment managers to call you. After you submit proposals, make follow-up phone calls at regular intervals to remind them of your business.

If you’re fortunate enough to secure a commercial cleaning contract with an apartment company, one of the best things you can do to land more jobs is to offer to do more. When you can deliver more than you promise, your clients will be very satisfied. They’re more likely to refer you to businesses they know. Word-of-mouth can go a long way toward landing more businesses for you.

  1. Real estate agents are always in the know

Yet another good method you can apply to find apartment and office cleaning contracts for your business is to look the way of real estate agents. While many people may not be aware of this, real estate agents are a very valuable resource for cleaning businesses. Many times, real estate agents need the services of cleaning agents when they want to close an apartment or after they have done so.

To take advantage of the resource provided by real estate agents, you have to actively seek out agents that can refer your business. What you have to do is find out agents around you and strike up a business relationship with them. You may have to offer something in lieu of a referral, maybe an alternate service. You need to get creative so that you can be given a chance, knowing that you are not the only cleaning business that is asking for their favor.

  1. Leverage Newspaper Ads

Believe it or not, the newspaper is actually a good source for obtaining apartment and office cleaning contracts. By placing an ad in the classified section, you can grab the attention of business owners who are actively seeking cleaning services. This is because there is a likelihood that those same businesses are also running their own classified ads in the same newspaper and would have every reason to look up adverts.

Classified ads are much less expensive than larger ads – especially the half-page or full-page ads that run in the main sections of the paper. You should ideally place your newspaper Classified ad under the “Services” section. If you have enough money at your disposal, you may also take out ads inside the paper, this would increase the likelihood of businesses seeing your ads.

  1. Create a compelling Website

Today, most businesses, regardless of the service they offer or the industry they are in, usually set up a website to showcase what they do. This is in fact the advert rave of the moment, so you have to create a compelling website for your cleaning business too.

Having a website will allow you to provide additional information about your company, the area of town that you serve, and the type of office cleaning contracts you are seeking. You may even want to offer a promotional discount to anyone who contacts you via your website to encourage clients to go through your website. But know that if you are dealing with apartments and offices, this may not fly.

Your cleaning business website should provide general business information, the services you offer, and price ranges for your work. You can also include testimonials and customer reviews to highlight your work. To get the most out of your website and increase the chance of getting a cleaning contract, you should invest in online marketing strategies that drive traffic to your website. This increases your website’s visibility and allows more customers to find your business online.

  1. Partner with local organizations

A great way to build your reputation and secure cleaning contracts from apartment complexes and offices is to pair up with local organizations. Think about other companies that have a similar target market, but aren’t in your immediate industry. Real estate companies, for example, may know Homeowners interested in house cleaning services, and office supply wholesalers could have established relationships with businesses in your area.

Reach out to local businesses to form professional relationships and brainstorm ways to partner up. Whether you’re simply sharing leads or running a marketing campaign together, having local partnerships is a great way to reach new customers and be super-efficient with your marketing dollars.

  1. Even if you get less, offer more

If you secure any commercial cleaning contract with an apartment or office, you should always endeavor to offer more than you’ve been paid for. What is the logic behind this? If you serve more than you promised, you are likely going to get referrals, and this is how a business starts thriving in the first place.

Can you imagine how it would impact your cleaning business if you cleaned public facilities free of cost? It is not a waste, such acts ensure more business opportunities. Therefore, if you find an opportunity to show your great services to others, you must grab it, and quit rationalizing. Sometimes in business, you need to give up something in order to gain the other.

  1. Establish a referral program

I believe that quite a lot of entrepreneurs have thought of using this strategy at one time or the other in their business. It is one of the best business practices to ask satisfied customers to refer your business to their friends and family.

The process can become more efficient if you offer incentives in return. It has been found that a referral program not only makes customers trust your business but also results in better customer retention.

  1. Learn the art of making cold calls

Cold calls scare a lot of people because of the high rate of rejection to go through before you can get something that resembles a yes, or even maybe. If you refine your skills and if you can stick with it, making cold calls can help you land apartment and office cleaning contacts. To be able to have more success at it, you need to have a plan for making all those calls, so that your failure rate would not be that high.

12. Create a Compelling Company Profile

Another thing that you are expected to do if you want to continue to get cleaning contracts for your commercial cleaning company is to create a compelling company profile. The truth is that, when you bid for a contract from any organization, the first screening process you will be subjected to, is the screening process of the profile of all the companies that may have bidded for the job.

Hence, what is expected of you to do is to pay an expert to help you create a compelling profile for your commercial cleaning company. Aside from your qualification and the qualifications of your employees, you are expected to include the list of companies you are currently working for and the one you have worked for in time past, and also the commendations and awards your commercial cleaning company have received.

13. Make Your Commercial Cleaning Company Visible

The first thing that will ring in the mind of a company when they see your proposal for a cleaning contract is to cross-check if they know your company or if they have ever come across your company’s billboard or adverts- both online and offline. If your intention is to enter the market aggressively, then you must be willing to make your commercial cleaning company visible.

There are several ways you can make your commercial company visible. Part of what you need to do to make your commercial company visible is to rent an office space in a good location in town, erect a big billboard, brand all your official cars and trucks, ensure that your employees wear your company’s uniform, join relevant cleaning associations and attend relevant stakeholders meetings, et al.

14. Always Offer More than You Are Paid for

If you are lucky to secure any commercial cleaning contract with a company, one of the things that you should do that will likely open more cleaning contract doors for you is to always offer more than you are paid to do. The truth is that; if you deliver more than you promised, you are likely going to get referrals and businesses thrive based on the referrals they get from satisfied customers.

Lastly, in order to secure commercial cleaning contracts, you should be willing to offer pro bono services in your community. It might cost you to clean public facilities in your community for free, but you never can tell the business opportunities that you are likely going to attract with such an act. Thus, whenever you have the opportunity to offer free cleaning services, please grab it with both hands.