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How to Get Swift Trucking Contracts Successfully

Although not in all its locations, keep in mind that you can work with Swift as an independent driver in a good number of states. This way, you get the option to run as a solo owner or bring in a team driver to run with you and haul Swift freight.

One of the best reasons to consider contracting or working with this company is the fact that it runs over 40 major terminals situated near major freight centers and traffic lanes in the United States and Mexico.

As an Independent truck driver or trucking company owner, it is possible to get a Swift trucking contract. Under this contract, you get to decide your own hours, run solo or team, and accept only the loads that suit you.

Steps to Get Swift Trucking Contracts Successfully

Swift trucking contracts are without doubt one of the most sought after and this can be attributed to the company’s viability and existing reputation in the transportation industry. To ensure you obtain the contract with Swift, below are steps to take;

  1. Research and Understand Swift Transportation

Prior to applying for the contract, it is recommended you take your time to find out all you can regarding the company. Ensure you understand their services, coverage areas, as well as the types of freight they handle.

Keep in mind this knowledge because aside from helping to ensure you tailor your application to the needs of the company, it goes further to prove your commitment to working with the company.

  1. Ensure Compliance and Accreditation

Swift, over the years, has put in place stringent compliance and accreditation requirements. You need to understand these details and make sure that your trucking business conforms to all the necessary legal and safety standards.

This can encompass having the right licenses, and insurance coverage, as well as conforming with all requisite federal regulations including hours of service (HOS) and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.

  1. Ready Your Business Documentation

Note that the company will require a good number of vital documents to evaluate your eligibility and readiness to work with the company.

As such, make sure to prepare your business documentation, which may include your commercial driver’s license (CDL), motor carrier authority, insurance certificates, and every other important permit.

  1. Create a Professional Business Profile

You will also want to create or put together a professional business profile that highlights your experience in the industry, fleet details, safety record, as well as any industry certifications.

Keep in mind that buttressing your strengths and commitment to safety will indeed boost your chances of obtaining these lucrative Swift trucking contracts.

  1. Explore Contract Options

Note that Swift provides a vast array of contract options, such as dedicated, regional, and long-haul routes. Owing to that, take your time to analyze your business capabilities as well as your preferences to ensure you go for the exact contract type that aligns best with your goals.

  1. Submit an Online Application

Once you know the details and have your documents ready, you are expected to visit Swift Transportation’s online application portal.

Carefully complete the application form accurately, while also making available all the required information. Don’t forget to go through your entries again to ensure you didn’t make any mistakes or errors that could delay the processing of your application.

  1. Follow Up and Communicate

Once you have sent in your application, follow up with Swift Transportation to acknowledge receipt and find out the status of your application.

Keep in mind that creating or maintaining open communication goes further to buttress your eagerness to work with the company and will indeed leave a positive impression on the decision-makers.

  1. Prepare for Safety and Compliance Audits

One very important piece of information to keep in mind is the fact that Swift might want to carry out safety and compliance audits.

As such, even before you send in your application, get yourself prepared for these evaluations by making sure that your fleet and operations align with or exceed industry standards.

Showing a commitment to safety is very important especially when it comes to building trust with potential contracting partners.

  1. Negotiate Terms and Conditions

Once you meet all stipulated requirements and your application align with the needs of the company, you will be invited to negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract.

At this point, it is important you make sure you understand their rates, payment terms, or any other additional requirements.

Also, know that clear and efficient communication within this part of the process is very important especially to ensure you establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

  1. Sign the Contract and Begin Operations

After you have concluded the negotiations, take your time to go through the contract terms and conditions. Once you confirm that everything aligns with your business goals, sign the dotted lines and get ready to begin rendering your services.