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How to Get TMC Trucking Contracts Successfully

TMC Transportation, for years, has always worked and is still working with independent contractors in the United States to ensure that they can satisfactorily and efficiently cater to the needs of clients.

TMC is renowned as being the biggest employee-owned flatbed trucking company in the United States. With over 50 years in the flatbed industry, note that no single carrier has a more viable flatbed freight base or more comprehensive reputation for delivering top-class service.

Aside from that, this company is well noted for its Independent Contractor Division which makes it possible for drivers to operate under their own authority while working with TMC for a wide range of services.

If you’re looking to leverage this company’s comprehensive reputation for delivering top-class service, then it is advisable you reach out to TMC directly to get the right details regarding their independent contractor program.

Steps to Get TMC Trucking Contracts Successfully

  1. Research and Preparation

You need to find out all you can regarding their requirements, the sort of contracts they offer, as well as the benefits they provide to independent contractors.

You also need to understand the details they require from you as well as the documents you will have to submit to enable you to prepare those documents, which will most often include your commercial driver’s license (CDL), driving record, as well as any other important certifications.

  1. Visit the TMC Transportation Website

Once you have found out all the necessary details, visit the TMC Transportation official website. Navigate your way to the “Owner Operator” or “Lease Purchase” sections, which will include information regarding the requirements and application process. Take your time to go through the information to ensure you understand the terms and conditions.

  1. Application Process

Carefully complete the online application form available on their website. Keep in mind that the application will necessitate personal information, employment history, driving experience, as well as additional details regarding your truck (if applicable). Don’t forget to go through the applications again to ensure that you only provided the right details.

  1. Documentation Submission

Once you are done filling out the application form, then submit it. You may have to include a copy of your CDL, driving record, insurance information, and in most instances, a resume that further buttresses your experience within the trucking industry.

  1. Background Check and Screening

TMC Transportation is renowned as one of those companies that take great care to verify the identity of anyone they are working with.

As such, you should expect them to carry out a background check, which will more or less include verifying your driving record, employment history, and even a criminal background check. As such, prior to applying, make sure that your records are clean and accurate.

  1. Interview or Orientation

After you have sent in your application, the company will verify that you meet all requirements and that you have a clean slate and the experience needed for the job.

Once they find you qualified and worthy, you will be invited for an interview or orientation. Keep in mind that this will be carried out in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.

Nevertheless, it is recommended you prepare your mind to talk at length about your experience, qualifications, and expectations from the partnership.

  1. Agreement Signing and Contractual Terms

At this point, you need to carefully review the contract terms and agreements made available by TMC Transportation. Don’t also forget to pay precise attention to payment structures, lease terms (if applicable), maintenance responsibilities, as well as any other contractual obligations. Also, consider seeking the expertise of a lawyer or even ask for clarification prior to signing.

  1. Training (If Required)

Just like many other trucking companies in the United States, TMC Transportation mandates new hires or contractors to do additional training or orientation that will educate them more on the company’s operations. Ensure to take part in any necessary training programs to guarantee that you are in line with company standards.

  1. Start of Partnership

After you have gone through all the steps noted above, you have to start delivering on your partnership with TMC Transportation as an independent contractor.

Don’t forget to comply with all the terms of the contract, and maintain professionalism, while also prioritizing safety and providing exceptional service.

  1. Continuous Communication

It is very important you invest in maintaining and sustaining open communication with TMC Transportation. Ensure to effectively and promptly deal with any concerns or issues that come up throughout the lifetime of this partnership.

Keep in mind that sustaining a viable working relationship is important when it comes to sustaining long-term opportunities and mutual success.