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10 Awesome Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Fast & FREE

Twitter is among the top four social networking sites with over three hundred million active users on it including a lot of celebrities and public figures. On twitter, you either follow people or people follow you, and if you want to leverage twitter for online marketing, then you have to map out how you will get high number of followers. This is because, any tweet you make appears on the timeline of your followers, and anybody that views their profile or timeline will get to see your tweet; thus making it a fast tool for adverts and generating traffic to site.

The problem is that unless you are a celebrity or top shot in the society who people follow without them following them back, you need to follow people before they can follow you back. The question now is how can you build a fan base of followers without following them back since you are not a celebrity or super star? This article will point out easy ways to get people to follow you on twitter without following them back.

10 Awesome Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Free & Fast:

1. Post Valuable Contents Regularly-: Though twitter allows you to make tweets of not more than 140 characters; you can take advantage of it and drop short tips on a subject matter you have vast knowledge on. Post contents that will be valuable to people and they will naturally follow you on your twitter handle without expecting you to follow them back. The content can be news titbits, short how to tips, pictures and short how to do videos. The other tips I will mention below will work if you get this one right; because if a person follows you, and all you make is useless comments, such a person will not hesitate to unfollow your twitter handle.

2. Work On Your Profile-: You have to take time to fill up your profile because everybody that visit your handle will likely check your profile and if the profile is scantly filled, it may give the person the impression that your account is one of those mass created account by scammers or fake internet marketers. Valuable contents and a complete profile will get you mass followers.

3. Add a Twitter Widget on Your Site-: If you have a website with a larger number of visitors monthly, you can convert these visitors to followers on twitters by putting a twitter widget or follow us on twitter button. Once they click it, the person is automatically taken to his or her twitter account and will automatically become your follower.

Also, you can make a guest post on an authority site with large visitors, and in the profile box, you can add your twitter handle there. If the post is interesting and valuable, you will surely get a couple of thousands of followers on your twitter handle looking for more value from you. Also, if you have a mail list that you send regular newsletters, then add your twitter handle as part of your signature in subsequent newsletters you will mail to them.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Adverts-: This is one thing that puts people off on twitter. Twitter is a great platform for advert and driving targeted traffic, but when every tweet you make is an advert; it will discourage people from following you and even people who are already your followers will unfollow you in the process. If you must advertise, make it to be subtle; and the advert should be made once in a while not an everyday thing.

5. Leverage a Celebrity-: Most celebrities have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers; you can send any of them a personal message on twitter that they should make a tweet about your twitter handle. In most cases, they may require payment from you, but if you can convince the celebrity to tweet about your handle for free or you can offer to make a trade by batter, then your follower base is sure to skyrocket almost instantly.

6. Leverage Your Other Social Media-: You most likely have accounts in other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can leverage these social networks to get followers on twitter by adding your twitter handle on your profile and on every update you make on the sites. Your friends on these social networks may not mind following you up on twitter.

7. Share Other People’s Tweets-: If you are good at sharing viral tweets; you are sure to get more followers; because anybody that gets your shared tweet will likely go through your profile and follow you.

8. Join Social Network Exchange Site-: This is another faster way of getting twitter followers. Most social network exchange sites allows you to accumulate points by adding, following and joining other people profile or groups or you can purchase points for other people to add you. If you have the money to spare, you can just shorten the whole process by purchasing points and using it to buy followers, or you can view other people’s videos to accumulate points to use get followers on twitters.

One disadvantage of this method is that some people can follow you on twitter just to get the points and will unfollow you in no time. You can also pay people with large twitter followers to tweet a short message on their twitter account while mentioning your twitter handle. For this to work, the twitter followers on the person’s account must be real active followers not just robot generated followers.

9. Offline Method-: All these other methods I mentioned are all online methods for getting twitter followers; but surprisingly, you can also get followers offline. The best way to go about it is to add your twitter handle on your complimentary card or flier, so that anyone that gets the flier or business card will get to see your twitter handle and possibly follow your handle.