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10 Best Key Tags for Hotel Room

Are you looking for the best key tags for your hotel rooms or offices? If YES, here are 10 best types of hotel room key tag.

Key tags are small, handy, customizable and attractive pieces of promotional material that are bound to be noticed – whenever and wherever they are used. They have a vast range of uses – from using them for personal purposes to using them in service shops, workshops, hotels, offices and other places where you need to keep things organised and within reach.

Key tags are, to some extent, personalized to collect data from customers. They carry loads of information on the reverse so that it can be used to either verify or collect data, depending on specific hotel needs.

Featured bar codes can be used to reward regular customers, understand buyer behavior and patterns across geographies, and plan future marketing efforts. Also, note that printing QSR codes on the reverse of key tags enable hotel businesses to address specific queries from customers who choose to use them. Customers can simply scan these codes to get the featured details.

Keys tags are quick and cheap to produce. Design proofs are usually available the very same day. They, in fact, can shorten the duration of a marketing effort and generate leads faster – when done right. This enables hotel businesses to continuously churn new, impressive, and personalized tags at regular intervals. According to Amazon, here are some of the best key tags for your hotel rooms.

Best Types of Key Tag for Hotel Room


These NFC tags are ideal for giving your contact or business information and for security and authentication purposes. It has a read-write lock function that makes it possible for the cards to be edited repeatedly or read-only. Made of durable waterproof PVC material, this key tag can be placed outdoors or near water without the risk of losing functionality. Other features include;

  • 25 pieces high quality blank NTAG215 NFC cards round 30mm (1.18 inch). No adhesive, not designed for use on metal surfaces.
  • Works Perfectly with TagMo and Amiibo. Note: Some iPhone Models cannot support reading the nfc tags, so it cannot recognize the nfc tags.
  • NXP NTAG 215 chip, with 504 bytes of available NDEF memory. It has a read-write lock function that makes the cards to be edited repeatedly or read-only.
  1. Uniclife Plastic Key Tags

A key does you no good if you don’t know what it unlocks. According to reports, the bright colored tags and white labels make your tag easily readable and quicker to identify while the sturdy chrome ring keeps things secure.

  1. Avery Metal Rim Key Tags

Smooth, writable surfaces on both sides of the 1-1/4” diameter metal rimmed tags make it an ideal choice for hotel rooms. Great solution for identification tags, valet tags and gift tags; other features include;

  • Reinforced metal rim tags resist tearing, fraying and everyday wear and tear
  • Smooth, writable surfaces on both sides of the 1-1/4 diameter metal rimmed tags
  • Handwrite-only metal rimmed key tags compatible with pencils, ballpoint pens, permanent markers and more
  • 25 assorted colour metal rim key tags with metal split rings included
  1. Five-of-Five Upgrade Plastic Key Tags

Practicality meets fun with these colourful, flexible, and lightweight tags. Note that this unique design helps prevent damage from sweat, water and dirt. They’re ideal for hotels, office or rental management and are reusable.

  1. S-Style Key Tags

This key tag come sized 1 ¼” x 2 5/8”and are also printed on teslin and have clear, high gloss laminate on both sides of the tag. Custom printed s-style key tags are usually used as customer key tags when your customer has to swipe the key tag through a barcode reader. With their durable design, customers will never have a problem swiping their quality key tag.

  1. FEMELI Unstrung Marking Tags

  • The size of white Marking Tag is 1.75 x 1.1 inches/44 x 27mm, providing you enough room to write the price on the price labels
  • 1/8-diameter pre-cut hole. Tagging needle and tagging barbs both can insert into the hole easily.
  • Tag is sturdy. Price tag still stays intact even it is pulled apart from tagging barbs. Smooth writing surface is good for quick and easy labelling.
  • Perfect for you to hang on shirt T-shit, socks, shoes, backpack, toy, etc. Use for sale distribution, storage or decoration.
  • 1000 pieces of marking tags per pack, sufficient labels for your yard sale and consignment sale.
  1. Oval Key Tags

Note that this key tag come sized 1 1/8” x 2 5/8” for a conveniently sized and fun shaped key tag. The oval shaped key tags are printed on sturdy teslin with each side clearly laminated. Any custom artwork can be printed on the key tags for an eye-catching design.

  1. Vibit 16 Pack Key Caps Covers Tags

  • Organize your keys by colours.
  • Will stretch to fit over most standard 1 key heads for easy key identification and provide a firm grip on key head.
  • Rubber-Like vinyl resists cracking and colour fading. Pliable but will not break.
  • Total 16 PCS in 2 styles – Round & Semicircle key caps in 8 different assorted colours. Overall Diameter: 25mm
  1. Unflinch Key Tags Pack

  • Already Prepared Key Tags – You get 24 prepared key chains per bottle. Just remove the paper, write on it, and slid it back.
  • Quality Label and Strong Chain – high-quality, industry-grade 3.1 x 1.9 cm paper for the tags along with a strong and durable chain for your keys or flash drives
  • Reusable Container – 62 grams, 6.5 x 7.5 cm container makes them portable. Throw it in your bag and take your keys or flash drives anywhere
  • Strong Durability – A perfect balance between hard and soft plastic gives the tags long-lasting durability. Twist them; turn them; they won t break
  • Perfect Pack of 24 – You get 4 tags per colour, each of 4.9 x 2.2 x 0.3 cm, and 6 different coloured tags that totals to 24 key tags in the bottle which can be used as key labels or flash drive labels
  1. Uniclife Tough Plastic Key Tags

The identifying possibilities are limitless when it comes to these colourful key tags from Uniclife. They can be used as keys identification, ID tags, pet name tags, backpack markers, etc. Each tag comes with removable write-on labels and windows for easy viewing as well as a sturdy chrome attachment ring.

While key tags come in many different styles and are fully customizable, they are all made from the same high quality plastic. These key tags are the most durable in the industry making them resistant to peeling and colour fading, yet they are also designed to be bendable and flexible ensuring their convenience for all uses.