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10 Best Refillable Ice Bags for Physical Therapy

Do you run a massage business and want to know what type of refillable ice bag to buy? If YES, here are 10 best ice bags for physical therapy. Despite the marvels of modern medicine, some of the best therapy for injuries and painful health conditions is the simplest: apply ice.

Whether you are dealing with a sprained ankle, sore knee, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis or other malady, applying cold therapy to the affected area can reduce swelling and inflammation while helping to alleviate pain.

Popular and effective in treatments to ease pain and swelling from minor injuries, ice bags come in many varieties. Some are sacks of gel that turn into ice bags in your freezer; others are bagets designed to turn cold instantly with a simple squeeze, no refrigeration or freezing required. You can also make your own cold bag by wrapping some ice or a bag of frozen vegetables in a towel.

Cold bags have proven very effective at reducing swelling and numbing pain. An injury swells because fluid leaks from blood vessels; cold causes vessels to constrict, reducing their tendency to ooze. Note that the less fluid that leaks from blood vessels, the less swelling results. Cold also eases inflammation and muscle spasms, two common sources of pain.

While ice wrapped in a bag works if you don’t have a proper ice bag, a more advanced version is a better option as they come with added comfort and therapy features. Plus, they can stay colder longer for more relief. Some can even provide heat therapy too, so you have options. Here are the best refillable ice bags for physical therapy.

Best Refillable Ice Bag for Physical Therapy

  1. FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack

A standard bag of ice is a fine replacement in an emergency situation, but you can’t get the targeted relief that you can with one of these ice packs. The flexible gel pack is also super spacious so you can get more relief on larger areas like your back.

Note that it even has a unique gel material that will stay colder longer than other ice packs, and the double-seam construction ensures it won’t leak and that it will last for years to come.

  1. Kinetic Labs Gel Ice Pack

This ice bag is a winner for easy, effective pain relief that stays in place, right where you need it. The gel pack gets good and cold and stays that way for 20-30 minutes. Plus, the pack remains flexible, even when it comes right out of the freezer. The elastic wrap is comfortable to wear and the hook-and-loop strap keeps it securely in place.

  1. Medvice Hot/Cold Pack

Sometimes, the best treatment is both hot and cold therapy and this duo ice pack for injuries lets you do just that. You can easily heat it up in the microwave for heated comfort or stick it in the freezer for cold therapy.

The ultra-flexible design and adjustable straps allow you to attach it to just about anywhere on your body securely, so it won’t fall off if you need to walk around. From cramps to swelling, this helpful pack can take care of a variety of sore spots.

  1. The NatraCure Universal Cold Pack

This ice bag has a clay cold pack that conforms to your body for a great fit. This ice pack does what gel packs can’t – it conforms to the unique shape of your foot, ankle, knee, elbow, etc., to provide better targeted relief to the areas that need it.

In addition, it’ll never leak like gel packs. It is flexible and pliable, which helps it stay in place better, and the strap is comfortable to wear.

  1. Koolpak Deluxe Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs

Available in a range of sizes, the Koolpak Deluxe Hot and Cold Gel Pack are suited for treating a wide range of injuries including sprains, strains, bumps, and bruises. You can use it as a cold gel packs following a sports injury or heat it in a microwave to increase blood flow and promote healing and relaxation (great for lower back pain).

  1. Koo Care 2 Ice pack

This is one of the most affordable packs, easy to use, perfect for those of you who need to ice every day, and a great overall pack to have around especially if you children who are athletes. You can use this one anywhere on your body, so it is definitely a perfect fit for anyone!

This gel ice pack uses non-toxic gel, which lets it stay flexible so you can wrap it around certain areas when you need to. It also comes with a hot and cold compress as well as the nylon wrap.

  1. Rester’s Choice Reusable Gel Pack

Indeed, back pain is no joke, so your pain remedies should not be either. When you need more relief, call in this ice pack for injuries, which is big enough to cover almost your entire back. It takes just a few hours in the freezer to get cold, so you can be on your way to happier muscles.

Best of all, it is flexible when frozen so you can shape it around just about any part of your body for more on-contact relief.

  1. GelpacksDirect Gel Ice Pack

This is a worthy investment for anyone who exercises a lot. Gelpacks Direct’s premium hot cold pack is designed for durability and the soft-touch fabric cover provides comfort as well as effective compression therapy.

Owing to its standard 13 x 26cm size, you can wrap it around pretty much any part of your body including your back, shoulder, knee, ankle, or elbow. The soft flexible compression band is extra long and allows your hot pack to rest snugly against any body part.

  1. Polar Ice Foot

For any soft tissue trauma in the foot or ankle area, strapping on the Polar Ice Foot can be a significant first step in healing the injury.

This is another custom designed icing implement that will more thoroughly cover your ankle than an all-purpose pack ever will. On the interior, the Polar Ice foot has encapsulated gel ice packs filled with purified water. On the exterior, you have a soft fleece that is easy on the skin and protects from frostbite.

Combine the two with a smart design, and you have got a winning pack. This product is durable and designed to last—so you can rely on this it to help your ankles stay working optimally.

  1. HypaCool Reusable Ice Cold Bag

One of the most cost-effective options is The HypaCool Reusable Ice Bag and it can provide instant relief to many injuries. Made of a thick but soft and malleable material, you can easily apply it to most body parts including the shoulder, elbow, and knee.