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6 Opportunities You Can Leverage to Develop Leadership Skills

Have you ever looked for an opportunity which you can leverage to develop your leadership skills? Search no more as I will share with you six leadership opportunities you can leverage to develop yourself. Without wasting much of your time, below are six leaderships opportunity you can leverage to develop your skills:

6 Opportunities You Can Leverage to Develop Leadership Skills

  1. Volunteer to handle projects and task

A fast way to develop leadership skills is to voluntarily take on projects or task. From personal observation, i have noticed that people are supportive when it comes to project development but shy away from the responsibility of leading the project team.

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This is where you come in. Instead of backing out, volunteer to take leadership responsibility. You are bound to pick up one or two lessons before the project completion. Now where can you find such projects and task? You can find projects and task in your community and place of worship.

2. Attend leadership training courses

Another way you can develop your leadership skills is by attending leadership skills development seminars. If the instructors are good and professional in their approach, i bet you will never leave the seminar the same.

3. Join voluntary organizations

The third leadership opportunity you can leverage to develop your skills is to join a voluntary organization. Some voluntary organizations have leadership as part of their core objectives. Your duty here is to identify such organizations, join them and be committed. Examples of such organizations are Toastmasters, Boys scout and the Man ‘O’ War.

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4. Read books on leadership

The next strategy to developing your leadership skills is to read books on leadership. I will recommend you read books written by great leaders such as business John Maxwell, Brian Tracy and Jack Welch. However, the greatest book on ever written on leadership is the Holy Bible because it’s infinite in wisdom.

5. Find a mentor

You can also develop your leadership skills by becoming a protégé to a business leader. You can look for a person you admire and you consider fit to be a role model. This is probably the best form of learning because according to a Chinese proverb:

“An hour at the table with a wise man is worth more than a thousand years of study.” – Chinese proverb

6. Watch inspiring movies

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This is one of the leadership learning opportunities i utilize to the fullest. I watch inspirational movies a lot; movies where men with little training and chance of survival perform exploits simply because they believed in themselves.

Movies such as 300, Troy, Brave Heart, The Unit, Gladiator and King Arthur will not only bring out the leadership skills in you but they will also inspire you to go against all odds and emerge a winner.

These are my six leadership opportunities i feel can impact on your life with minimal effort on your part. You don’t have to stress yourself plying these six avenues of leadership development; only one can achieve the desired result, if you follow it with dedication.