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Ad Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Profit Pulling Ads in Seven Quick Steps

If advertisement is a sure way to reach out to potential customers, then learning and mastering the art of ad copywriting would not be out of place. Ad copywriting and web copywriting share almost the same technique but both are used in two different medium.

Ad copywriting is to newspapers and magazines while web copywriting is to the internet based sales letters. Many entrepreneurs desire these two skills but today, i will be ripping one apart; “ad copywriting.” When it comes to running adverts, i bet you are a small business owner and don’t have the financial muscles of the giant corporations. So your aim while running ads should be to make every advertising penny count towards increase in sales.

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Right now, i know the question running through your mind is; what does it take to write profit pulling ads? What secrets do ad copywriting gurus know that i don’t? This article will be laying these questions to rest.

Without wasting much of your time, let me divulge the underground secret to writing profit pulling ads.

How to write profit pulling ads in seven quick steps

1. Groundwork is the key to writing persuasive ads
Yes, ground work is the first secret of ad copywriting. The foundation of anything matters; without a strong foundation, all effort expended is null and void. Ground work entails knowing what works and what don’t. Certainty sells.

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A particular word might provoke a positive response in certain niches and that same word can mess up your campaign in another niche. For ad copywriting guru, this is where the ad copywriting game begins. To succeed and increase your learning rate with respect to ad copywriting, you must develop your own list of response pulling words and phrases.

Ground work requires you research and find the words that work perfectly on your targeted market. Ground work also entails knowing who your target audience is, their demographics and psychographics. It’s all about doing your home work before launching the ads.

2. Go question crazy

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The next secret to writing profit pulling ads is to go question crazy. You must ask yourself and some of your targeted audience questions that are relevant to the niche. You must understand your product in and out; its benefits, nature, advantages, disadvantages, major features and marketability.

3. Go wild with imagination

After the understudying the product, the next step is to go wild with imaginations. This is where you can think of relevant and creative ideas that will appeal to your target consumers. Think of the primary audience and the consequent clients that you need to convince with respect to the product you are offering.

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You must figure out the motivating factors of your consumers which may include culture, character and economic factors. You can use emotional appeals such as fear of loss in your ad copy to drive motivation.

4. Understudy the marketing and advertising channels

Study the magazines or newspapers that you intend placing advertisement on to have a better look on the tone of the general audience. If you are ad copywriting; let’s assume a classified, try looking at the published ads. Are there guiding rules? If there is, then try to follow the essential rules. You must also apply creativity while working on the modalities that will make your ads stand out from the rest.

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5. Figure out the main purpose of your ad copy

It’s very important that you write your ad copy with an ultimate goal in your mind. Your ad copy’s main goal might be to get many phone inquiries or sell your product. That’s left for you to decide and you must decide that goal before even writing the ad copy. You may choose to include some call to action on your ad copy so that the audience can have several chances to take action while reading your ads

6. Sell Benefits in your ads, not features

This is probably the most important rule in ad copywriting. When writing your ad, you must emphasize the product’s greatest advantage boldly in the headlines and use details such as testimonials, verified laboratory results and product testing to keep up your assertions.

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Your ad headline should be strong and anchored with the ultimate benefit derived from the use of your product. Let me share with you an example of selling features vs. benefits in the headline:

a) Get Best Weight Loss Diet in the World.

b) Discover an Amazing Guaranteed Way to Shed 30kg in 30 Days

If you were a customer looking for a weight loss product, which headline will you respond to? I bet headline B carries the day. Headline is the core secret of ad copywriting and that’s why i emphasize you must sell your ultimate benefit in the headline. It will increase your ad response rate.

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7. Send out the ad copy and ask for feedback

This is not a necessity but it’s an ad copywriting secret to writing and publishing profit pulling ads. By implementing a feedback mechanism, you can figure out the effectiveness of your ad copy. A thumb of rule in ad copywriting is that you must collect testimonials from satisfied customers to add credibility to your ads or content.

As well, you can plan to enhance the results by testing one sense or style on another project. For instance, you can test run two ad copies and monitor their response rate to determine the best.

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In conclusion, i want to impact in your mindset that ad copywriting is not a single touch affair but a continuous process. You can never get to the peak of your ad copywriting skills because there will always be room for improvement. So keep learning, while writing your profit pulling ads and you will see your business go burst with explosive increase in profits.