Some businesses have been in the market for years—and in fact, decades—but they continue to struggle to climb the ladder of success without making headway. On the other hand, some other businesses come into the market and within a few months, it’s just like they have a secret formula or magic bullet because they achieve success quickly. It’s even more astonishing when the concept, idea or product they bring to the market is an already existing one.

This usually happens with clothing brands—you will discover that some clothing brands have been in the market for years without making much wave, but all of a sudden, one designer comes up with another clothing line… and boom! It becomes the talk of the town.

So how do these overnight successful brands do it? What do they do differently to rub their brands in the faces of everyone within a very short time? Could it be that they have so much money to spend advertising their products? Or do they have a secret formula?

Yes, these successful brands have a secret formula. And it’s called brand awareness. And no, it doesn’t have to cost your company so much. Here are 10 campaign ideas for increasing brand awareness rather inexpensively.

10 Marketing Campaign Ideas to Increase Brand Awareness

1. Piggyback on other successful brands

You can actually leverage on the success of an existing brand and use it to build awareness of your own brand. The best way to do this is to look for a complementary product. For instance, if you own a clothing line, you could find a popular and successful shoe brand to endorse and help build the image and reputation of your own brand.

2. Introduce referral reward programs

Another great idea is to introduce an attractive reward program for your customers, so they can become evangelists for your brand. When you offer your customers something attractive for getting their families, friends and acquaintances to patronize you, they become passionate about telling even more people about your brand.

3. Leverage popular blogs

Bloggers are becoming even more powerful and relevant to the growth of businesses. You can find popular bloggers with large traffic and pay them some money to publish interesting contents about your brand on their blogging sites. Within a short while, many people would start talking about your brands.

4. Offer freebies-: Everyone loves freebies. You can consider offering your customers some free stuff or allow them to earn bonus points, which they can convert into something valuable at the end of the day.

5. Go social

There are no two ways about it; you need social networking to boost your brand. Almost everyone and their dogs (no kidding) is on one social network or the other. Simply create a community of lovers of your brand on major social networks. Then adopt brand awareness boosting strategies such as hosting quizzes and giving away valuables, among other things.

6. Define your brand

What’s your brand’s selling point? What is that unique thing about your products or services that make them stand out from others? You should figure out what your selling point is and then use that as the focal point for all your brand campaigns.

7. Be consistent

Let people know your brand for something and stick with it. Your brand logo, colors and themes should be consistent and be easy to relate to by your customers and fans. Have something unique and make sure you are consistent with it.

8. Come up with a crazy idea

People love things that are not commonly seen; these are things that they call interesting. If you want to increase your brand ideas within a short period, then start thinking outside the box. Come up with a crazy but unique concept that can get everyone talking about your brand.

9. Use video sales letters

Advertising your brand sales letters is good, but the truth is most people have short attention spans; they cannot be bothered with reading freakishly long sales letters. However, research studies have revealed that people are more compelled to view content when it is in video form. So, think about ways through to use video sales letters to generate a buzz for your products.

10. Use the press

You cannot still write off the importance of the “good ol’ press”. Of course, until people stop reading print—and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. It’s quite simple, pay the press to generate a media buzz for your brand. Remember, the key is to think outside the box and get everyone talking about your brand.