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50 Best Business ideas in Military Defense

Military Factory and Defense Contractor

Do you want to make money as a military contractor? If YES, here are 50 lucrative small business ideas in the military defense industry you can start.

The military defense which is part of the security industry plays a significant role in any country and also the world at large. All countries spend a massive fortune annually on security depending on the country’s budget. The rate of crime these days internally and externally has made it to be so, as countries seek to protect its citizens both within from internal crimes and without from external aggressors.

Also, the reason why countries continually upgrade on their defense systems is usually because crime itself keeps growing more and more sophisticated daily and so would require new tactics.

Best Business ideas in Military Defense

1. Firearms Training

This is a very serious business that gets several clients daily because of the need for these clients to feel safe. Similarly, people go for firearms training so as to know how to store, use and maintain the gun they own, However, before you can start this kind of business, you must be a certified instructor.

Once this certification is gotten, then you can go ahead and promote your business. It’d be best to form alliances with shooting ranges or a gun club, as most of your clients will visit such places. You can also visit social clubs for women or men and hold free seminars on gun safety; this is also likely to generate enough clients for you.

2. Special Event Security

There are thousands of special events that occur yearly and warrant security staff to help in controlling the crowd. These events could be concerts, award shows, festivals, outdoor conventions etc and are usually quite overwhelming for regular security, hence the need to use special event security.

Before you can start this kind of business, you would need to be in alliance with several event planners and promoters in your community. You make money from the number of events you get to provide security for.

3. Off-Road Tours

Adventurous tourists and vacationers sometimes prefer to stay off the beaten track regardless of the vehicle in use. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Most off-road tours are either offered in a half-day or all-day package depending on what the client can afford.

To get clients for this business, you would need to advertise and promote all the off-road routes you know in a well designed package and then place in strategic locations such as hotels, restaurants, and in travel agencies. This is a very lucrative business.

4. Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Service

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, flood, tornadoes, blizzards and wildfire are no longer rare events but now occur on regular basis. Also, these natural disasters wreak havocs on communities and towns, and even though they cannot be controlled, careful preparedness is the only way one can beat such kind of disasters.

In starting this business, you can either generate revenue by providing services that are related to emergency preparedness or sell products that can help in those periods. You can even combine the two services and watch your bank account triple.

5. Extreme Adventure Trip Business

If you are looking for a business that needs little investment to start off, then this is one of such business. There are tourists who seek to take adventurous trips whenever they visit a place, for example taking a kayak trip down the Amazon River.

However, these tourists usually need to be told of such locations. In starting this kind of business, you would need a website dedicated to extreme adventurous trips and then get your commission, once you secure a paying customer.

6. Residential Security Consultant

Apart from selling security gadgets to homeowners nowadays, clients are now demanding additional services such as the need to develop a customized security plan for the family.

As a consultant, you could teach clients basic self defense moves, how to spot suspicious activity and what to do to ensure safety. Ensure that you boldly display your services and contact in conspicuous areas so that your clients can get to you when they need to.

7. Security Training Business

In starting a security training business, you would need to ensure that only the right training is given. Certification and licensing is a must if you do not want to run afoul of the laws. Your employees will need to be trained as well before they can impart the desired training to clients. Carry out a thorough research before starting this kind of business and ensure you have a business plan in place.

8. Security Gadgets Installation

The use of security gadgets have exploded over the last few years with individuals and businesses seeking to secure their residences and also causing a boom in the industry for serious minded entrepreneurs. This kind of business is very lucrative and provides and above average income.

The good thing about this business is that it is recession proof especially as more crimes are committed in periods of recession thereby leading to more people wanting a security gadget of some sort installed for them.

9. Customized Security Software Business

App and Software Development Business

There are certain businesses that require software that would protect them from hackers and malicious attacks, these businesses often require specialized software that will protect them. You can go into this kind of business if you have an idea on how these companies might be protected.

Even though you might not be tech savvy, you could team up with someone who can design such software and then decide on how revenue will be split.

 10. Military/Security-related Magazine Publication

Even though a magazine publication might seem like a poor decision especially considering the rate at which most magazines are now going online. However, the security niche is a very serious business, and so starting a magazine publication in this niche is likely to fetch you large revenue.

You could also decide to run an online magazine too as long as people subscribe and come to your site for security tips and related issues, then you will be constantly smiling to the bank.

 11. Self-Defense Training

Self Defense Coaching Business

Everyone these days ones to learn some form of self defense skills, ranging from basic to extremely; especially as they feel it provides some degree of safety and security making this a very lucrative business for any entrepreneur. Clients can pick the kind of training packages they want and are willing to pay for – from individualized basis to group format. Ensure that you promote your services in conspicuous places in your target area.

 12. Survival and Outdoor Training

Wilderness Survival Training Business

This kind of business is mostly suited to those who love adventure but are also safety conscious. You can help other adventurers know what to do to survive should they get stuck whilst undergoing any of their fun activities.  However, you would need to become a certified instructor and might need to specialize in one or two survival trainings after a careful research on which is likely to bring in more clients or revenue.

 13. Design and Uniform Manufacturing Business

Having a military background does not mean that you cannot go into clothing business, especially the uniform business. Your background gives you an edge over other uniform manufacturers especially as you are likely to work better according to specifications.

Approach large security departments on the need to design and manufacture their security uniforms. Send your brochure to as many companies as you can pitch your services. Once you get a customer, ensure that they refer you to their colleagues.

 14. Security Bodyguards Business

Bodyguard Business

Crime especially kidnapping has increased globally which has led to the start of a security bodyguard business as demands are growing from business leaders, celebrities, journalists, high profile personalities, and such others that seek protection.

In starting this business, prior security experience is highly recommended as clients are more comfortable with experienced business owners. You would need to find out the licensing requirements your state requires before you start this business.

 15. Security Related Radio Programme

Starting a radio programme is one sure way of regaling your audience with how much you know about security. Your security related radio programme has to be enlightening and informative to your listeners, that way they trust your advice and would prefer your tips to that of others.

Once you have gained a crowd, you can take advantage of the situation by having other security outfits advertise on your programme while you make your money.

 16. Security Related Book Author

If you have a vast knowledge of security matters or feel that people can benefit from your vast experience in the military, then you can write a book that can either be sold online or where you would have to tour various cities to promote.

Apart from making money, becoming an author is another way of meeting others who also were in the military, people who would like to join the military or those who would just like to have the knowledge.

 17. Specialized Security Recruitment Agency

Sometimes, companies often reach out to specialized security recruitment agencies for security related staff that would help in protecting their company. This could range from software to physical guarding of an office complex. Companies usually prefer this route because they are sure of getting quality staff as opposed to going to just any recruitment agency.

However, companies will only trust your business if they are sure that you have the experience to vet those that can qualify security wise.  This means you have to carry out a thorough background check on those applicants you recommend to companies as sending a security risk to companies might cause your business to lose reputation.

 18. Breeding and Sales of Security Dogs

Breeding and sale of security dogs isn’t an easy business as you would need to invest significant time and resources for dogs, licensing as well as veterinarian care. However, this is not to say that the business isn’t a rewarding one.

You might decide to concentrate on just one breed of dogs for security purposes or two, so that clients could have a choice. Starting this kind of business would mean you would have vigorously promoted your business as your clientele can be vast if you thoroughly promote your business.

 19. Retail Security Gadget Store

The retail industry is one that provides the products and services for most of the needs of the people. According to statistics, 24 million people earn their livelihood in the retail sector of the U.S economy. Even though this data might be for generic retailing, it goes to show what you might stand to gain starting a security gadget store.

In starting this kind of business, you would need to be knowledgeable, and stay updated with industry trends. Sometimes clients would depend on you for tips and advice, which is why you would need to be an expert as well. Ensure that you find out what requirements are needed before starting a retail security gadget store.

 20. Manufacturing of Surveillance Cameras

Manufacturing of surveillance cameras would require mechanical and electrical engineering experience, and a significant financial investment. Asides this attributes, you would also need creativity and passion for developing cameras and a strong network for connected individuals in the industry.

Depending on your business plan, you might decide to manufacture the surveillance cameras in China where it might be cheaper for you to do so. This is not a business for the faint of heart ad would require determination, patience, and good business acumen for the business to grow and succeed.

 21. Bullion Van Services

This is a business that is considered not only risky but lucrative as well. Also, this business requires that you have and recruit personnel who have a bit of experience in the security field, as this business is in charge of transporting legal items – currency, gold, jewelries – and would require you to be at the top of your game.

You would also need to be heavily insured and invest a significant amount of money for vans, outfit and gears. However, this is a business that is guaranteed to bring in good cash for you.

 22. Security Related Television Programme

Starting a television programme based on security is a good business idea. The average television viewer is bored by mind numbing programmes which are really of no benefit to them.

However, starting an engaging and informative security related television programme would ensure that not only viewers stay hooked to your programme but that advertisers come as well thereby ensuring you earn cash in the process.  However, your programme has to be one that is innovative while being informative.

 23. Private Escort Firm

Private Security Escort Business

In starting this kind of business, you would need to live in a tourist area or know certain tourists areas very well. This is a lucrative business only if you aggressively promote the business so as to bring it to the notice of potential clients. Your business as a private escort would be to inform and guide a tourist or several groups. This could require you taking them someplace and being with them throughout the duration of their stay.

 24. Security Blogger

Blogging is a very lucrative business if you are dedicated and can write compelling articles for your audience. You can either start a security blog or write for various security blogs and then get paid. If you are running your own security blog, you would need to not only churn out compelling articles but ensure that you interact with your audience and also give out knowledgeable tips that will be to their advantage.

 25. Hotel Securities

The field of security over the recent years has been one where every organization inculcates security into their policies. This has not excluded hotels especially those that take in a large number of famous clientele. Client security is considered very serious by these hotels and most often go to any length to ensure that their clients are safe.

Starting this kind of business would require that you possess experience and knowledge of how the industry works. This is a very lucrative business as your outfit could provide securities to a number of hotels if you are reputable.

 26. Private Investigation Firm

Private Investigation Business

This business is very detail oriented and would require a lot of focus from you as you would need to have the quality of digging for facts, problem solving, good observation and listening skills. The business is one that is physically and financially challenging as your clients could either be organizations or private individuals.

If you already have knowledge of military investigation, you might need to brush up on laws guiding your kind of practice.

Also, you would need to know what requirements your state would need you to have from writing exams to other sort of activities. Being a private investigator or running such a business is not a license for you to behave illegally as this could affect your business reputation and lead to a loss of clients.

 27. Installation and Repair of Car Trackers

The installation as well as repairs of car trackers is a very lucrative business for any determined business person. Car trackers are usually needed by transportation businesses and other businesses as well as individuals who require a desire to know where their vehicles are at any point in time.

Starting this kind of business would require that you have some sort of auto experience and knowledge of the different kind of trackers available and how to repair them. It would also require some knowledge of computers.

 28. Sale of Security Vehicles

Business leaders, celebrities, and big personalities all require security vehicles that they can move around with. This is a niche business that would require a significant amount of investment from you especially as security vehicles don’t come cheap.

You would need to have a link with manufacturers of these security vehicles and negotiate on what commission you would get on each sale. If you are determined and focused, this could be a very lucrative business for you.

 29. Surveillance Helicopter Charter Business

This is a business that would require not only a significant investment of resources but of time as well. You would need to know how to fly a helicopter and get a license for you to be able to start this business.

You would need to promote and advertise your business so that prospective clients will know about your services. Passion and patience is required for this business as you might have to train others for a license or be hired in a charter service.

 30. Army Surplus Business

Starting an army surplus business is an ideal business that is not only lucrative but offers you the chance at helping people especially with the knowledge about the kind of equipment that would be needed for expeditions, hunting or camping.

To start this kind of business, you would need to have a significant amount of financial resources so as to be able to purchase the supplies at government auctions either locally or online. Ensure that the location for your business is in a place where there is high visibility. You could add other services as well to your business such as outdoor camping workshops and rifle cleaning classes.

 31. Gun Range Business

Outdoor Shooting Range Business

In starting this kid of business, you can either decide to make your gun range business indoors or outdoors. Depending on your budget, you can either start from scratch or purchase an already operating establishment, whose owner is no longer interested in running the business.

The business is one that requires strict federal, state as well as local regulations.  You would also need a large insurance as well as keep up with safety standards and record keeping. You can promote your business by leaving your fliers in gun stores and other places where your target customers are likely to visit.

 32. Security Doors Installation and Sales

Most businesses, stores and residential homes all love to have security doors if not for all openings but for certain ones. Security doors are seen to give a kind of safety for those who own it either in protecting themselves or something they consider precious.

Being able to install or sell security doors in these times can offer one a very lucrative business that will see cash flowing in, in no time.

 33. Corporate Security Consultancy

Every business either online or physically is taking security very seriously which has caused the strong demand for Corporate Security Consultancy. A corporate security consultant helps businesses to access and identify security threat and also advise on the adequacy of existing security processes and procedures.

In starting this business, you will need to have experience in the field. The business is one that would provide you with not only a varied and reporting opportunity but also great profit as well.

 34. Security Expo/Trade Fair Organizers

Security firms and those in security related businesses often sometimes come together to share knowledge and update on existing trends. To keep the Expos and Trade Fair informative and interesting enough is a tasking ordeal for any organizer.

In starting this business, you must not only have knowledge security and security related issues, you must also be focused, organized and keep an eye on details. You would also need a fair knowledge of existing security businesses and other firm that might be interested in the Trade Fair or expo.

 35. Identity Theft Protection Agency

This kind of business requires that you provide measures where criminals cannot get hold of a person’s identity either offline or online. Your task will also be to ensure that security firewalls are created so as to prevent critical information from being stolen from computers.

This kind of business will require you to be tech savvy; however, with the right amount of determination, you can become a success in this field.

 36. Self Defense Driving School

Starting a defensive driving school business is a niche in itself especially as there are few defensive driving schools available. Defensive driving school which is mostly associated with teenage drivers helps in teaching the driver how to drive under special conditions such a driving under pleasure either to save life or time.

Apart from teenage drivers, defensive driving situations also include those who drive bullion vans, ambulance, chase a crime suspect or get out of a dangerous situation. To start this kind of business, you will need to find out what licenses and certifications the authorities in the city where you’ll be operating.

 37. Self Defense Academy

Self Defense Instructor

Before opening a self defense academy in your area, you would need to find out how your business would fit the competitive landscape.

You will also need to find out from those already in the business and about the business. A business plan is very important in staring this kind of business and depending on the scale of the academy you might need to employ more hands that will help in seeing to the last number of client that you would have

38. Licensed Military Contractor

Most of the significant portion of funds that are used to purchase equipments and supplies by the ministry comes from private civilian contractors. Even though most military contractors are large corporations, the military sometimes also awards contracts to small businesses that can provide the products and services that is needed.

In starting this business, you would need to register as a government and contractor and apply for a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number; you will also need to register with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR Database)

 39. Security Dogs Training Service

A security dogs training  business is one that can take different approaches such as supplying security dogs with handlers or supplying dogs without handlers. The requirements for starting this business is not only limited to training of these security dogs, you would also need to have a suitable operating location.

The security dogs are usually used in Police station, the military and even certain individuals and businesses who might feel the need for a high degree of protection.

 40. Gun Cleaning Business

The gun cleaning business is a very lucrative one as most people who own firearms usually require expert cleaning from time. The cleaning can be a quick clean and lube which might involve you educating the client so that they could understand firearms safety rules especially as related to the gun cleaning activity.

In starting this business, you would need to stay updated as regards correct cleaning tools, solutions and lubrication, as well as how they can be used.

 41. Production and Sale of Security Related Videos

If you have expert knowledge as regards military defense, then you might start a video production that can be distributed online. You could even make the videos into a series whereby your audience would be on the lookout for more of your videos.

This means that you would need to stay updated on the current security trends and also pass trips and advice out to your audience so as to kept hw, coming back

 42. Cyber Space Security Monitoring Company

The internet though of great help is going through various stages and phases of development which is largely due to cyber insecurity. Cyber insecurity comes in various forms such as E-mail monitoring, call tapping and hacking into other people’s website.

Any individuals and companies have fallen victims of this cybercrime perpetrators which is why starting a Cyber Space Security Monitoring Company would be a very lucrative idea, you will need to carry out extensive reach before starting this business and will also need to understand some of the technicalities involved.  Also, you will require business plan, which is an intended guide of how he wants to run your business

 43. Gunsmith Business

The gunsmith business is a very challenging and difficult business. Apart from the fact that it is not a very large market, the level of expertise and experience needs to be a famous gunsmiths expert takes a long time. Any entrepreneur who wants to go into this business must be determined as it is not a business for the faint hearted.

As a gunsmith, you will need to be able to tinker with guns and firearms, an act which requires time, training and money. In starting this business he will need to get the necessary training which can either be obtained online or via a physical school

 44. Security Services for Celebrities and Personalities

Being a celebrity bodyguard means keeping your celebrity client safe and happy. As a celebrity bodyguard, you must be able to assess and stop possible threat from paparazzi, stalkers and even ex spouses.

Your task as a celebrity bodyguard often includes escorting your client to dinner, music video set, business meetings award ceremonies or even shopping excursion. This kind of business can be operated alone while starting a new then expanded to include other vetted bodyguards.

 45. Manufacturing of Safe Boxes

Being a safe manufacturer is a very sensitive business as it requires getting the trust of your client. Client should see you save as one t6hat offers the highest in quality, security, and convenience. In starting this business, you could offer client a variety of safes for different purposes.

Also, most client usually require custom tailored safes that would fit their personal style and requirement, which should be part of your offering You would need to carry out a thorough effect before staring this kind of business and also ensure that you find out the various requirements from regulated authorities so that you do not run afoul or below

 46. Sale of Bulletproof Vests

Bulletproof vest is usually worn over the torso so as to protect the body from small arms fire as well as shrapnel that would come from explosive devices.

Most bulletproof vest which are usual worn by the militant, law enforcement officials, hostage negotiators as certain private citizens as well as hunters and gun store owners; consist of many layers of tightly woven fabrics that softens and absolves impact from high speed projectiles.

This business requires a certain level of security as the product cannot be sold to just anybody due to the fact that criminals could get then. However, it will be wise if you carry out an extensive research of the requirements of the state laws before starting this business.

 47. Security Printing Business

A security printing business is one that deals with the printing of sensitive items such as passports, bank note, identity cards, stock-certificate, product authentication and postage stance. The objective of a security printing business is so that counterfeiting, forgery, and tampering can be prevented.

Nowadays, businesses are seeking to protect other value documents such as coupons, transcript and prescription pads which make it a lucrative business for you to go into.

This business is one that is highly capital intensive and would require certain licenses from regulated authorities before it can be operated. In starting this business, number of technical methods as well as the level of trust from clients is required.

 48. Manufacturing of Security Gadget

Due to the high demand for security which is caused by increasing crime rate; more and more entrepreneurs have started business which includes sales, manufacturing and installation. Before you can start a Security gadgets manufacturing business, you would need to have a technical knowledge regarding various gadgets.

Most entrepreneurs that go into the manufacturing business usually because they feel their gadgets will provide what other gadgets in the market cannot, this therefore means that most manufacturers goes in to feel a gap in the existing market.

In starting this business, you must decide if you want to manufacture as well as sell where you would need to set up a store front and display your merchandise; or if you want strictly into manufacturers and then link up with suppliers. This business is one that is capital intensive and so to carry out extensive research and feasibility study before starting the business.

 49. Security Awareness Trainer

Security Awareness Trainer must be one who can perform many assessment and penetration test.  To be successful as an awareness trainer, you must carry out different interviews and surveys so as to enable you correctly assess. A security awareness trainer can work with residential as well as co­rporate clients.

People nowadays want to know the various by which they can increase their security awareness either proactively or relatively

 50. Licensed Arms Dealer

Gun Shop Business

To get a gun dealer’s license, would require that you fill out and turn in a Federal Firearms License (FFL) application as well as a certificate of compliance to the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Also, depending on the state where you will be operating from, you might be required to obtain an additional gun dealer license or complete a firearm safety course before you can deal in guns or firearms in the state.

This business also requires that you must obtain fingerprint identification cards from the law enforcement office. The application fees for this busy varies depending on the type of guns he intends selling and also depend on if you are going to sell destructive devices such as explosives and missile,

The above listed ideas should give you a head start on what you can do to make money in the industry especially if you carried out a thorough research on what might work for you in the area where you might want to operate from. The list is in no means exhaustive but it will serve to give you ideas listed or not listed here but all served to ensure you make some money and become wealthy.