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20 Best Mini Society Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a mini society business but you want to go niche? If YES, here are 20 best mini society business ideas & opportunities.

Mini Society school projects for students are an avenue schools use to teach the value of hard work and determination to students. Schools use these projects as a tool to assess the potential of these young minds to become young entrepreneurs.

Apart from these, the students get to learn the value of hard work, determination and how to stay focused on set goals, and work towards the achievement of same.

It is now becoming the duty of schools and colleges to extract inherent entrepreneur skills by honing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Extensive research suggests that entrepreneurial skills overlapped with non-cognitive skills are accommodating just like other aspects of education.

Best Mini Society Business ideas

  1. School Backpack Couriers

With this business, a student can develop a business that employs dozens of backpack couriers, who help other students tired of carry their bags and also get paid for their services. These couriers can carry backpacks to and from school for students or all during the school day. Since the customer base is students, teens can do real market research in their own school for this business plan.

  1. Recycling project

Another business idea for a mini society project is to start a neighbourhood recycling centre that can be run on the weekends from a local park or right from the family garage. Recycling is big in the united states and many people are making a living from it.

  1. Personalized Sports Fan Section

For students who enjoy feeling like professional athletes, this mini society business idea can give them the dedicated fan experience they’ve been hoping for. Athletes of any level can hire their very own sports fan section for an upcoming game or even the whole season.

Include different tiers of packages like an inexpensive option where 3 to 5 fans who will hold a sign with their name on it and an expensive version that includes 20 fans. Students will have to consider all aspects of running a company with many potential employees.

  1. Inventions

Note that the ability to invent something would always remain an advantage for the inventor. Inventing something is a very good mini society skill that can also be useful in the business world. Students can be encouraged to think out and create something.

Have it in mind that it must not be a new invention as it could be an upgrade of an already existing invention, but it should be something that can address a problem in nature or society.

  1. Lunch Leftover Packagers

Have it in mind that students who pack lunch and those who buy lunch at school might have leftovers because of short lunch periods. This mini society business idea helps package up leftovers for students, staff, and the cafeteria.

These leftovers can be left refrigerated for the rest of the school day then have a pickup location near the main school exit at the end of the day or donate all the leftovers. This business option gives kids an introduction to working with food, which requires an understanding of government regulations.

  1. Garage Sale

Another business idea that is suitable for a mini society project is a garage sale. Students can plan and set up a garage sale in school. Have the students bring items from their houses that they do not like or use anymore. Together, they can decide on the prices of the various items which can range from clothes, books, CDs, games, to bags, shoes and accessories.

  1. Farm to Table Food Truck

Starting a food truck at school or in the town is an ideal way to create a fake restaurant business. Note that this small business option depends heavily upon networking because students will need to find farms that provide different ingredients and work with local governments or businesses to find places to park the food truck.

  1. School Campaign Promoters

From student council campaigns to prom queen campaigns, high school students have many opportunities to market themselves.

This mini society business offers the chance for teens to hire a team of professional promoters who will do everything from design and hang posters to coordinate flash mobs for their campaign. Students will focus on learning about marketing techniques.

  1. Personal Shopper

For students who enjoy shopping, they can build a business as a personal shopper and help others pick out the best items for them. Students can also use this business idea as a mini society project and understand the need to efficiently satisfy client’s needs.

To get started, they need to figure out the demographics that may likely be seniors or people who are fashion handicapped and offer this service to them at their convenience and for a fee.

  1. Artistry

Young artists can start a mini society business of handmade soaps or canvassed artwork by hiring the same tribe of specialists and carrying out enterprising like a pro.

  1. Problem-solving

The problem-solving ability is trendy and of great demand. Have it in mind that the ability to identify problems and provide solutions is the core of Marketability. Once the solution is identified, try working on ways to figure out methods to reach others with the same needs. Good solutions are indeed entrepreneurial opportunities.

  1. Gift baskets

Arranging and designing gift baskets is an ideal business idea for kids who like to express their creative side while sharpening their ability to identify what the market wants and finding innovative ways to provide them.

Note that the contents of a gift basket will always vary as the people who order them vary. Whether a child sells pre-made baskets or accepts orders for custom baskets, the business comes with natural busy seasons like Easter, Mother’s Day, and Christmas etc.

  1. Custom Pet Creator

Build a business where customers can choose all the features of their ideal pet thanks to genetic engineering. In this mini society business idea, a student will need to think of every angle, from how the pets will be ordered and created to how they will stave off critics.

Note that the fun nature of this idea and its real-world potential are ideal for a school setting because teens will need to explore building a business and the dilemma of ethics versus profit.

  1. Replacement Robot

Every student at some point must have wished they had a second version of themselves to cover for them on sick days or take a test when they are not prepared. In a mini society project, any student can start a Replacement Robot business that helps to fulfil this need. Students may actually be able to build a robot prototype to use in testing their business, even if it’s on a smaller scale.

  1. Rent-A-Cell Phone Centre

Note that the most efficient way to call or message someone with complete anonymity is a Rent-A-Cell Phone Centre. At your kiosks, anyone can pick up one of the provided cell phones and use it for any length of time. This mini society business project gives teens the chance to explore franchising within their business as that might be an option for how to get these phone centres all over the place.

  1. False Combination Locks

Once in a while, everyone has trouble opening their school locker combination lock at some point throughout high school.

With these false combination locks, you might create hidden buttons or levers or require the user to only turn to one specific number instead of the traditional three number opening methods. This business takes a real world teen issue and provides a solution, which helps connect business lessons with real life.

  1. Senior Painted Portraits

According to reports, students in this age don’t want to align in with the crowd; they instead want to stand out as unique individuals. For a mini society business, you can start an art business where you paint senior portraits for teens.

Instead of hiring a photographer for their yearbook photo or photos for home, students can hire you to paint a unique senior portrait. Since each product is completely original and takes time, students will be challenged to explore the feasibility of creating a business based solely on their own talent or skill.

  1. Social media consultancy

By utilizing social media networking as the tool, school students can apply to small skills to small businesses and offer services like creating, managing, and maintaining a  blog, Facebook page and twitter account for a decent pay

  1. Jewellery design

Teens that are fashionable and have a love for creative endeavours can hire kids with the same passion and make small jewellery. The created pieces can be then sold online or in flea markets.

  1. Home Based Bakery

A lot of people love bakery products that include bread, cupcakes, pretzels, cookies, cakes, and the rest. When leveraged as an income source, these goods are easy to make, easy to transport and pretty easy to sell. As a mini society project, students can learn to find the best quality ingredients at the cheapest price and come up with ways to streamline the production process so the business requires minimal time investment.

They can also get a handful of good baking recipes, some cute, inexpensive packaging and start churning out delicious treats that will help generate good income.