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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Nebraska

Do you reside in Nebraska and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in Nebraska, USA. Nebraska sure does ring a bell like a state in the United States of America. It has Lincoln as its capital city. The state stretches from the Midwestern part of the united states to the Great Plains. In terms of population, the state of Nebraska is ranked 37th amongst the 50 states and also 43rd in terms of density with Omaha as its largest city.

The agriculture sector is a major income generator for the state of Nebraska. Cattle grazing are common agricultural activities in the state of Nebraska and it is notable for producing pork, beef, corn, sorghum and soybeans. Another thriving industry that generates income for the state of Nebraska is the transport sector especially the rail industry.

It is important to note that the state of Nebraska also generate revenue from the oil and gas industry. It is a fact that oil and gas were discovered in the state of Nebraska in 1939 and 1949 respectively. Yet another booming industry in this state is the manufacturing sector. There are companies located in Nebraska that produce auto accessories, electronic components, farm machinery, clothing, chemicals and other consumable.

Therefore, If you intend migrating to the state of Nebraska for the sole purpose of starting a business or you live in Nebraska and are searching for a business to start, then the following business opportunities stated below might just suit you.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Nebraska

1. Cattle Farming

If you are familiar with the terrain in Nebraska, then you might agree that it is highly suitable for cattle grazing. Cattle farming is a flourishing business in the state of Nebraska and people that are engage with this type of business smile to the bank on a regular basis because of the high demand of beef. So, what are you waiting for? You can consider starting your own cattle farm if you live in the state of Nebraska.

2. Grain Farming

Nebraska is one of the major producers of grains in the United States and the demand for its grains especially soybeans, corn and sorghum is on the increase all the time. If you are interested in the agricultural sector, then you might consider starting your own grain farm in the state of Nebraska. You can be rest assured to always have great harvest since the soil composition and the climatic condition in Nebraska supports grain farming.

3. Haulage Business

The transport business is yet another thriving business in the state of Nebraska. As a matter of fact, the rail industry in Nebraska is one of the busiest in the United States. All you need to do to position your haulage business for profitability is to liaise with cattle farmers or any other industry that would need your services. The good thing about this kind of business is that you can start out with just one truck.

4. Sale and Servicing of Farm Machineries

Farming activities is on the increase in the state of Nebraska, little wonder the Agric sector is one of its highest income generators. If you have the technical skills required for the servicing of farm machineries, then you should consider opening a shop that sells and services farm machineries. If you are well positioned in the state of Nebraska, then you would have loads of farmers that will patronize your business.

5. Beauty Tanning Salon

If you have an interest for the beauty industry, then you should consider starting your own beauty tanning salon. This type of business without a shadow of doubt is indeed a blossoming business in the state of Nebraska. All you need to do to maximize profits in this industry is to locate your salon in a residential area where people might easily locate you.

6. Veterinary Clinic

If you are vet doctor, then you should consider establishing your own vet clinic. As long as the cattle farming industry grows and expands, the demand for the services of vet doctors would continue to be on the increase. So, as a vet doctor in the state of Nebraska, your services wouldn’t only be restricted to owners of cattle farms, but also to owners of other types of pets. You may also consider adding pet food store to your pet clinic, so that your clinic becomes a one stop shop for all.

7. Coffee Shop – Café

Coffee shop is yet another thriving low capital business in the State of Nebraska. If you locate your coffee shop in the heart of Lincoln or in any part of Nebraska, then you can be rest assured to have loads of people that would buy coffee from you daily. Much more than starting a coffee shop where people may come to you, you can also run a mobile coffee shop where you will go out there to meet your clients.

8. Cleaning and Snow Removal Business

Because of the extreme weather in the state of Nebraska, there is need for the services of cleaning companies that specialize in removing snows from the streets and in other public facilities. If you are looking for a business with low startup capital, then you should consider starting your own cleaning and snow removal business.

However, you must take note that this type of business is a seasonal type. This is why you should add other area of cleaning to your business offering. You might want to consider adding the pre-construction, post construction cleaning, and rug cleaning, as part of what you do.

9. Digital Print, Design & Marketing Business

Digital print, design and marketing business is another business opportunity that you could start in the state of Nebraska. All you need to do is to rent or lease an office facility that is well located and then equip the office with the best printing equipment that you can afford. The market in this industry is open to all as long as you can sell your services to those who need it.

10. Pizza Restaurant

If you are interested in starting a restaurant in the state of Nebraska, you should consider starting a Pizza restaurant. This is indeed one business that has proven to be successful over the years in the state of Nebraska and you can start it with low resources. To gain more customers and maximize profits, you should consider adding free home delivery services.

There you have it! 10 money spinning business ideas in Nebraska. The good thing about all the business opportunities listed above is that you do not necessarily need to start them from the scratch. With some of these businesses, you might consider buying their franchise or better yet buy off the business from the owners.