Are you a full time employee and you are looking for a source of extra income in 2023? Do you want to start a business while still keeping your full time job? Then below are ten part time business ideas that you can do on weekends. Nothing could bring more financial satisfaction than being self-employed. Almost everyone knows and agrees with this fact, but only few people are courageous enough to give up the “security” of their day job and risk everything on self-employment.

But in reality, security lies only in being self-employed or running your own business; since your employer might decide to fire you at any time and for any reason. Aside security, being self-employed also brings you opportunities. Once you start earning money on your own—even if it is a small amount—you begin to brainstorm and see what else is possible. And there are no limits to what you can venture into.

It’s quite understandable that your full-time job isn’t giving you the chance to pursue your dreams of starting your own business. And since you don’t have a crystal ball to tell what might happen later, you are trying to play safe by not quitting that job to start your business.

My friend, I know you are thinking it is impossible to start a side business of your own while keeping your day job. It is possible, though it might be challenging.

In fact, pursuing some form of self-employment when you are employed full-time can be easier and better than starting with more time on your hands. But starting a business while being a full-time employee isn’t much different from starting any other kind of business. The only difference is that you have less time, so you have to make it count.

Now, let’s look at 10 side businesses that you can venture into as a full-time employee:

Top 10 Part Time Business Ideas for Full-time Employees to Do On Weekends in 2023

1. Handyman

If you have a knack for fixing faults in a wide range of items, you can make money from helping people fix their faulty electrical wiring and leaky pipes. To promote your business, you can put up fliers and advertise in local online and offline publications.

2. Software trainer

If you are proficient in a highly specialized software package, you can get paid to teach amateurs and professionals looking to understand how to use the same package. Just schedule small group workshops or private sessions, and charge by the hour for a full tutorial. However, you must bear in mind that patience and a great personality are necessary for success.

3. Affiliate marketing

This Online business requires you to market products and services, and get paid a commission each time you make a sale. During the early startup days, you will need to work on building traffic and implementing strategies for attracting buyers. With time, you will learn more tricks of the trade and make more money. If you love being online and are looking for a business that requires little or no investment, this might be the best option for you.

4. Party planning

Party planners handle events ranging from weddings and product launches to award dinners and corporate seminars. You will be saddled with the task of arranging and decorating the venue, designing and sending out invitations, deciding on food, and booking entertainment.

Luckily enough, most parties occur during the evenings and on weekends. Once you establish yourself in this business, your income potential will grow exponentially, and you will be able to quit your job without hesitation.

5. Beauty and make-up artistry

You can launch a successful hair styling or make-up business even without attending a beauty school. All you need are the skills and talent required plus a good reputation and trust. You can start by working on friends and family for free or at discounted rates, and let word-of-mouth bring you more clients.

6. Pet care

If you love animals and are good at taking care of them, then you should spread the word to your friends and neighbors that you are available to watch their pets while the owners are away on vacation or business trips. You can either lodge the animals in your home or simply take care of them right in their owners’ houses.

7. Personal fitness trainer

Do you have a passion for fitness? You can turn that passion into a lucrative part-time job by becoming a personal trainer. Most clients will attend your session when they are back from work—at the exact time you will be back from work, too. So, you won’t have any problems attending to your clients. This business may require certification, though.

8. Craft or jewelry vendor

If you have a knack for jewelry making, knitting, or creating other small crafts and can produce large quantity of items within a short time, then you should consider making money off of this. You can sell your craft at online storefronts like Etsy, where you can display them and fill orders as they come in.

9. Wedding photographer

If you are a very good photographer, then you can make money by taking shots at weddings. And, since most weddings are held on weekends, this side business won’t interfere with your day job. The business has very good growth potential and could turn into a full-time pursuit in a short time.

10. Freelance writing

If you are a wordsmith, then you can craft words in exchange for cool cash. There is a booming demand for web content, such as blog posts, press releases, articles, eBooks, sales copies, whitepapers, and so on. So, you have a large market to cater to.