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20 Best Business Investment Opportunities in Michigan in 2023

Are you interested in starting a business in Michigan but you lack ideas and can’t seem to find a good business opportunity? Well, below are 20 top small business investment opportunities in Michigan that you can start from home with little or no capital.

Do you know that there are over nine million people currently residing in Michigan? The beauty of starting a business in a highly populated area is that there would always be people to patronize you as long as you are very good at what you do. So if you are searching for carefully researched business ideas to invest in, you can choose one of the following listed below-:

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Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Michigan

1. Foodstuff & Grocery Store

A foodstuff selling business will make sales in any place, even a desert. This is because we all need food to survive. The best business you can start in Michigan is a foodstuff and grocery store for people to purchase foodstuff and all other household items.

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2. Herb Farming

Herbs are used for all sorts of health and body care products. You can start an herb farm and supply herbs to pharmaceutical or cosmetics manufacturing company.

3. Pet feed production

Most residents of Michigan have pets and any smart investor knows that making and selling pet food is a very viable business.

4. Art Gallery

Who doesn’t like beautiful works of arts? For some people, art works are more than a decoration, they are a source of inspiration. You can start making and selling your own art works or act as a distributor to artists in Michigan. This means that you will be helping them sell their art work for a commission.

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5. Cake making and Decoration

Cakes are almost always present at any party. They are also a favorite choice for dessert. You can put your baking skills to good use and start baking cakes for sale. You can even start a cup cake shop.

6. Gift Basket Business

Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, house warming gifts, this gift, that gift, etc. The truth is that there will always be a need for gifting, which is why starting a gift basket business to help people source for the best gift ideas and deliver them on their behalf is a very good business idea.

7. Skin Clinic

The skin is a very important organ in the body because it represents us. It is what most people would first notice about us and that’s why everyone makes an effort to take good care of their skin. But sometimes, some issues occur that may be threatening to our skin health and we need experts to help manage these problems. Experts like you who would start a good skin clinic in Michigan.

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8. Organic body cream production

The world is going green. Organic products are now an all-time favorite for people. If you know how to make body creams, you can start your own organic body cream production business in Michigan.

9. Spare parts dealer

You can become a spare parts dealer too. There are lots of vehicle owners in Michigan that would love to patronize your business.

10. Car rentals

You can also start renting your car out to people who need it for short periods. You don’t need a fleet of cars to start a car rental business. You can even start with the car you are currently driving as long as it’s neat and properly taken care of.

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11. Driving School

Before you can be issued an official drivers license in Michigan, You would have to pass a driving test. You can start a training school for people who want to learn how to drive.

12. Music and Dinning club

Residents of Michigan love to have fun and hang out regularly too. A good business idea is to start a club where people can hang out and listen to good music. You can have a DJ or live band come in and entertain your guests while you provide good food and drinks.

13. Advertising Company

Another business idea is to help people advertise their businesses. You can become an advertising consultant or start a bill board advertising agency.

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14. Insurance Agency

This is yet another good business idea for residents of Michigan. You can start by becoming an insurance broker, helping to sell insurance products for other insurance companies. Then you can gradually build your business and start your own insurance company.

15. Bookkeeping services

You can also start helping people keep their financial records. You can offer this service to individuals and business owners.

16. Debt Management Company

As a result of the economic recession, a lot of individuals and business owners are neck deep in debt. If you have a good knowledge of financial management, you can start a debt management business.

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17. Payday Loans Business

Sometimes, people have urgent need for money before pay day and have no other choice but to resort to borrowing. You can start a payday loan business and earn money from the interest charged on such loans.

18. Medical Waste recycling

A lot of wastes come from the medical industry but the good thing is that most of this waste can be recycled. You can start a recycling business that focuses on medical waste.

19. Pharmacy

You can also start selling drugs and health-related items, but you would need professional training and a license to start such business.

20. Babysitting

Yet another easy, low-capital business you can start in, Michigan is a babysitting or childcare center.