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Top 10 Rage Room Rules and Regulations in 2023

Are you wondering what the top 10 rage room rules and regulations are? If YES, here top 10 rage room rules and regulations for 2023. In recent years, rage rooms have become one of the ideal solutions for those who are feeling stressed, angry, or frustrated.

According to reports, the concept started in Spain in 2003 and has moved through various routes into the United States, with numerous rage rooms offering destruction therapy being established in Texas, New York, California, and now Las Vegas, Nevada.

With more rage rooms opening in the United States, rage rooms have become more than just an entertainment option; indeed, it has become an attraction that for some is just exciting, but for others, it is an outlet for everyday stress and some harmful emotions.

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What is a Rage Room?

A rage room is more or less a room where almost anything goes: from hurling glass bottles against the wall, hitting a punching bag, or destroying all kinds of objects, all with sledgehammers and bats.

With these actions, the user not only has fun, interacts, and directs the intensity of their own activity, but can also express themselves in an environment primarily designed to ensure their safety, monitored in real-time, and with support personnel to contain any situation.

To set up a rage room, you will need a commercial space of around 60 to 80 square, in which there must be a reception/registration area, a living room, a bathroom, a small cellar to store the objects to destroy, and, of course, a ‘room of anger’ (30 square meters on average).

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Additionally, you can choose to set up a room for attendees to rehydrate and relax. The equipment you need will depend on the area. The reception, for instance, requires a desk, chairs, computers, and a printer.

Also, the rage room will need noise-insulating material for walls, a non-slip floor, a boxing bag, mallets, bats and hammers of different sizes, assorted furniture to destroy (televisions, glass bottles, printers, telephones, etc.), a sound system, and a video surveillance system for real-time monitoring, coupled with several sets of coveralls, gloves and protective masks.

Have it in mind that the staff in charge will have to include a general coordinator, a staff person, an accountant (it can be outsourced), and a body psychotherapist if you intend to provide a relaxation experience. Always remember that the operation and management of a rage room require numerous processes to guarantee the safety of users.

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You will also have to put rules in place owing to the intelligence levels of some modern clients. Have it in mind that a good number of clients will think the rules do not apply to them or that rules are made to be broken. It then falls on you to let them know that the rules are there to ensure their safety. Here are the top ten rules and regulations to consider for your rage rooms.

What are Some Rage Room Rules and Regulations You Must Know?

  1. Attire and Safety Equipment

Participants are expected to arrive wearing attire fit for physical exercise including long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes. Other safety equipment the rage room can also provide includes:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Protective Safety Work Gloves
  • Long pants
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Hard Hat
  • Ear Protection
  • Dust Mask
  1. Liability Waiver

Every person will be expected to sign a liability waiver before they arrive. If the participant is between the ages of 13-17, the waiver is expected to be signed by a legal guardian. Minors under 13 years of age are not allowed.

  1. General Safety

Common sense entails that you become aware of your surroundings, however, a good number of injuries in a rage room occur when people do not take this rule seriously. This rule is very important because you would want your clients to be safe than be sent to the hospital.

  1. Wearing of Safety Gears

All safety gears are expected to remain on while in the room (this includes gloves & face shields). Note that anyone who removes the gear at any time will be asked to leave the room until the gear can be inspected and pronounced usable. If you have to remove a client from the room on multiple occasions, then it is better you ask them to leave and no refunds will be given.

  1. Alcohol

Note that alcohol is not allowed, and do not show up under the influence of any substance.

  1. Mobile Devices

No cellular devices may be brought into the room. You can choose to offer photography and video coverage services to clients for an additional fee. However, ensure there isn’t sound on the videos so customers can choose to edit the videos however they choose.

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Nonetheless, you can let clients connect their devices to a Bluetooth speaker and enjoy the music they choose to play from their devices.

  1. Replacement of Damaged Equipment

Please do not break the lights, cameras, table, Bluetooth speaker, or crate(s). These things are difficult to repair/replace and are costly. No one would like to charge clients $85 to replace a camera or $350 for an electrician to come to replace the fixtures.

You can also note that any damages done to the rage room itself, walls, ceiling, door, shelving, etc through negligence or by choice, will be paid for.

  1. Cancellation policy

To cancel a session and receive a full refund, a client will have to cancel no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you have a website, you can advocate that clients cancel online. Otherwise, they may have to call to cancel during business hours.

  1. Restrictions

Only 4 persons may be allowed to enter the rage room at any time. The remaining members of the group can sit outside the room and take turns rotating into the room. They might also be able to see what is going on inside the room from outside of the room.

  1. Supervisions

A Supervisor will be in the smash room at all times. This Supervisor is meant to be the final authority, and they will have to be listened to and respected at all times. Anyone who fails to listen to their directions will be asked to leave.

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A rage room is without a doubt what it sounds like, a room you rage out in. Note that the idea should always be to have a safe and controlled environment where it is okay for clients to smash and break things while not getting in trouble for it. Aside from being a great form of stress relief therapy, it is also a super fun time!