There are many ways an entrepreneur can make money and one of the ways is by selling artworks to hotels. There is no excuse for any young man or woman to remain idle simply because they have not landed their dream job yet after graduating from college. Those involved in selling artworks to hotels are making cool cash. If you know you are good at selling stuff and you want to start your own business but don’t have the startup capital required to launch the business, you can consider selling artworks to hotels.

Selling artworks to hotels require little or no startup capital and it is very profitable. If you are lucky to come by a good artist that is willing to give you his or her artworks to sell based on commission, then you can be rest assured to spend very minimal startup capital to launch this kind of business. The only situation where you are expected to spend money is if you are buying the artworks from the artists and then reselling them to hotels.

On the other hand, if you are an artist, it makes it easier for you. You can produce any artwork based on your client’s specifications. You stand the chance of maximizing profit because you are both the producer and the distributor (marketer). No doubt selling artworks to hotels is indeed a lucrative business because hotels are known to overhaul their artworks after a few years of displaying them. Besides, if you live in a city where hotels spring up always, then you can leverage it to sell your artworks.

Now let us quickly consider the 6 surefire tips that will help you make money selling artworks to hotels;

How to Make Money Selling Artworks to Hotels

1. Conduct Your Feasibility Studies

You must conduct your feasibility studies before venturing out to sell your artworks to hotels. Part of what you should look out for when conducting your feasibility studies is to get the address and details of all the hotels within your reach, you should also get info on the price range hotel owners may be willing to pay for artworks, the kind of artwork that is in high demand and how to source for artworks if you are not an artist.

You will realize that if you conduct your feasibility studies before launching your business, you struggle less to achieve your goals because you would have developed strategies on how to overcome some of the challenges you are likely to face in the course of conducting your business.

2. Write Your Business Plan

Another important thing you must do before launching your business idea is to write your business plan. Your business plan spells out how you will go about marketing your artworks to hotels – your marketing strategies, how to source for artworks, customers retention strategies, how to raise startup capital, and how to manage the inflow of cash.

Some professionals help people write good business plans; you can locate them in your city or on the internet. But, the truth is that you can write your business plan yourself since all you intend to do is to make money selling artworks to hotels – It is not a complicated business, you can use existing business plan templates to write your business plan.

3. Source for Artist around You Where You Can Possibly Get Artworks

If you are not an artist, then you must look out for artists around you where you can get artworks to sell to hotels. All you need to do is to list the address and contact details of artists within your reach and then approach them to discuss business with them. It pays you to propose selling artworks for them based on commission especially if you don’t have the startup capital to buy artworks – the truth is that artworks are expensive.

But if you are an artist and you are less busy, it makes it easier for you. You can produce the artwork and then take it to hotels around you to market it. But most artists are very busy, they work round the clock, and they will appreciate someone who can help them sell their artworks.

4. Print Your Business Card

Your business card and your phone is your most important tool in this business. The truth is that you don’t need an office to do this kind of business. Your job is to get artworks from artists at a discount price, and then sell it to hotels and you will make your profits. So, ensure that your business card is well printed and it clearly states the kind of business you are into and how you can be contacted.

5. Create a Website to Display Your Artworks

You can leverage the internet to promote your business. What you need to do is to design a good website and then display all the artworks you have for sale. The truth is that you are likely going to attract people from far and wide patronizing your artworks. If the artworks you want to display on your website aren’t yours, you must take permission from the artist who owns the artworks before displaying them on your website.

6. Approach Hotel Owners to Market Your Artworks

Since your idea of selling artworks is to sell to hotels, then all you need to do is to make a list of all the hotels within your reach, and then approach them to market your artworks. You can start with phone calls and then book an appointment to see the hotel manager or the owner of the hotel.

The truth is that, if your artworks are good and they are affordable, you would not struggle to sell them. If you have ever visited any hotel, you will realize that they always have good artwork in their lobby.

There you have it; the 6 surefire tips to follow to start making money selling artworks to hotels.