Are you interested in starting a business in Germany? If Yes, here are the top 10 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Germany.

Germany which is officially recognized as the Federal Republic of Germany is located in western – central Europe and it is part of the Schengen countries. The capital city and largest city of Germany is called Berlin and its official language is German, but English language is also widely spoken in Germany.

Germany has a population of 80.7 million people and it is the most populous member state in the European Union. Germany is obviously a major economic and political power. As a matter of fact, Germany has the world’s fourth – largest economy by nominal GDP and the 5th largest by PPP.

Germany can boast of a very high standard of living and it is both the 3rd largest exporter and 3rd largest importer of goods in the world. Germany is a highly developed and industrialized nation; it is noted as a country with the highest labor productivity levels in the world. Global brands like Mercedes – Benz, Adidas, BMW, Volkswagen, SAP, Porsche, Siemens, Audi, Bosch, Allianz, et al are all German companies and they have their Head Quarters in Germany.

Beyond Manufacturing, education, sports, health care, technology, et al, tourism is another source of income for the economy of Germany; as a matter of fact, Germany is noted as the 7th most visited country in the world with an estimate of over 407.26 million visitors in 2012 generating a whooping sum of US$38 Billion.

So if you live in Germany or you intend relocating with the purpose of starting a business in Germany, then you should go through these 10 business opportunities available in Germany;

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Germany

1. Manufacturing Business

Germany is one of the world’s surest destinations when it comes the manufacturing of standard products. So if you know you have the financial capacity to establish a manufacturing company, then you should consider starting one in any of the cities in Germany. You can choose to go into the manufacturing of electronic gadgets; you can choose to go into the manufacturing of auto spare parts or the manufacturing of any goods of your choice.

2. Laser Cutting and Welding of Metal Parts Business-: Starting a laser cutting business in Germany is one business that you can easily start in Germany and it is highly profitable. A Laser cutting business requires low startup capital, and an individual can run and manage the business alone.

3. IT Sales Support Business

Germany is a highly industrialized nation and technologically driven. So if you are an IT personal or you have interest in the IT industry, then you should consider starting your own IT sales support business in Germany – you will be involved in selling IT gadgets and then offer after sale services like installation, repairs and services et al. The market for IT sales support business is very large and it cut across all the strata of the economy of Germany.

4. Hair Dresser and Beauty Shop

Another easy to setup and yet highly profitable business that you can start in business is a hair dresser and beauty shop. If you are a hair stylist, you can consider starting this business. All you need to do is to ensure that you choose a good location for your Hair Dresser and Beauty Shop and you will be amazed at the amount you will make daily especially during weekends.

5. Pet Shop

Germans are known to love and treat pets nicely; so if you are interested in starting a business in any city in Germany, you can consider opening a pet shop. The truth is that if you run a one stop pet shop where everything about pets can be well taken care of, you can be rest assured of making good returns on your investment.

6. Groceries Mart

Groceries mart business is one business that can survive in any part of the world and it is highly profitable if properly positioned and managed. So, if you are thinking of starting a business that requires little or no technical skills, then you should consider starting your own groceries mart in a good location in any city in Germany.

7. Auto Repair Workshop

Another thriving and profitable business that you may want to consider setting up in Germany Is an Auto repair workshop. Starting an auto repair workshop requires technical skills. The truth is that if your auto repair workshop is well positioned, then you will attract loads of people that will visit your garage to either fix or service their automobile.

8. English Language Learning School

If you have ever been to Germany, you would realize that aside from German language, English language is another language that is widely spoken. For that reason, if you studied English, then you can consider starting an English School in Germany. The truth is that if you establish an evening school where people are taught how to read, write and speak English language, you will sure attract both corporate and non corporate clients enrolling in your school.

9. Wholesale Electronic Supply Business

When it comes to reliable electronics and technology, Germany is in the fore front. You can start a wholesale electronic supply business in Germany and you will make good returns on your investment especially if you are able to secure international market.

As a matter of fact, there are owners of electronic stores in other countries that would want to work with a representative in Germany and if your wholesale electronic supply business is well positioned, then you can attract world partners.

10. Auto Spare Parts Business

Auto spare parts business is yet another viable and highly profitable business that can easily be started in Germany. You either choose to start an auto spare parts manufacturing business or you can choose to go into the wholesale or retailing of auto spare parts. Whichever choice you choose, if you manage the business properly, you will definitely make good returns on your investment.

If you don’t have the money and time to start any of the businesses listed above from the scratch, then you can consider buying over and existing business. Businesses are always listed for sale and you should endeavor to be on the lookout.