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10 Best Types of Table Caddy for Restaurant

If you run a restaurant, then ensuring that you have some of the best tools or utensils will no doubt help you serve your customers well and help you maximize your time and space. As a matter of fact, you can’t go about carrying every item one after the other when you need them hence the need for caddies in your restaurant.

What is a Caddy?

A caddy is a small storage container, typically one with divisions. Considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best caddy for your restaurant can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are 10 of the Best caddies that you can get today.

Best Table Caddy for Restaurant

  1. American Metalcraft BNCB84

This contemporary birdnest-style black coffee caddy is perfect for your coffee shop, cafe, restaurant or diner. This product can be used for small-scale coffee service right at your customer’s table! No need to worry about your customers having to wait for the coffee and tea supplies they need.

The four convenient compartments are great for keeping all of your coffee service supplies neat and organized. It’s easy to separate sugar, creamer, tea packets, and coffee. The unique birdnest design of this caddy has a contemporary and creative design that allows you to serve your guests in a stylish way.

This design also allows you to see when supplies are low in the caddy, making it easy to refill when needed. You can also use this versatile coffee caddy at buffets, elegant catered events, or for coffee or tea service in your employee break room. Whatever your needs are for small-scale coffee service, this caddy will get the job done.

  1. Tablecraft 593RBK

Keep your condiments accessible and organized with the Tablecraft 593RBK black salt and pepper shaker/sugar packet rack. Use this rack to create an organized spread of your most-used condiments. Store it on each table, or have it ready to provide upon request.

The convenient loop at the top of this rack makes it easy for servers and hosts to grab and go during your busy dinner service.

Its black powder coated finish provides an attractive, yet professional appearance for your diner, restaurant, or steak house. The square design and raised sides keep sugar packets and shakers inside the holder. This, along with its small size, makes it a welcomed addition to any table or bar top.

  1. Clipper Mill Compartment Condiment Caddy with Menu Holder

Give your guests everything they need to enjoy their meal with the Clipper Mill by GET 4-22735 9″ x 7″ chrome metal 2-compartment condiment caddy with menu holder. This useful, all-in-one design comes with 2 compartments to house shakers and sugar packets. Store one on each table, or have it ready to provide upon request.

This caddy includes a menu holder designed to showcase your house specialties, happy hour drinks, or dessert menu. Its chrome metal construction provides an attractive, yet professional appearance for your diner, restaurant, or steak house.

This caddy is designed to keep shakers and packets firmly in place whether on the move in your busy dining room or already on your guests’ table. It’ll conveniently hold everything your guests need without your servers making multiple trips between tables and the kitchen.

  1. GET CAD-42-MG Cyclone 4″ x 2″ Gray Metal Wire Salt and Pepper Caddy with Handle

The GET CAD-42-MG Cyclone 4″ x 2″ salt and pepper caddy makes a great and useful addition to any tabletop in your dining room. Made of black powder coated metal, this caddy is durably built to withstand heavy use. Whether you want to use it in your diner, restaurant, cafe, or bistro, the sleek black color of this caddy lets it effortlessly blend into your tabletop.

The handle makes it easy to move form one table to another, and you can even put a card it to label tables or advertise specials. Store and display your own salt and pepper shakers for your guests to conveniently access during their dining experience.

Designed for functionality and appearance, this caddy is a beautifully crafted tabletop accessory that is sure to impress your valued guests. Match it with other items from the Cyclone line to create a truly dynamic and cohesive tabletop display.

  1. Wire Salt & Pepper Shaker/Sugar Packet Rack

This salt & pepper/sugar packet holder is made of chrome-plated wire for a classic look that appeals to all kinds of restaurant, diner, and cafe decors. The rack adds convenience to any tabletop, as it attractively holds salt & pepper shakers up to 1 3/4″ diameter and standard sugar packets.

Put one on every table at your business so your guests have all the essentials. The looping handle makes the caddy easy to carry, and unique-looking ball feet allow it to slide easily without damaging your tabletops.

  1. Choice Black Plastic Bar Caddy Organizer

An economical choice at any bar, restaurant, or office, this caddy organizer helps clear clutter while creating an easily accessible storage solution. It boasts a sleek black color with a shiny finish, making it attractive but professional, and it includes a total of 5 compartments to hold a variety of supplies.

Its compact design also ensures that it fits where it’s needed most, even when countertops have little room to spare. Keep your straws, stirrers, napkins, pens, or office supplies organized and tidy with this choice black plastic bar caddy organizer.

  1. Black Plastic Bar Caddy with Six USB Charging Ports

Provide your employees and guests with an easy way to charge their devices by using this black plastic bar caddy with six USB charging ports (USB charging cords sold separately). Featuring six separate charging ports for a number of customers to utilize, this bar caddy is clearly labeled with a coinciding image as a “USB Charging” station to inform patrons while also reducing questions towards the staff.

Plus, since it operates with a single power supply, this unit eliminates the need for multiple plugs. To operate as a charging station, it must be plugged in at all times.

This bar caddy includes three compartments to conveniently house cocktail napkins, straws, and stirrers right on the bar-top so guests and bartenders can grab what they need without hesitation. This allows for faster and more efficient service which, of course, creates happier customers.

Additionally, this bar caddy’s compact size saves counter space so there’s plenty of room for food and drinks. With technology continually making its way into more aspects of our lives, this bar caddy with six USB ports is essential to your bar, restaurant, or cafe. This unit requires a 120V electrical connection.

  1. Cal-Mil 3499-99 Madera Bar Caddy

Provide your employees and guests with easy access to popular drink accessories with this Cal-Mil 3499-99 Madera bar caddy. A 3-section plastic divider allows for quick organization of straws, stirrers, napkins, toothpicks, and other bar essentials. When not in use, the divider can be removed and easily cleaned with soap and water.

Designed to save tabletop counter space, this caddy allows adequate room for all of your supplies! Furthermore, this stand’s flat square base and straight sides provide optimal stability. Thanks to this organizer’s natural, rustic wood design, it makes a decorative accent piece at any restaurant, catered event, cafe, or hotel.

  1. Carlisle BC0503 Black Plastic Bar Caddy

Jazz up your bar with the Carlisle BC0503 black plastic bar caddy. With ample room for everything from beverage napkins to drink stirrers, this bar caddy is perfect for keeping your bar supplies neat and tidy.

The black plastic construction of this bar caddy is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including upscale bars and restaurants, private clubs, and lounges. Divided into a total of 6 compartments of various sizes, this caddy helps you to maximize your tabletop space.

It allows you to hold several different items for easy access all in one convenient unit. The open design notifies staff when refills are necessary, ensuring that they never run out of supplies. For superior organization at your restaurant or hotel beverage station, look no further than this stylish caddy.

  1. American Metalcraft CADDYW Acacia Wood Vintage Salt and Pepper Caddy

Keep your vintage salt and pepper shakers secure with the help of this American Metalcraft CADDYW acacia wood vintage salt and pepper caddy. This caddy is designed to hold American Metalcraft vintage salt and pepper shakers (sold separetely).

Made of attractive Acacia wood, this caddy is long-lasting and adds a stylish touch to your tabletop. It has two round holders to easily accommodate both the salt and pepper in a way that makes them easy to transport when you are setting tables or cleaning up.

This caddy has a rounded top that makes it easy to hold and move from table to table. When not being used with the vintage salt and pepper shakers, this versatile caddy is a great way to keep hot sauce, oil and vinegar, or other specialty condiments always within easy reach for your customers. Elevate your shakes and keep them within quick view of your guests with the help of this salt and pepper shake caddy.