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Can You Use a Box Truck for Uber Freight?

Yes, you can use a box truck for Uber freight and this is possible because Uber has been expanding its scope and accommodating more business ideas within the transportation industry. Uber has indeed revolutionized the transport industry with its Uber Freight.

Daily, Uber Freight works with food and beverage vendors to help keep grocery shelves stocked. Uber Freight delivers flexible, dependable reefer capacity for dairy, fresh and frozen meat, temperature-controlled food and beverage, produce, and more.

Box truck drivers using the Uber Freight application, installed into a smartphone, can find loads to transport whenever they want to work. Box truck drivers who are interested in working for Uber Freight can access the mobile app after vetting and scanning for a load.

If they want the work, they just need to tap to book it. Uber will send in a matter of minutes, confirmation of the cost; this helps to alleviate a common concern in trucking over whether or not a load has been verified.

How Does Uber Freight Work?

Uber Freight works just like any other freight broker service, and this is how it works;

  • Shippers send Uber detailed information about their shipment, where and when to pick the load up, where to go, and when to get to the delivery address.
  • Carriers that satisfy Uber Freight carrier requirements search the shipments available and choose the one they want.
  • The carrier gets all the information needed with Uber Freight: how much the load costs, the weight, the truck type required, etc.
  • The carrier also has the freedom to pick the loads that make the most sense for them.
  • The Uber app enables the trucking company to book loads 24/7 and get paid within seven days.

Uber Freight Driver-Vehicle Vetting Process

Please note that for every driver interested in working with Uber Freight service, the driver would need to reach out to the company first as a screening process is required. The screening process helps ensure that only eligible truckers and trucks that comply with Uber Freight vehicle requirements can access the platform.

Customers who sign-up to list loads, trust that anybody who takes on the job is a pre-vetted truck driver; has satisfied all Uber Freight vehicle requirements, and is also backed by Uber’s method of verification. This vetting process helps to build trust on the company’s side.

Please note that drivers can only qualify for Uber Freight as independent box truck drivers when they have MC or DOT numbers. And they must be an approved carrier, of course. Uber Freight registration can always be done via the Uber website.

The company then contacts the applicants for the “carrier onboarding” documents to validate the details. And to also verify if the applicant’s track meets Uber Freight vehicle requirements. Once the driver is certified and approved, which they claim is usually within a couple of days, they can start booking loads 24/7 through the Uber Freight mobile app.

What Size of Box Truck is Allowed?

Uber Freight features 53’ FTL dry van loads on just about every lane out there. All you need to qualify to work with Uber Freight is to get any box truck that meets the requirements of federal and state regulations.

Requirements to Enroll for Uber Freight as a Driver

Here are some of what you will need to enroll for Uber Freight, become an Uber Freight driver as well as book your first load. All drivers will need to fill in their carrier and box truck detail, and also need to provide the following information;

Uber Freight insurance requirements

Insurance Certificate evidencing at least auto liability of $1,000,000 and cargo liability of $100,000, including (if applicable) reefer breakdown coverage (for the intrastate carrier). That is the basic insurance requirement for Uber Freight.

  • Driver’s bank account information – Uber Freight uses this to pay drivers using ACH direct deposit
  • State-level motor carrier permits and registrations
  • No conditional or unsatisfactory safety rating
  • 53′ dry van or reefer (truck and trailer)
  • DOT or Motor Carrier number
  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

In Conclusion,

It is no longer news that Uber Freight works with a wide variety of shippers, everything from manufacturers to big-box retailers to up-and-coming small businesses. Uber Freight platform features 53’ FTL dry van loads on just about every lane out there.

Uber Freight brings the power and expertise of Uber technology to simplify logistics. Uber’s intuitive software makes it easy for carriers (box truck operators) to find the loads they need.