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7 Best Apps for Finding Box Truck Loads

Box trucks are used to haul appliances, furniture, and other things from one location to another. Since most of these products can only be moved using either a truck or a container van, a box truck business can be quite lucrative.

Being an independent box truck owner and operator can be an exciting way to earn income, both full time and on the side, and drivers that use box trucks to move cargo can easily earn thousand of dollars a month. Have it in mind that a good number of independent drivers find it hard to locate loads for their box trucks, especially when they are just starting out.

Most often, these drivers reach out to local businesses and advertise their services on Craigslist. However, it can be very challenging to guarantee a consistent amount of work. And, without freight to haul, income and earnings are fickle.

Over the years, the means by which drivers find loads have evolved from physical bulletin boards at truck stops to digital displays and then to websites and apps.

These apps increasingly are accessed via a mobile device, and with such apps, independent drivers can easily find loads that fit their criteria near their current location, their destination, or another area. Although a good number of these smartphone-enabled apps and load boards are devoted to specific niches such as livestock and dry bulk, some of the apps mentioned below feature a vast range of freight types.

Best Apps for Box Truck Loads

If you are a box truck owner that is eager to leverage industry apps to find loads, here are the top choices you can find on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store unless otherwise noted.

  1. GoShare

This proprietary technology connects box truck owners with businesses and people who need local moving and delivery assistance.

Via this app, potential clients can easily place their order, and moving and delivery professionals will get a push notification with all necessary information about the job including what the freight is, where it is, and how much the total estimated payment will be upon completion.

Since GoShare has established concrete relationships with many local and national retailer chains, there are numerous projects for box truck owners looking for new loads. With no predefined routes, box truck drivers are free to accept projects that work for their schedules.

  1. DAT Load Board

DAT Solutions has been around for a long time and got its start at its Jubitz truck stop in 1978 with Dial-A-Truck monitors. Note that the DAT Load Board app helps drivers easily find and bid on loads as they arrive in their feed, filtered to their preferences.

However, the free DAT Load Board app requires a subscription to the company’s Power, Express, and TruckersEdge services.

Have it in mind that the more the app is used, the more it adapts to the user’s preferences. A “Get Me Home” feature automatically helps to locate loads for a return trip. App users also can view broker reviews and credit scores. Loads can be saved to call on later.

  1. Truckloads

According to reviews, downloading and using the Truckloads app, designed by Trucker Path, is free. You will first be asked to enter your equipment type, and then the app will help you find loads that match the criteria. Necessary information it offers includes broker credit scores, days to pay, back haul loads through the “Freight Finder” feature, and more.

Also note that this app comes with Trucker Path fuel advances and InstaPay factoring services, which pay within 24 hours and are charged at a 3.5 percent flat rate with no additional fees. Fuel advances on loads also are available for qualified users.

  1. HaulHound

HaulHound’s free app tends to make use of data from carriers, load boards, and more and requires no subscription. Independent drivers just need to note the size of the loads they want, including hotshot. Freight types include reefer, flatbed, cargo, and Sprinter vans, dry vans, dump trucks, tankers, pneumatic, logger, and livestock.

However, unlike most other apps in the industry, no money moves through HaulHound. Truck owners are paid directly by the shipper or broker. Also, note that factoring is available via a partnership with Express Freight Finance.

  1. 123 Loadboard

Note that you will need to subscribe to make use of every feature offered by this app. This app allows users to source loads and view mileage, routing, toll costs, payment rates, and broker credit details, some of which are provided by PC Miler.

It also lets drivers source for loads by city or state or based on GPS location. Also note that a freight matching feature helps reduce deadhead, while a partnership with Thunder Funding also offers drivers fuel advances for any load found through the app. This app can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

  1. Direct Freight

Have it in mind that this is one of the most feature-packed load board apps available to carriers. It comes with numerous features such as a filtering system, custom alert schedules, and weather notifications unique to your route.

According to reviews, this app is fully fitted to see to the needs of independent drivers and it also presents an enjoyable experience for owner-operators. In addition, you can check brokers’ credit scores for safe and secure load searching. Direct Freight offers a 15-day trial period before its $34.95 per month subscription fee kicks in.

  1. Truckstop Mobile

Just like most load board apps, you will need to subscribe to have access to the features of this app. With in-app messaging, drivers, carriers, brokers and shippers can reach out to each other. Also, note that the app offers automatic check-in calls.

Throughout the negotiation and delivery process, the app is well-fitted to make it convenient to upload documents such as rate confirmations, proofs of delivery, bills of lading, load photos, and accessorial fee receipts. This app also keeps track of invoice data for up to 90 days, and its proprietary “experience factor” broker-credit-rating system is visible.

Just like it was noted above, the toughest part of having an independent trucking business is finding loads to fill your schedule. If you are looking for a cargo van, straight trucks, or pickup truck loads, consider some of these apps noted above. These online matching systems allow shippers, brokers, and carriers to post loads and work together.