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7 Best Places to Find Box Truck Loads in 2023

Just like every other business owner, box truckers also need to sell their services. But unlike most businesses, box truckers need clients with freight in the right place, at the right time.

Establishing a network of shippers with freight at the perfect place at the right time can be quite challenging because box truckers barely have the time and resources necessary to build this network of shippers and lanes.

Businesses will always need to ship goods that are too large for parcel service but not large enough for a full truckload. For instance, if freight is light or takes up a handful of space, it wouldn’t seem ideal to use a 52-foot shipping trailer.

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Therefore, hauling services offered by box trucks may be a viable option. Most often referred to as LTL (Less-Than-Trucked) shipping, this service allows for the transportation of box truckloads at affordable rates. The services offered by box truck businesses are known to be convenient and efficient. It combines smaller loads to create full multi-stop truckloads.

Customers are expected to pay for the space they intend to use. Also, note that this option is popular for small businesses and individuals alike. The only con is that box truckloads take longer to ship since drivers add multiple stops to their route.

Best Place to Find Box Truck Load

As a box trucker, finding loads that suit your criteria can be extremely challenging. It’s even more challenging for those who are just getting started or live in a small city. However, there are top places to consider when seeking loads for your box truck. These places include;

  1. Load Boards

This is, without doubt, the easiest and most efficient place to find loads. Load boards are basically online boards that list loads for delivery. Many (but not all) charge a fee to use them. Note that load boards show you precisely what needs to be shipped, where it is situated, where it is going, how much it weighs, and any other details necessary for the job.

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The best load board for box truckers will offer free trials, have mobile apps so you can search for loads to move on the go, and send you notifications so you don’t have to miss a high-paying load. Also, ensure you receive notifications from the load board for load searches.

  1. Freight Brokers

Freight brokers remain one of the most common ways to connect box truckers with shippers. Brokers are known to save owner-operators a handful of stress since they do most of the job of sourcing loads for drivers. However, for this service, box truckers should expect to pay a fair commission from the load.

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Freight brokers should also charge a fair commission as well. In addition, since brokers more or less negotiate the rates with the shippers, the owner-operator will have to take the time to analyze in advance whether or not the load will be profitable.

  1. Dispatchers

Dispatchers are also another way or place for box truckers to find loads. Although they often function similarly to a freight broker, they exclusively represent their clients. These dispatchers will go through load boards and make available high-paying loads that are ideal for your business.

You can hire a dispatcher directly (with industry experience and contacts in tow) or contract with a trucking dispatching service to help connect you with brokers and shippers.

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Also note that trucking dispatchers can provide some administrative services like accounting, billing, and collections. Aside from sourcing and getting loads for box truckers, have it in mind that they also offer back-office services that help to ensure shippers pay invoices on time.

  1. Local Delivery Matching Sites

In the United States, there are numerous companies, and manufacturers, that need local deliveries to ensure success in their business. Sites like GoShare can link you with potential clients or businesses that may need these types of deliveries. You can also consider Lugg and Dolly if you want additional alternatives.

  1. Moving Job Websites

Whether it’s helping a person move out of their small apartment, or helping a small office relocate, your box truck may be the suitable option for these sorts of jobs. However, note that you can get these sorts of jobs on sites like Taskrabbit, Thumbtack, and similar sites.

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Nonetheless, if you intend to offer professional moving services then have it in mind that some states may require special licensing or permits. Ensure to check with your state to realize the exact requirements you are expected to fulfill to operate a moving business with your box truck.

  1. Shippers

A good number of box truckers enter into agreements directly with shippers to get loads to haul. However, getting this contract will most likely require some cold calling. You’ll need to contact shippers, introduce yourself, and find out whether a private contract might be available.

Truth be told, this process takes time and you will get turned down once in a while or even more often. Nevertheless, ensure you carry out your research and find local shippers who may be in the market for an exclusive driver.

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Don’t forget that shippers will most often act in their own best interests, as any business would. They may contract more drivers than they require, maybe to ensure they are never left with a load that doesn’t have a driver. You may need to diversify your business across numerous shippers to guarantee steady business.

  1. Government Contract

Without doubts, local, state, and federal governments tend to have their own transportation needs. Owing to that, one of the best places to source loads as a box trucker is via government contracts. But unlike other types of loads, you will be expected to first register as a government contractor to be able to haul their load.

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Aside from that, you can choose to partner with another company that is already under a government contract. But regardless of the route you choose, endeavor to contact your state or city government for more details if you are interested in fulfilling government trucking contracts.

In conclusion, have it in mind that networking remains the bread and butter of small businesses, including box truck businesses. Ensure you get involved with industry associations and also attend events that your potential clients are attending. The internet is also another great place to do some research on what is going on in your industry.