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9 Best Places True Crime Youtubers Get Their Information

The popularity of the true crime genre has grown massively in recent times and its mind-blowing content, compelling narratives, and intricate work have captured the interests and attention of many.

Ranging from the varying unsolved crimes to fresh explorations of the justice system, true crime YouTube channels have become a premium attraction for enthusiasts who are eager to satisfy their curiosity while also learning more about past crimes and hidden details herein.

Howbeit, with the growing interest in true crime content and how intriguing the stories are, more and more people are beginning to wonder where true crime YouTubers get their information from.

Truth be told, there are numerous sources where these Youtubers obtain their information and details from, and the exact one they use will depend on individual capabilities and available resources.

Where Do True Crime Youtubers Get Their Information?

  1. Public Records and Court Documents

YouTubers invest a good number of time and resources in researching public records and court documents to obtain information.

These documents contain official accounts, legal proceedings, in most instances exclusive details that make up the basis of their storytelling or narratives.

  1. News Articles and Media Reports

News articles as well as media reports are viable sources as they offer a detailed overview of a case, making available some of the key facts and developments that ensure that true crime YouTubers can develop a foundation for their content.

  1. Books and Published Works

True crime YouTubers have found a whole lot of information in crime books authored by investigative journalists or individuals who are connected to the cases.

These YouTubers garner vital details from these works to ensure they have the right insights, information, and a deeper understanding of the events they are covering or narrating.

  1. Podcasts and Documentaries

Keep in mind that podcasts and documentaries, particularly those that center on true crime, have become rich sources of information.

True crime YouTubers listen to or watch these productions to ensure they get these delicate details, interviews, and perspectives that might be hard to come by via traditional news sources.

  1. Online Databases and Archives

The internet has made information easily accessible and available. Note that the internet is renowned as that treasure trove of information, and every successful true crime YouTuber must have mastered the art of scouring online databases and archives.

Using the internet, true crime YouTubers can access police reports, legal databases, as well as community forums to obtain hidden or delicate details and perspectives on a case. 

  1. Interviews and Conversations

Regardless of where they access information, there are situations that warrant these Youtubers to personally interact or interview those close to or have a connection with the case.

Note that they can contact witnesses, investigators, or individuals involved in the case to obtain firsthand or exclusive information regarding the case. Keep in mind that these insights would add a unique and personal touch to their content.

  1. Social Media and Online Communities

Social media platforms and online communities have proven to be vital sources or tools for gathering information, especially for these YouTubers who provide true crime content.

Note that they might follow case-related hashtags, join forums, and venture into online communities to find out overlooked details or to evaluate and analyze public opinions as related to a particular case.

  1. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

In a situation where it is difficult to access certain information, you will find that some true crime YouTubers leverage the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to ask for official documents from government agencies.

Right grim 1967, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has been referred to as a beacon of hope especially since it gives the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency.

In the United States, it is often described as the law that keeps citizens informed about their government and it ensures that true crime YouTubers can access records that might otherwise be confidential.

  1. Case Files and Cold Case Reviews

You will find that willing true crime YouTubers tend to go after cold cases and case files that have been released to the public.

They take their time to revisit these documents especially since there is a good possibility that they could find fresh perspectives, unseen clues, and potential breakthroughs in solving the mysteries they present.