Do you want to start a business and make money assembling products? If YES, here is a detailed guide on how to work from home assembling products.

Seriously, legitimate home assembling companies exist, but there are lots of fake assembly jobs which makes it difficult to find the ones that are REAL! Take it or leave it, there’s a lot of money to be made assembling products for companies. You could decide to assemble bikes or small gift bags, and be paid.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have met several people who eventually left the 9-5 race, just by assembling products for companies. If you want enough time to relax with your family or desire to work from home, then assembling small ticket products for companies is a good BET.

How Home Assembly Jobs Generally Work

Assembly jobs could involve anything that has to do with assembling gift items, bikes toys, CD cases, or other small items.

The way it generally works is that you register with a small fee of $25 – $30 and then after you assemble the kit, they review and buy it back from you! Which means that, if you register with ‘’XYZ’’ home assembly company with $30, they pay you that same amount or more, after you assemble the kit assigned to you.

Spending 2-3 hours or more on Facebook chatting with your friends, won’t add any value to your life. But if you spend that precious time assembling products for companies, you could make $100 or more, depending on the work flow. So be smart and use your time wisely. A spare $100 could settle your laundry bills. Think about it.

How to Get Paid Handsomely For Assembling Products

Do you know that you can get paid for assembling products such as barbecues and furniture’s? Well, companies pay people handsomely for assembling some of these small items. You could also assemble products directly for big stores.

Tip: In this case, you become an employee rather than a freelance worker. But the beautiful thing about assembling these small ticket items is that, you get paid per product and you get products in large supply. (Think about this: assembling 50 boxes, and being paid $15 per box. Does that not add up? A cool $750 for a day’s work). Not bad!

Become a bike assembler

There are many companies in the States that pay people to assemble bikes or large retail stores like Wal-Mart. There are lots of firms in your area looking for work from home assemblers. Identify them. They do have jobs piled up for you, and their pay is quite encouraging (the pay could be daily, weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly)! Your choice.

How to Start a Work from Home Assembly Business

You can decide to start your own business, assembling products purchased by people. Many small business owners of course, have a steady supply of goods coming in, and are always in need of geniuses at assembling goods. You could start a business; put up fliers, create Facebook advert, and visit playgrounds where parents take their children to have fun.

Note: Your flier needs to be extremely professional to reflect that your work is top notch. Trust me, it’s great starting a business assembling products. It’s profitable, and easy to start up. You just need to be unique! You could team up with a friend to start up this business.

A Definitive Guide to Working from Home Assembling Products

  • Like I said earlier, there are lots of home assembly companies. The first step is to register based on your interests and qualifications. Order a kit, and choose from electronics, crafts or jewelry.
  • Once your kit has been delivered, you should examine to fully understand how it’s been created. If there are any damages found or repairs needed, you can contact the company so they will make the necessary changes.
  • The next thing you have to do is assemble your kit together and send them in for review. Once your work has been approved by the company, you can proceed to finish assembling the other products in your kit.
  • Once you are done with assembling, you can ship the product back to the supplier or home assembly company, for inspection and payment. If you did a good job, you will get your money. Trust me.

A Note of Warning

Before joining any company as an assembler, it is important that you research to determine if they are scam artist.

Home product assembly jobs contact details:

There are several legitimate home product assembly companies that pay resourceful entrepreneurs and stay at home moms or parents to assemble products. You can get a job with no degrees, or little to no experience. All you require is the willingness to work.

They are:

American Diversified Publications Inc.

  • Contact details: American Diversified Publications Inc.
  • 685 E. I-10 Service Road
  • Slidell, LA 70461
  • 800-688-0295
  • Official email:

Polkadots & Moonbeams

  • Contact address: 4812 Croft Court
  • Glen Allen, VA 23060
  • 800-967-0143
  • Official email:

New England Crafters & The Magical Gift Company

  • Contact address: 38 Main Street
  • Torrington, CT 06790
  • 860-482-3955
  • Official email:

In conclusion, there are many work from home assembly jobs. You can make a couple bucks’ monthly assembling goods for companies. I hope you use this information to get started with a legitimate work assembly outfit.

Ajaero Tony Martins