In a world economy where you just might not be able to predict a hundred percent how things might turn in the nearest future, it becomes really important that one has a multiple stream of income. It is because of this that people are turning into entrepreneurs every day. It is their wish that they are able to grow their business to level of profitability someday soon.

Whilst, being an entrepreneur might not be an all rosy venture at the beginning, however with persistence, consistency and tenacity, one can be able to boast of success in no distant time at all. This is a sure banker as those who have taken this path can easily attest to this.

You might also agree with me that with whatever business you have decided to do, getting customers sometimes can be a herculean tasks. This is because there are times when you have done all that you needed to do to attract customers, and yet you might not be attracting a huge number of them as you may want. Notwithstanding the fact that the straight way to making more profit is when you have more customers.

This read proposes to show you ways that you could possibly adopt to attract new customers by giving out free samples of your products. Here we go!

How to Attract New Customers by Giving Out Free Samples

1. Organize Entertainment Shows

For you to be able to give out your free samples so that potential customers can be aware of your brand and hope to purchase yours some day, then you have got to look to organizing an entertainment show. What may this entail, you might ask? It would entail that you put together an entertainment show where you can invite a myriad of people who would come and then you are able to give free samples.

Do take note that this is an entertainment show and as such may entail that you put in some money in the organization of the show. It would also gulp money, especially if you would want to bring up an artiste to perform at the show.

Although, you might spend some money in the overall planning of the program, but you can be sure to get your money back when referrals come as a result of the free samples you have given. You have got to decide whether the show would be a free one, whether invitees might not have to pay a gate fee. On the other hand it is important that you place a gate fee tag, so that you do not end up spending a lot, with nothing coming back in return.

2. Sponsor Seminars and Workshops

One other way through which you can be sure to get your business to the general public is by sponsoring a seminar, workshop or any other crucial program that can boast of a good number of people in attendance. Here you get to be a sole sponsor or a co sponsor for the sole aim of having your sample products delivered. Be sure to make adequate enquiries on how these seminars are planned and the location, as this would determine the caliber of people that might be in attendance, as well as your target audience.

3. Add Free Sample to Existing product

Yet another very viable way through which you may be able to get your products to the public eye is when you sort of add your free sample product to an existing one. Take for instance; if you have free shampoo products for your customers, and are looking to get it out there, then you may consider attaching it to your existing body soap. This is so that one your customers purchase it, they also get a chance to use the free ones and this to a large extent could help with new sales of the new products.

4. Plan Road Shows

In some parts of the world, road shows have become one of the best options available when it comes to giving out free samples. Whilst this might not readily yield big results in other countries, but you can be sure that it does have the power the draw the attention of new customers. Road shows are organized when sales attendants move around various localities giving of free samples of products to people. This is something you can also adopt. However, in your quest of adopting this medium, be sure to also talk with the people on the uses of the free samples you are handing out to them.

5. Go on Radio or TV Shows

This yet another means to get your free sample products out to the public. Do note that this might come with you paying some fee, as you cannot go on the radio or TV without first paying a promotional fee. On these programs, callers or the viewers may be subjected to answering some questions, and then your free samples are giving out as gifts.

There you have it; very crucial steps that you must be willing to take to get your free samples out in order to attract new customers. In addition to all these, be sure that you have put in plans that could readily accommodate your new customers, as you do not want to come across as not thorough when you cannot handle the teeming influx of new clients when they eventually begin to patronize you.