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50 Corporate Christmas Gifts ideas for Business Executives

What are the best corporate Christmas gifts ideas for business executives? If this is the question on your mind, then read on as I share with you a list of the best corporate Christmas gifts ideas for business executives, employees, customers, men, women and everyone alike. Christmas is here again and it’s a season to radiate love and show appreciation to those who made us or shaped our lives and businesses.

Just recently, I was pondering on the best Christmas gifts to buy in order to show appreciation to my business associates and allies. After critically carrying out some research, I was able to come up with a list of 50 corporate gifts ideas for Christmas, so I decided to share it with you.

Why You Need to Give Corporate Gifts this Christmas to Those that Matter

One of my mentors, Aliko Dangote; the richest black man in the world explained in an interview granted that one of his business success secrets is giving back to those who made him. It is known fact that no one is entirely self reliant. When I take a look at where I am today, I realized that a lot of businesses, customers, investors, associates and even my employees have contributed their quota to make my business a success.

I believe this season is another opportunity to show my appreciation to these personalities and entities. If you share the same mindset of appreciation or giving back to those who contributed to your success, then below are top 50 best Christmas corporate gifts ideas for business executives.

Top 50 Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas for Business Executives

Now it is an established fact that corporate executives are mostly busy with their schedules, so it is best to choose gift items that will help them with their business activities.

  • Christmas cards

Christmas cards have been in use for ages now and it still maintains its appeal. Many companies give greeting cards during holiday seasons or Christmas because it is the cheapest and fastest way to tell someone that you appreciate his or her effort for the year. For an executive, you just make sure that the Christmas card you intend to send comes with a unique style. It may be a high end perfumed card accompanied by a small gift box.

  • Calendars

When giving a business executive a calendar, don’t make the mistake of giving a low quality calendar because it might end up in the waste bin. You can give a customized calendar branded with your company logo or better still, you can send in an electronic calendar engraved with an art work.

  • Gift certificates for restaurants

Is there an exclusive high class restaurant in town where the big boys of the society hang out? If yes, then you may consider giving a gift certificate for redeemable at such restaurants.

  • Gift basket

Gift basket is another good option you may consider because the size of the basket and the type of items in it can catch the attention of your recipient. You may choose to send a chocolate gift basket, gourmet gift basket, wine gift basket, etc.

  • Flowers

Another favorite corporate Christmas gift is a bunch of flowers. But before you send flowers to a business executive or anyone, you must make sure you understand the person’s beliefs because flowers mean different things in different cultural environment.

  • Wine or liquor

Christmas is a season of celebration and most business people drink wines during happy occasions. Therefore, a bottle of wine printed with company’s logo can serve as a corporate Christmas gift but you should ensure the wine you send is of good quality. Or better still, you can spare a few minutes to find out the favorite brand of your recipient.

More Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas for Business Executives

There are endless corporate gift items you can choose from, just make sure they are made of the finest materials that will last for a lifetime.

  • Corporate secure 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
  • Wine Carrier bag
  • Glass or Crystal globe
  • Leather writing pad
  • Shaker and Martini set
  • Office wall paper
  • Miniature desk stand compass
  • Corporate wall clock
  • Digital Camera
  • Kindle Wireless Reading Device
  • iPad or iPhone carrier bag
  • Electronic Photo Frame
  • Coffee Mug
  • Boxed stationery sets
  • Business card holders
  • Crystal plague award
  • Sticky note organizer
  • Desk accessories
  • Executive wallet
  • Executive suitcase or laptop bag
  • Engraved Executive Pens
  • Leather Bonded Diaries