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7 Best Colors for Restaurant Wall [Interior and Exterior]

When looking to start a restaurant, it is important you take your time to understand the design concepts that would define your business— and one of them is the exact color to paint your establishment.

Same as with putting together your menu, you have to understand that color and design will most likely impact customer behavior — and that is more important than choosing your favorite color. Different colors stimulate varying emotions and can most definitely impact feelings of hunger, thirst, and comfort in people.

Note that utilizing warmer tones at the entrance of a restaurant ensures that your customers feel that the temperature is much higher than usual.

Meanwhile, cooler shades will give them the feeling that the temperature is much more relaxed. Some specific colors are ideal for varying types of restaurant formats, the same way restaurant interior design also impeded customers’ comfort and experience.

Specific Colors for Restaurant Interior and Exterior Walls

Note that the best color for your restaurant wall should flow with the overall ambiance of your restaurant, align with your branding and advertising concepts, as well as create an environment that your clients would love to revisit time and time again. Aside from that, you will also want to ensure it relates well with your dining room tables and chairs.

  1. Black

Black has always been classic, bold, and a trailblazer. Although not well-suited for daytime restaurants, note that this color can look fresh and clean especially when used with white. Also, note that it can produce a contemporary look or a classic aesthetic and can create drama and feel very much luxurious.

If your intention is to establish a humid and sensual environment in a lounge or swanky dinner restaurant, then you should most definitely take black into consideration for your walls.

  1. Reds

Red is known to buttress energy and passion. It has been proven that red increases heart rate and blood pressure, and tend to stimulate impulse ordering (for instance when a customer first sits down and wants an appetizer, they order immediately).

As such, have it in mind that red walls are a good choice especially if your restaurant offers small bites, fast food, tapas, or dim sum. Howbeit, it is essential to note that sharp, bright, energetic reds are not ideal for high-end, luxurious restaurants. They are properly ideal for faced-paced restaurants.

  1. Grays

One of the very light colors to consider for your restaurant wall, note that it makes people feel calm and at ease. Aside from that, grey tends to be quite versatile, which, again, is ideal for restaurants that always want to modify their décor often. This is indeed one of the best colors to consider if you don’t want your customers to linger.

  1. Yellows

This is a wonderful color that instills happiness, but it can be energetic and a little overwhelming. You need to understand that too much of this color will heighten the possibility of your clients getting easily angered and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, if your plan is to design a fast-paced environment that turns tables quickly, then this is a color to consider for your restaurant wall. Yellow is indeed ideal for fast food restaurants, counter-service cafes, or coffee shop walls.

  1. Greens

Green epitomizes harmony, chill, and peace. This color is known to make people think of fresh meals, nature, and health. As such, it could prove to be the perfect choice for health food restaurants, smoothie bars, or sandwich/salad cafes wall. However, it is important you don’t use green in steakhouses as well as in other meat-heavy restaurants.

  1. Oranges

This particular color is a good choice if you hope to grab attention and elevate mood, however, it can also be overwhelming in certain environments.

Orange might prove to be ideal for walls of restaurants with fun themes, cheerful cafes, coffee shops, or new-age delis. However, also note that orange walls aren’t nice for fine dining restaurants since they can be perceived as immature or “funky.”

If you are considering using orange in your dining restaurant, take into account a deeper hue like terracotta or burnt orange.

  1. Blues

A color that shows stability and safety; howbeit, note that it is not for every Restaurant! You should only consider this color if you intend to run a seafood restaurant. It will remind patrons of the ocean, a clear blue sky, serenity, and tranquility.

There are also restaurants that would do well with blue accents. For instance, Greek restaurants tend to be blue and white-themed. However, it is advisable you use blue with caution since it can suppress appetites.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Specific Colors for Restaurant Interior and Exterior Walls

With both exterior and interior design playing a very important role in the general experience that clients will have with your restaurant, it is important you take the following into consideration;

  1. Brand Identity

This is indeed one important factor to consider when deciding the best wall color for your restaurant’s exterior and interior.

It is important that every facet of your restaurant business tie together, and inculcating your brand colors throughout your establishment is very necessary to build a uniform brand identity. However, always remember that the extent to which you feature these colors is entirely up to you.

You really don’t have to do too much to put together a viable branded environment, and you might as well decide to rather inculcate subtler accents of color throughout your walls.

  1. Restaurant Concept

It is pertinent to note that the color of your walls, both Interior and exterior, will have a very gigantic effect on the mood and ambiance of your space.

Have in mind that the colors you pick would reflect the sort of experience you intend for your customers to have. For instance, bright colors are known to be energetic and help to grow appetite, while lighter colors are attributed to more calming and serene spaces.

Ensure to extensively consider the experience you want to offer customers prior to settling for a color scheme since it will most definitely impact the coziness, formality, and energy of your space.

  1. Menu Offering

Don’t forget to take this factor into consideration when making color decisions. Always remember that both the color of your exterior and interior walls will form part of your brand, as such they should be in alignment with what you’re selling.

It is very essential that your restaurant’s menu items and the colors of your walls go hand in hand to ensure you have a solid brand. A healthy food restaurant, for instance, might look to inculcate natural and neutral colors to buttress the ethos surrounding a healthy food brand.


Different colors stimulate varying emotions and can most definitely impact feelings of hunger, thirst, and comfort in people. Have it in mind that colors are very critical to the success of your business the same way interiors play a vital role in influencing customer perception and also impacting their purchase decision.

Owing to that, it is important you take your time to understand your intended audience, what you would like them to do, how you would want them to feel — and which colors are ideal for that.