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How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Nickelodeon in 2023?

Nickelodeon in recent years has emerged as the number one entertainment brand for kids. It has established a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does.

The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, online, recreation, books and feature films. Note that for a 30 – second spot in a suburban area, advertisers may only spend $20 per spot on Nickelodeon.

According to verifiable reports, commercial that cost $70,000 on a Saturday morning show on ABC, for instance, might cost $47,000 to $50,000 on a Nickelodeon show at the same time – even though the advertiser would be reaching more children on Nick.

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Indeed, prime – time advertising rates are higher, even for children, and Nickelodeon has been known to attract a broadcast-level prime time price.

Nickelodeon has sometimes received $100,000 to $125,000 a commercial. Generally, cable networks have always charged less because of their less extensive reach (even the biggest only reach 70 percent of homes), since any given cable program reaches a much smaller audience than a comparable broadcast program.

However, Nickelodeon has proved the exception to that rule, but only recently has the proof become conclusive. Nickelodeon brings hit international and locally – produced entertainment content to audiences around the world, targeting kids and teenagers aged 7 – 15.

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Viewers can also watch Nickelodeon in high definition through Nickelodeon HD and have the opportunity to catch up with the schedule through Nickelodeon +1.

The channel website also provides a massive range of engaging content to choose from, complementing the on air offering with exclusive games, behind the scenes clips, show information and much more. Nickelodeon is now renowned for offering an interesting opportunity for brands and advertisers, with 360 exposures through various touch points including TV, mobile, digital, live events, retail and experiences.

Nickelodeon Estimated TV Advertising Costs for 30 Sec Ad

  • Breakfast: $6.58 –  $32.90
  • Daytime: $6.58 –  $32.90
  • Peak: $13.16 –  $44.75
  • Night time: $0 –  $6.58
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10 Steps to Create a Good Commercial and Advertise Effectively on Nickelodeon

Cable advertising has remained the most cost – effective route to television advertising. However, someone still has to produce the commercial before you can advertise on Nickelodeon. The production of a commercial can be much more expensive than simply designing a newspaper ad or recording a radio spot. A sharp, catchy TV spot can easily cost anywhere from $100,000 or more to produce.

  1. Know Your Concept

Cable TV advertising can be quite expensive. You’re going to spend a reasonable amount of budget to purchase time, so you need a big idea that will get people looking at your product or service—and better yet, talking about it.

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Nickelodeon offers a unique combination of prime time spots that can benefit your strategy and help you achieve marketing success at great advertising rates. So it is very important you create something incredible that people can gravitate towards.

  1. Have a Great Script

You might have a great idea, but you will have to script it out. You don’t have to be an advertising genius to write a good script for your Nickelodeon advert, but it helps to watch commercials that are similar to the concept you’ve come up with. You’ll get a feeling for tone, pacing, and direction.

Note that with Nickelodeon, and just like other cable TV commercials, you will have a very limited time frame to capture your audience, so it’s necessary to get your message across quickly.

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Your audio should tell consumers what you’re advertising even when they’re in another room and can’t see the TV. And do not forget to time out your spot. Nickelodeon spots are sold in chunks of time, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Your script has to fit. Read it aloud several times. Act it out, and then cut where you need to cut.

  1. Know What You Need

Have it in mind that most breath taking, eye-catching, successful commercials on Nickelodeon contain no people at all, but people tend to relate better to other people. Nonetheless, putting your target demographic into your commercial rather than a 30 – second shot of your buildings exterior can help draw in your desired audience.

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It is advisable you avoid having people wave at the camera or standing there grinning because you don’t want your commercial to look hokey. Always consider professional actors first. If you use friends or relatives, make sure they can pull off the vision you have.

  1. Use a Production Company

You will have to seek the expertise of a production company if your proposed Nickelodeon commercial is going to be professional unless you’re lucky enough to know people who do this sort of thing for a living. Note that a production company can handle all aspects of your commercial, including writing, shooting, and editing. However, always take your time to shop around for prices, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

  1. Plan out Your Shots

At this point, you have to take time to carefully plan every shot. Your kiddies store might sell 10 different kinds of teddies, eight different Lego sets, and six different shoe sets, and you might want to feature them all, but you’re going to have to narrow those shots down.

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Have it in mind that you can’t infuse them all into a 30 – second or even a one – minute Nickelodeon commercial, at least not without flashing so many different pieces of video that you daze your potential customers. Wide shots of your store are good if you want to display a lot at once, and you can zero in on a few items that you want to be featured alone.

  1. Make Sure the Audio and Video Match

It will be very bad if you use video of the current year’s models when you’re talking about new toy models arriving. Also note that you don’t want to show your building from the street when you’re talking about your big store of kiddies wears. Merge and match your audio and video to establish a powerful sales tool.

  1. Work With Time

Your Nickelodeon commercial is expected to time out to the exact duration you’ve paid for. Going over will only get your all – too – important call to action clipped from the end because those last few seconds are the ones that will be cut off when your commercial airs on Nickelodeon.

  1. Always Use a Call to Action

Pepsi and Nike are very good examples of companies that spend millions on branding ads. These spots introduce a product or service to the public without asking for any kind of sale. Note that you don’t yet have that kind of incentives or resources to simply produce a pure branding spot. You need a call to action. This call to action is what gets customers to buy or act now.

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Experts advice you use the end of your commercial to tell customers to visit you today. Give your complete contact information, including your website address, phone number, and street address. Give a quick line about how to find you if necessary.

  1. Schedule Your Ad Strategically

By advertising on Nickelodeon, your product can find its specialized market. Unfortunately, such an effective tool doesn’t come cheap.

One 30 – second Nickelodeon commercial during prime time evening viewing can cost up to 30 times more than one radio spot during the prime listening “drive time.” Having your commercial air at 3am will save you money, but it’s not money well spent if you’re not reaching anyone.

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Prime time officially begins at 8 P.M., and at that hour, Nickelodeon tends to switch from children’s programs to reruns of old sitcoms like “I Love Lucy’’ or ‘’Bewitched,’’ promoted as ‘’Nick at Nite’’. Placement and time is very crucial to the success of your Nickelodeon commercial.

  1. Ensure Frequency for Maximum Impact

Normally, Television is less demanding on frequency than radio, but it still needs more than a one – shot deal. Always take your time to identify the key times your ad should run, and then buy enough airtime for your commercial to reach your audience at least twice during those times. Even more times would be ideal.

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With each year, Nickelodeon becomes better at reaching your target audience. Nickelodeon is a channel for almost any proclivity. It offers something for everyone and once you have a solid understanding of your target audience; Nickelodeon can help you find your advert space to reach them.