If you are in business, or you work for someone, there will always be times when you would have to deal with angry customers – it is part of a normal business cycle. Therefore, you must learn not just to manage good and loyal customers, but also to manage some unsatisfied and angry customers as well.

The truth is that misunderstanding can prompt up between you and the best of your customers and if you do not properly handle such misunderstanding, you are likely going to lose such customers. The truth is that if you can successfully manage an angry customer, they are likely going to refer more clients to you.

There are various ways you can manage angry customers and that is the whole essence of this article. So, just continue to read on as there are top tips that will help you make a difference with angry customers. Now let us quickly go through some of the ways to manage angry customers;

6 Ways to Deal with Angry Customers and Still Retain Them

1. When Dealing with an Angry Customer, Ensure that You Allow Them to Fully Express Themselves

The first thing you need to do when dealing with an angry customer is to give him / her opportunity to fully express themselves. The truth is that if you give listening ears to an angry customer when they are venting their anger, it might send a message to them that you care about them and you are willing to proffer a solution. You will definitely escalate the issue when you interject at every interval when they are speaking.

2. Show Empathy

One of the easiest ways to win back an angry customer is to show empathy when they are venting their anger. The truth is that if you put yourself in their shoes, it will give you a proper perspective of how to handle the case / situation. Showing empathy could also reflect in your gesticulation and facial expression. So, ensure that when you are dealing with an angry customer look for opportunities to say words like “If I was in your shoes, I would react the way you are reacting”, “We are so sorry for the inconveniences we have caused you” “You have the right to complain” et al.

3. Never Talk Down at an Angry Customer

Another thing that you must not do when dealing with an angry customer is to talk down at them when they are expressing their anger. The truth is that, if you want to quickly chase away your customer, then you can go ahead to talk down at them when they are un-bottling their displeasure for your products or services.

For example; if a client that bought a product from your store comes back to angrily complain that what they bought from your store looks fake et al, it will be very wrong for you to yell back at them that he or she is a liar that you only sell quality products and that is why you are still in business.

4. Be Quick to Accept your Faults

One of the things that you are expected to do to show your angry customer that you value their business relationship is to be quick in accepting your faults. Nobody is above mistake and your customers would appreciate it when you accept your mistakes as against stylishly defending or covering up your mistakes or faults.

Hence, it will not be out of place to clearly inform your angry customers that “I am sorry, I accept it that it is my fault, and we will proffer a solution”. But if the reason why your customer became angry is obviously not your fault, then there is no need accepting it as your fault; you just have to handle it diplomatically so that your angry customer can take it in good fate. As a matter of fact, there are ways you can handle an angry clients and they will accept that they are wrong and even apologize to you.

5. Proffer Both Short Term and Long Term Solution

The truth is that if the situation that made your customer to become angry in the first place can be solved instantly, and then do not hesitate to be swift to solve it. For example, if a client bought a mobile phone from you that is sealed in a pack, only for the client to storm your shop to angrily complain that the pack does not contain an ear piece as stated in the pack.

You do not have to tell the client that you are not the manufacturer of the product; all you need to do is to simply apologize and replace the product without delay. That is a short term solution; the long term solution is to ensure that you lodge the complaint to the manufacturer of the product so that they will always double check their products.

6. Ensure to Send a Thank You Text or Mail to an Angry Client for Patronizing Your Business Within 48 Hours of Settling the Incidence that got them Angry

The last thing that you are expected to do when dealing with an angry customer is to ensure that you do a follow up to be sure that the customer is okay with the solution provided and also to thank them for patronizing your business. Be sure to do it within 48 hours of settling the incidence. The truth is that if you can successfully do this, then you stand the chance of making the customer a lifetime loyal customer and they are likely going to help you get more customers to your business.

It is a fact that one satisfied customer can help you get at least 2 other new customers and also one angry customer may likely take away 10 customers from you; that is why you must do all you can to properly manage angry customers. One of the ways you can learn how to manage angry customers is to attend customer service training. It will help you in your business.

There you have it; the 6 ways you can deal with angry customers.