Are you interested in starting a business in Kuwait? If Yes, here are the top 10 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Kuwait.

Kuwait which is officially known as the State of Kuwait is an Arab nation located in the Middle East (Western part of the Asian continent); Kuwait share borders with Saudi Arabia and Iran. The capital city of Kuwait is called Kuwait City, Arabic is its official language and the currency of the country is known as Kuwaiti dinar (KWD). Its population is estimated to be 4.1 million people and it is predominantly dominated by migrants from other countries.

Kuwait is one country in the Middle East that encourages press freedom as a matter of fact; the country is ranked as having the freest press in the whole of the Middle East region. Kuwait can also boast of having the second largest stock exchange in the whole of the Middle East and the oldest sovereign wealth fund (Kuwait Investment Authority – KIA) in the whole of the world, it was established in 1953.

Kuwait has a robust economy; as a matter of fact, the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) is ranked as the highest valued currency in the whole world. The major sectors that contributes to the growth of Kuwait’s economy is the oil and gas sector, the agro allied industry (fertilize et al), the financial sector (the stock exchange) and the real estate sector.

The government of Kuwait is presently working towards diversifying the economy, thereby creating non – oil economic growth; hence a better platforms has been created for foreign investors, entrepreneurs and start – ups to thrive in the country.

If you live in Kuwait, or you want to join the millions of migrants who are making a living for themselves in Kuwait, then you need to consider these 10 business opportunities that are available in the country;

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Kuwait

1. Stock Brokerage Firm

Kuwait is known to have a very vibrant and thriving stock exchange market, as a matter of fact; Kuwait has the second largest stock market in the whole of the Arab world. Hence, if you are a licensed and trained stockbroker, you can consider starting your own stock brokerage firm in Kuwait; this type of business is highly profitable.

The good thing about Kuwait is that the average Kuwaiti is well informed about the stock market and most of them invest in the market.

2. Agro Allied Manufacturing Company

Agro allied manufacturing business is a business that is thriving in Kuwait simple because of the large petroleum industry. For that reason, Kuwait is known to be one of the chief manufacturer and exporter of fertilizer in the Middle East. So, if you are looking towards starting your business in Kuwait, you can consider starting an agro allied manufacturing company in Kuwait.

3. HR / Job Consultancy Firm

Recent statistics released by the Kuwaiti government shows that migrant workers in Kuwait far exceeds the numbers of Kuwaitis in the country’s labor force. If you are a trained HR personal, you can look towards starting your own HR / Job consultancy firm. There are loads of companies who will be willing to contract their recruitment and even their trainings to your organization.

4. Gas Refill Station

Gas refill station is another thriving and easy to setup business in Kuwait. It is a fact that a large percentage of the household in Kuwait make use of cooking gas hence the high patronage of the product. All you need to do to establish this type of business is to rent a facility, install all the equipment needed for refilling gas cylinders, and establish a source where you will get supply of gas. Aside from people coming to your gas station to refill their gas cylinder, you can as well add home delivery service to your business offering.

5. Eye and Dental Clinic

If you are an optometrist or a dentist and are looking for a business to start in Kuwait, you can consider starting your own eye and dental clinic. This business is indeed a thriving business in Kuwait. Just ensure that you operate a complete clinic where every patient that visits will be able to purchase all that is recommended for them in your clinic i.e. glass frames, dental flux, eye drops, mouth wash, contact lenses et al

6. Car Wash Business

Another easy to setup but highly thriving business in Kuwait is car wash business. This kind of business does not require any technical skills and any unskilled (cheap labor) person can be trained to work in a car wash. Just ensure that your car wash is well positioned and you will attract loads of clients.

7. One Stop Technology Centre

One stop technology centre is a business that is not yet popular in Kuwait but it is highly profitable. If you are a technology person, you should consider starting your own one stop technology centre in Kuwait. One stop technology centre is a place where you will get all your technology related needs met.

If you are looking for any tech gadgets like Tablets, Smart Phones, Memory cards et al, you can find it there. If you are looking for someone to help you configure your computer or smart phone you will get it done there. If you are looking for software to buy, you will get it there. If you want to fix your bad device you will get it fixed there and any other technology related issues.

8. Real Estate Business-: The real estate business is yet another thriving business in Kuwait. If you have the required capital, you can construct hostels for migrant workers to rent on a short term basis, and you will continue to make your cool cash.

9. English Language School-: English happens to be the second official business language in Kuwait. If you establish a school where people can come learn how to speak, read and write English language you will sure make good returns on your investment.

10. Business Consultancy Services-: Kuwait is one country where foreign companies or investors are not permitted to independently own a company without a local partner. If you are a trained business consultant, you can consider starting your own business consultancy services in Kuwait.

There you have it; some of the business opportunities available in Kuwait that can be built from the scratch to a successful height.