Are you interested in starting a business in Jordan? If Yes, here are the top 10 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Jordan.

Jordan which is officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab country that is located in the Middle East and shares border with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria. The capital city of Jordan is Amman, Arabic is their official language and Islam is the State Religion.

Jordan is a small country with a population of an estimate of about 6.7 million people. Jordanian dinar (JOD) is the currency of Jordan. Jordan is a founding member of both the Arab league, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Jordan is one of the Middle East countries that have an upper middle income economy and also high human development. Jordan lacks natural resources on like some other Middle East countries; hence the country’s major source of income revolves around agriculture, trade and commerce, tourism, transportation and communication, construction, mining, finance and manufacturing.

Jordan is known to be one of the largest producer and exporter of Phosphate in the world and also it has the 5th largest oil shale reserves in the world.

Amongst the Middle East nations, Jordan can boast of having the highest numbers of skilled workers but must of them prefer to work abroad. This group of migrant workers sends in their remittance back to Jordan and it contributes to the income generation for the country.

Now if you live in Jordan, or you are thinking of migrating to Jordan to start your own business, then you should go through these 10 business opportunities available in Jordan;

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Jordan

1. Water Refill Station

Jordan is amongst the Middle East Nations that lack portable water, hence establishing a water refill station is just one of the right businesses to setup in the country. Although, you will pay more to drill water in Jordan, but the truth is that once you are able to establish your own water refill station, you will surely have enough people both corporate and individual clients coming to buy water from you.

All you need to do to attract more clients is to ensure that you chose a location that is close to a major road to build your water refill station.

2. Fuel (Filling) Station

Although there are several fuel filling station all over Jordan, but the fact remains that the filling station on ground is still not enough to service the whole country. If you know you have the financial capacity to setup your own filling station, then you should go all the way to do it.

This type of business requires license from the government and also you would need permission from the local authority before building a fuel filling station, but the fact remains that it is indeed a very profitable business.

3. Immigration Attorney Agency

Jordan is known to have the highest numbers of skilled workers in the Middle East and most of these workers prefer to work abroad. If you are a trained lawyer in Jordan, it will pay you to start your own immigration attorney agency in Jordan; this business is highly profitable. The truth is that there are loads of highly skilled workers in Jordan who wants to migrate to other countries but they don’t know how to go about it and your agency will come in handy.

4. Transportation Business

Another viable and thriving business that an entrepreneur can easily start in Jordan is transportation business. You can choose to start your own taxi line, bus service or haulage business. Whichever decision you make, if the business is properly managed you will definitely get good returns on your investment.

5. Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing business is yet another very lucrative business that any big investors can start in Jordan. There are many areas of manufacturing you can go into, but the most common amongst them is the manufacturing of plastic products – buckets, cups, plates, water bottles, food flask, coolers et al.

These products sales like wide fire in Jordan. So if you are looking towards starting your own manufacturing business in Jordan, then you should consider going into the manufacturing of plastic products especially if you have the financial capacity.

6. Education Consultancy Business

Jordanians are known to value education and they spend more on quality education. The truth is that if you setup your own educational consultancy service, loads of Jordanians students who want to school abroad will patronize you. As a matter of fact, Jordan hosts some international universities and there are international students who also want to come over to Jordan to such universities.

7. Hair Salon-: If you are a hair stylist, you can consider starting your own hair salon. This business is easy to setup and it is indeed profitable if you are well positioned. You need to confirm with the local authority if you can be allowed to start a unisex salon in your choice location.

8. Hospital and Fertility Centre

Jordan is one of the top destinations for medical services and fertility related issues in the Middle East. People from all over the Middle East and even from other countries come to Jordan for organ transplants and major surgeries simply because Jordan can boast of having highly skilled Health Workers (Surgeons et al) and standard private health facility. So if you are in the medical field and you are looking for a business to do, then you should consider setting up your hospital and fertility centre.

9. Provision Store-:

Starting a provision store is another easy to setup but profitable business if well positioned. You can choose some where in the corner of a street to start this type of business in Jordan and still make good returns on your investment.

10. Electronics Repair Workshop-: If you are a trained electronic technician, then you should consider starting your own electronics repair workshop in any of the city in Jordan. One thing about this type of business is that it can thrive both in the rural and urban communities.

There you have it; some of the business opportunities available in Jordan.